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August 2, 2012 at 8:21 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 11 Comments
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I’m not the type to take video or stream myself, so it’s a little awkward to blog about a new audio feature but I did laugh out loud when I heard this one.

Switching pets my character shouted out “I choose you!”

Maybe that’s brand new, maybe it was in before, I’m not %100 sure, but there were a bunch of new audio clips I hadn’t heard before. Reviving someone triggered a quick line from my character, discovering new areas triggered a couple comments.

It was all very nice and my only criticism after being initially amused by these one-liners is that I’m still waiting on some way to turn them off or change the frequency. It has been promised but I haven’t noticed any headway.

Aside from that in the stress test I didn’t notice anything strikingly new. I was mostly just playing around and even forgot to go take screenshots for my jumping puzzle guide.

Fun though. 23 days to go.



  1. The only new thing I noticed was that LA had a new vista that led you to the Sharkmaw caverns which was a nice little dungeon-esqe place that lead to pirate treasure and pirate themed weapon sets.

    • MMmmm yes, I saw the video of the guy sneaking in there during the bwe. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. My Norn, when finding a new location.

    “Land…? Land! I found new land!”

    I giggled like a little girl when I heard that.

    • It’s great that each race has their own little one liners and that they fit with their lore or the feel of the race in some way.

  3. If only the ranger’s pet were to pop out of some sort of “bag of holding” or “spherical holding device” when you called for him from your assortment of companions during battles. You would also shout this phrase.

    If only.

    • Yeah and then we can visit medical centers to revive our pets and travel to training centers to level up…. or not.

      • BUT….BUT it will be exciting to encounter 1000 bats in a single cave. Also, you know you crave to wear short shorts and a tight yellow shirt!!!

  4. I was out exploring with no one and nothing nearby when I heard one of the new clips for the first time. I froze for a second wondering who was talking… looked all around trying to find them, and then realized it was my character. 🙂

    • I saw the UI for discovering a new area at the exact same time so luckily it quickly occurred to me what happened.

  5. That’s awesome, I didn’t notice this when I played the ranger last BWE.
    What I think is also new is that characters also have short one-liners for discovering new areas or getting more skills. Yesterday, my asura suddenly started shouting something along the lines of “A new trick” when I unlocked a skill. (Also, “I am six feet tall” [asura] rivals the awesomeness of “I could outrun a centaur” [human].)

    • Yes it’s definitely in for discovering new areas and various other things. I don’t think we’ve seen the extent of them just yet.

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