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Eric Flannum and Colin Johanson did a live Twitchtv stream yesterday where they talked about end game. It’s about 23 minutes and tend to focus on what we’ll be doing at level 80 and the end game.

The level 80 areas are in Orr, and Orr doesn’t have renown hearts. Every zone we’ve seen so far has had events and hearts to complete, but there are only events in Orr. In fact they describe these zones in detail previously unseen.

Colin describes some of the events in the max level zones.

The first map in Orr involves the players trying to take three landings on the beachhead of Orr and this is almost like storming the beaches of normandy in a sense. You have the northern assault path, the by sea and air path where you’re firing golems that land on the beaches, and there are submarines that sail in and escort troops in, and you have the center path which is really just the navy. You have subs and you have boats sailing in and progressing towards that landing. And then you have the southern assault path which is a whole other meta-chain where troops are progressing along bridges and pontoons and everything that has been built to get forces into Orr. And then once you’ve got them into Orr you have all these event chains where you’re trying to take contol of each of the big corrupted god temples for the gods that were set up in Orr.

Colin continues.

There are little god statues scattered all over Orr, and if the Orrians hold control of the giant god temples all the little statues are activated and held by Zhaitan and they cause all sorts of crazy effects, so roots will come out of the ground and grab you and you’ll be unable to use some of your healing abilities and different things depending on which of the little god statues you’re around. So players want to take control of these giant temples and hold them because it makes the entire progression through Orr easier, the other thing is the final progression to get up to where the final dungeon in the game is has these little statues along it.

Sounds fun and definitely a challenge worthy of end game but it does make me concerned about rewards. Throughout the game you may begin to rely on rewards and gear from Karma hearts, and suddenly having none to get gear from might be a problem. Then there are the problems of having to play in these zones alone once activity dies down. Can’t really comment more without seeing it in person.

Something else that Eric talks about is how we’ll keep gaining skill points after reaching max level. Skill points will be a currency/recipe ingredient to use with the Mystic Forge crafting device. Specifically he goes on to describe legendary weapons.

Legendary weapons are… weapons that take a really really specific large concerted effort from the user in order to get them. They require a lot of different components that you get from a lot of different places in the game and a lot of those things are things you can’t just buy from another player, they’re things that you have to accomplish yourself.

They both go on to describe a few examples.
– A shortbow that shoots rainbows with a unicorn head on the front.
– The juggernaut hammer. It has a ball of liquid metal in it and spreads to your character, leaving behind metal footprints as you walk. Similar to Terminator 2.
– Two greatswords that look like you’re holding the night or day sky. Can be combined to do both in accordance with what time it is.

These sound incredible and I really hope that pistols are every bit as awesome. I’m hoping the grind, and it does immediately sound like a grind, isn’t that bad.

Aside from all that, there is confirmation that Wintersday and Halloween in Guild Wars 2, including the infamous Mad King Thorn with voice over. Jon St. John right? Who else would you get to play him? Imagine bad jokes told by Jon St. John.



  1. Event… WEBS?!? *nerdgasm* Orr sounds incredible… can’t wait to see it first-hand.

    • Pretty sure they’ve mentioned that event chains aren’t necessarily straight chains before, just not the words “event webs”

  2. Almost from when I first started playing Guild Wars I wondered about Orr and what it must have been like (I know, it was just lore at the time) and now we’ll actually get to see it brought to life, at least what is left of it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ve created, considering how impressed I’ve been with the other areas of GW2.
    I’m also very pleased that not only will Mad King Thorn be returning in GW2 holiday events, but now he’ll be voiced!

    • Was definitely curious about Arah and Orr during Guild Wars and disappointed we got to see very very little of anything from there so it should be pretty cool.

  3. I am sure that we’ll have max level weapons by then, wouldn’t worry about it. It just may not look the part.

    • I’m sure the normal skins are fine but I’ll definitely be after the legendary skins from day one.

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