Sylvari And Asura In Beta

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I was beginning to see people get paranoid about what was going on with sylvari and asura. Ridiculous of course. I remember not so very long ago when people were crying out that Guild Wars 2 was vaporware. Why do people become such doomsayers?

Anyway we’ll be able to create asura and sylvari characters in the July 20th-22nd beta weekend. Asura will start out in Metrica Province and sylvari will start out in… the grove? Isn’t that the city? The Arenanet blog post doesn’t say much more than the above.

I imagine both areas will be very jungle-like. These areas were visited in Guild Wars: Eye of the North. They were rife with dinosaur-type mobs, spiders, tengu, hylek, skelk, scale, and others.

We’ve seen glimpses of the changes that have happened over 250 years, like the gigantic growth of Rata Sum, so it will be interesting to explore those changes in depth.



  1. I just won a bunch of virtual bets on this news. 🙂 Sadly, as I never bet real monies, I didn’t actually win anything, other than being able to play both races in the final BWE, which is fine by me.

    • Not a week ago I saw someone trolling about how asura and sylvari must be broken or that Arenanet was hiding something by not putting them in the beta. So I’m not sure what kind of bet you won but I know how you feel.

      • Aparently, now that asura and sylvari are confirmated, the new “trolling” is: “it is an korean MMO” and “I don’t like anime toons”…

        • I’ve heard that a few times. Some people are never happy.

          • Trolls are people?

  2. Cool to see, I look forward to seeing if it feels like GW maguma jungle. While you’re looking into movies about lore make sure you check out wooden potatoes stuff I like it. Also the pvpstuff from taugaran (something like that, seems the best so far) but that’s very limited searching on my part. Love the character summaries wooden did yesterday. Was going to do prof again as a preevent for the gw2 release but reading up about it may be enough for me.

    • Yeah I’ve seen potatoes stuff. Not going to be looking into anything pvp related though.

  3. I intend to save sylvari for launch, when I will create my sylvari guardian.

    BW3 I will create an asura warrior (rifle and gs, I think it will be fun to see it handling a sword two to three times its heigh…), I am really curious to see Rata city.

    But it is funny to see the trolls losing the bet….

    • I’ll probably stick to my engineer and just travel over to the asura and sylvari areas. Sylvari will definitely be my character on launch.

  4. The Grove is located within the Caledon Forest. They probably just said “The Grove” instead because they haven’t actually used that name much (I had to go look it up, so yeah.)

    • Yeah, shoulda just looked around, I knew there was a name for it out there whether it was leaked or not.

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