Final Beta To-Do List

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I thought I’d share my basic itinerary for this weekend.

1. Despite Arenanet releasing the cinematic intro for the asura and (at some point Edit: it’s up) sylvari, I’m probably going to sit in character creation, a lot. Remaking characters, fiddling with sliders, switching genders, choosing varying story choices, and watching that intro a few times.

2. I’m going to be looking for jumping puzzles to add to my guide. I’m hoping to have some puzzles added after the first day so people can jump on the new ones tomorrow, but who knows. Hopefully I’ll announce this on twitter, and I added a “Last Updated” note on the front page.

3. Exploring the cities comes after I’ve leveled up a bit, so that will probably come later in the weekend. I wish I was more of a screenshot taker. I’ve been trying to convince Spirit Hime to post her screenshots from the previous betas on my blog but she’s a procrastinating jerk.

4. At some point I’m going to see more of the tengu wall. It runs along part of the edge of Kessex Hills and then seems to run south. Various sites have noted through mining the .dat file for information that the Caledon Forest map has the wall on it’s eastern edge as well. I’d like to look for more information that supports my theory that the tengu are a likely candidate for a new playable race at some point.

5. I’ll be playing mostly on a sylvari, but at some point I’ll get an asura to at least ten. Hard to say if I’ll make it to Brisban Wildlands on either race but I’ll give it a shot.

6. At some point Arenanet will announce where their finale event will be. I suspect it will be in Caledon or Metrica but if not I’ll have to do some traveling.

7. I’m not a big Wuver (Arenanet sometimes calls WvW “Wuv”) but I want to see these new Sentries they mentioned. They sound kind of like busy work, but if the reward is interesting and I can take it on at a low level it might be fun.

8. I want to try out activities. Keg Brawl seems to be the only one in so far so I’m going to be heading to Hoelbrak at some point. I suspect based on previous visits to Hoelbrak that the game is likely played in the northwest portion of the city on a frozen lake. I vaguely recall NPCs doing something very similar.

9. I’m going to find an empty match in the new PvP map Legacy of the Foefire and just look around. Previous experience suggests trying to do this late at night when no-one else is around since otherwise I’ll just be a target.

10. Vistas aren’t a top priority but finding old Guild Wars locations in new Guild Wars 2 contexts seems like it would fit really well with vistas. I’ll be seeking out both as I work on everything else. I’m wondering how good these things are for screenshots as well.

And that’s it. I’m not the type of person to look at changes to skills in excruciating detail, so that isn’t a priority. These are just the things that seem like fun to me. I might look for UI changes, new additions to the cash shop, but otherwise this is my to do list.


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