Behind the Scenes at Arenanet

July 13, 2012 at 5:17 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg, video | 6 Comments
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Just a fun look at some of the employees and work going on at Arenanet in a new youtube video.

The only thing of note game wise I think is that they mention a double health bar for necromancers.



  1. I’m pretty sure a “double health bar” merely refers to the Death Shroud profession mechanic where the Life Force bar acts as your health while you’re in DS.

    • It refers to the second health bar from deathshroud but they made it sound like there was a new UI change regarding it.

      • I’ve re-watched the video, and you’re right… the bar which normally shows Life Force while in Death Shroud appears to be split horizontally… the top line been green (as we saw in previous BWEs) and the bottom half being more of an olive grey color.
        Perhaps one side for using the skills associated with DS and the other strictly for health/timer? It will be interesting to see what they are tinkering with there.

  2. Keep looking at your computer monitor Jon… and thank-you. 😉

  3. 3:33 its the coolest charr, i have ever seen!

    • Hah, if you say so.

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