The Planet Tyria

June 24, 2012 at 3:21 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 4 Comments
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Enterprising Guild Wars 2 fans have been data-mining the beta client for information about the game. One such reddit user snaked a planetary map from the textures of a globe that I assume can be found somewhere in the game.

Quick clarification, as those familiar with Guild Wars lore know, the continent of Tyria has the same name as the planet.

There is also a less detailed globe/map found here.

As a reference, Cantha is center bottom, Elona is to the north, and Guild Wars 2 takes place largely northwest of that.

Cantha, Elona, and the continent of Tyria are all visible here.



  1. Somehow “I’ve been everywhere” will be the least you can say if you uncover the whole thing, but well diserved.

    • I doubt we’ll ever see the entire world but Guild Wars 2 on release is looking pretty huge despite not having elona, cantha, etc.

  2. Awesome! I’ve always been curious how much of tyria we’ve explored. Now add the asuran underground kingdoms and we’ve got a ton of landmass to cover!

    • All that underground space and eotn almost makes it seem like you can travel through a tunnel and come out in cantha pretty easily. I wonder what a 3d underground map might look like? The abandoned asura cities remind me of dwarf cities in dragon age.

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