The Sylvari Dance

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I found this video via Reddit, as usual, but something struck me about this particular dance. Both sexes are dancing with the same animation. So to anyone who was hoping for a different dance for each gender and race, I guess that’s bad news. It appears each race has only one dance.

I also don’t really recognize the dance much. It seems semi-familiar but I can’t place it.



  1. “It seems semi-familiar but I can’t place it.”

    It appears to be some standard Bollywood dance moves.

    • Oops, did not realise the video would imbed like that, sorry.

      • It’s cool, I don’t mind. People can get an idea of what they’re looking at.

  2. I LOVE the lady Sylvari’s skirt.

    • Very leafy and plant-like.

  3. There’s something to be said for being able to dance with your partner, I suppose…even if you’re not actually dancing “together.” I think Irish folk dance would have been more apt than Bollywood, though, given their inspiration.

    Trying hard not to mouth off to the guy in the youtube comments calling the style obscure. I suppose his knowledge of dance is limited to the step touch, sway in place and “water sprinkler.”

    • Irish dance kind of lacks a bit of motion above the waist, and if they were trying to get away from guild wars dances, like the mesmers, it would not be the way to go. Yeah, have to agree with you on it being “obscure”. Only a billion or so people in India.

  4. Mwell….I don’t care for dances so much, but I noticed they were absent in the beta. in general it seemed emotes are rather scarce.
    What I really deplore is that they didn’t bother to create separate spell and combat animations for each race – an Asura Elementalist should definitely have different moves than let’s say a Norn caster. =/

    • That would kill my memory while playing pvp; it’s hard enough to remember what each casting motion is as it is.

      • hmmm…they were different in WoW too and I don’t recall this ever being a problem in BGs. since there were schools of magic for example, you could still tell by things like the color, overall look of the spell, duration or even sound. I prefer that to same animations for everybody.

        • I’m sure the other emotes will go in but as for skill animations, I just don’t think of it as being necessary. Unique skill animations for each race doesn’t fit the lore to my mind, it seems redundant, and as melski points out is better for PvP. Doesn’t bother me at all.

        • I don’t recall different animations in WoW, which is all the more reason not to include them. Lot of extra work for something some players won’t even notice in addition to adversely impacting game play. The combat is also very different so what works for WoW PvP won’t necessarily work for GW2.

          Schools of magic are differentiated by color in GW2, just not race (which wouldn’t make sense anyway.) I’m also almost positive my spriest spells looked the same on my human as my blood elf. No real difference in mage spell appearances either. A fireball is a fireball is a fireball.

          • I think you don’t understand what I was referring to. I am not talking about different looking spells but spell animations. and yes, they are different in WoW.

            • in case ‘animations’ is too confusing a term: I am talking about spell motions per race. 😉 a nelf priest in WoW does not perform the same motions when casting an instant or channeled spell as a human priest.
              each race in WoW has a set of 3-4 or so unique motions per ‘job’, meaning different casting motions, melee motions etc.
              that makes sense because obviously races all have different physiques and also different cultural backgrounds.

              now, I like how my Norn Elementalist in GW2 will use her staff while casting flamestrike for example, but then to see the Asura or Charr perform the exact same motion is a tad lackluster.

              and this has in fact no bearing on PvP; you don’t spot enemy spells better when spell motions are shared.

  5. I hope there is a booty-shaking dance in Gw2…. like the female ranger in GW. I do not know how I will survive without one.

    • You make it sound like female rangers in gw were whores dancing on stripper poles.

      • Hmm I like it!

        All female characters can turn their Spear/Stave/Trident into a stripper pole when they activate the dance emote.

  6. I actually hated my ranger dance in GW1 and rarely danced. Didn’t like the stripper thing.

    • Some people in these very comments agree with you.

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