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Just happened by this video from Equinox that has 10 useful tips on playing Guild Wars 2. I thought it was decent and as it happens I’m thinking about doing something similar closer to launch but he seemed to have a few tips I hadn’t thought of. Anyway, enjoy.


  1. Already watched the German version a few days ago when it was tweeted by @GuildWars2_DE.
    Great video with some lesser-known facts and a great countdown tune (“Dawn of the Xth day” is SO much better suited for this than any of the usual tunes).

    • Yeah I knew half of these but there were some things I’d never heard before, in particular was that language switch one. That had me surprised.

      • The language switch has always been awesome, even back then in the original Guild Wars Quadrology. What I find a bit weak in the GW2 version is that, if an npc says something to you and posts it in your chat, if you then switch languages, only the npc’s name, but not the message, is translated. This worked back in GW1…

  2. I’m looking forward to tinkering around with music. Despite how awesome the music already is, it will eventually get stale like it does in all games. I listen to a lot of video game music so it’ll be fun mixing and matching.

    • It’s very useful, I’m wondering how popular it will be and how obscure it will remain. It’s a great feature and not enough people know about it.

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