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Since preview was available for the beta, there are tons of shots floating around from various fan sites.

Guild Wars 2 Guru has every race and gender for dungeon armours, light, and heavy. Check the spoiler tag in the first post. It’s impressive.

I think these are in order, with the low level Ascalon Catacombs in the upper left, and the high level Orr dungeon in the bottom right, but as of right now they haven’t clarified that.

Male sylvari medium armour.

Lady Verene of Under the Pale Tree linked the sylvari racial armours on twitter. They go in order; light, medium, heavy, and level 35, 60, 80. These have been heavily dyed.

I believe these are the level 35 light, medium, and heavy sylvari racial armours.




    • I’m acutally going to stay away from it. I’ll pick out what I want to look like after 80.

  2. I am scared to look at all the armor right now; I am a bit obsessive in that area and GW2 is still a month away after all. 😉 I’m surprised that much has been revealed already. I really wanna see the Norn now, might make my race decision easier lol.

    • So much revealed and I’m betting there will be more than we can imagine once we finally make it to 80.


    The above is a list of all the armours with pictures, including racial ones.

    I’ve got to say that the racial ones are, to me, the ones I am aiming for easily the prettiest.

    • Talk about image heavy. Lots of armours to choose from, I wonder which ones you can craft.

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