Tuesday, August 28th

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When it’s ready. Those are the persistent words of Arenanet. Superfans are pretty tired of hearing them. Thankfully, for the time being we won’t have to hear them anymore. Guild Wars 2 launches on Tuesday, August 28th.

Nearly 3 years of blogging about a game that hasn’t been released yet. It seems hard to comprehend. Of course I’ll be in 3 days early, having pre-purchased the digital deluxe edition.

The next beta weekend has also been announced as July 20th through 22nd.



  1. *Snoopy happy dance*

    • I wonder if that will be one of the dances.

      • oh man! please, please let it be the male asura dance emote!

  2. Wha-Hooo, I can wait, I finally got my new computer today so its all coming together!

    • It feels like the band is getting back together.

  3. Joy for all! Time to book some leave from work!

  4. minus 3 days from that date right, since we’ve all prepurchased, heheh even better.

    • Yeah, so the 25th for us I guess.

  5. My scattered thoughts: Happy to have release date. Hope they get the trading post both working much better by release and add some features to it, like a search that works more often than not. Wish we were having two more BWEs, not just the one. Curious to know how game will run with actual graphics card support as latest stress test actually ran worse than BWE2 for me. Still need more info on racial elites, multiple guilds, and such so I can make some plans with friends. Need to start working overtime on finishing HoM goals. New video is pretty awesome. Ready to start playing full time ASAP. 🙂

    • The only problems i had with the stress test were in WvW where it got pretty laggy for me.

  6. I can’t even handle it right now. I’m having some very strong feelings. Five years of waiting; 2 years of playing GW prior to that; two years of blogging about it. Finally. Finally.

    • I know right? I’ve been playing gw since 2005. far too long really, and I’ll never play it again.

  7. It’s ready! xD

    Shameless plug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-vBmG004DA

    • Forgot to reply, but I saw your video, nice work.

  8. Hope you get to enjoy the game after 3 years of blogging about it. Would be a bit of a tragedy otherwise :).

    • I’ve definitely been enjoying the beta weekends and have spent a lot of time in the game so far.

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