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July 6, 2012 at 1:44 am | Posted in Concept Art, Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 10 Comments
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A selection of shirts.

Arenanet has some designs for t-shirts on their facebook page. You can vote for your favourites there as well.

Me I suppose I like the Lifestyle Logo shirt more than the others, but in all honesty these shirts are kind of what I was talking about in this post. I’m just not into huge prints, shirts that serve as billboards, and art that comes off as loud in the context of a shirt. In my opinion concept art doesn’t serve well as a shirt design.

But that’s my personal opinion. I’m sure lots of people love the designs and are already planning out which ones to buy. Doubt I’ll get one though.


  1. I agree with you. To me Shirts with game Characters on somehow feel a little childish (or teenage..-ish – -). I find myself want the shirt with Arena Logo (the red arena thing) so bad.

    Dark shirt with Red Arena on the chest or the back… so cool.. so hot..

    • Yeah actually a red arenanet logo, just the logo and no words, would be decent.

  2. Ugh, disappointed with some of these. I HATE large designs on t-shirts. They look awful on small sizes which is what I wear.

    • Personally I just don’t need to be painted with a design from neck to crotch, whether its a large or small size.


    Yeah, most of the designs are pretty gawdy. The Lifestyle shirt is close, but still pretty in your face about it. They just need a dark gray shirt that says “What are you looking at, Bookah?” in white on the front, and maybe a black dragon logo behind it. Nothing on the back.

    • They do remind me of UFC shirts and bro shirts a little bit. I’d be on board for any sort of comedic reference on a shirt.

  4. The black on black shirt with the GW2 dragon is my favorite. The color Rytlock t-shirt is hideous mess.

    • Yeah the black on black is the “ifestyle logo” one. It’s still too big but at least more understated than the others. I don’t mind the brown shirt that much.

  5. No interest in shirts, but am waiting for some mugs and key-chains. GW2 decorated thumb / Flash drives would be useful too. How about a Rytlock laser pointer pen for business meetings / cat entertainment, and charr food and water bowls for kitty? Sylvari watering cans? Norn style fake fur hats, gloves and other winter gear. And an asuran hover bike, assuming someone at ArenaNet can figure out how to get those gravity defying crystals to actually work. 🙂

    • The only kind of merchandise I usually buy is tshirt related. Don’t get into other stuff personally.

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