Top 7 Events In The Guild Wars 2 Beta

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There are going to be a lot of events in Guild Wars 2 but so far we’ve only been able to play through 7 zones. I’ve seen a lot of really cool events so I thought I’d pick some out.

One thing I noticed however is that a lot of cool events are tied together. Instead of picking 3 events from the same chain, I’m going to limit myself to one event from each zone.

And hey, let me know if there’s an event you think I am clearly missing or wrong about.

In no particular order.


Hail Cthulhu!

There are some epic events in Queensdale to be sure, but you can’t top the excitement of the Godslost Swamp meta-event. The best one of these is clearly the Shadow Behemoth.

What I like is the complexity. Dodging massive AoEs while kiting Underworld monsters, getting rid of the portals while watching for the beasts tendrils to dip into the murky swamp water. Then waiting to pummel the things face. It’s a fun mix of dexterity and panic.

Few make it through their first time alive.

Kessex Hills

I didn’t write this list to just go around naming the most gigantic and epic events however, and there are plenty of events that just have a nice surprise or good writing.

I was wandering through the south of Kessex one day and I saw an event marker on my map. I headed to it trying to avoid aggro, and having not seen the NPC, glanced at the map a second time, only to fall into a deep hole.

And that is how I discovered Kari, a small girl who fell down a well. You are her Lassie, and have to protect her on the way back. It’s not a big spectacular boss fight, but it starts cleverly and is more pluasible than just about any traditional quest I’ve ever completed.

Wayfarer Foothills

There are a couple of contenders in every zone, but the final event in the meta-event The Frozen Maw is pretty wicked. The lead up to it is unimpressive, being no more than some closely packed and highly chaotic fights.

When the final event kicks off things go from heated clashes with the NPCs to “Oh my god, I’m going to die, somebody help me! Is that a $#%^ing tornado!?”

Snowden Drifts

A Largos in action trying to assasinate a kodan leader.

I’ve talked a bit about my favourite event in Snowden Drifts before. It’s our first introduction to a new race, the Largos.

It’s not much more than a single fight. A Largos comes out of nowhere to attack the kodan Claw. It’s your job to kill him instead. But considering I’ve never seen the Largos in any previous incarnation of the Guild Wars universe and his mysterious disappearance after you defeat him, makes this one of my favourite events.

Plains of Ashford

I think my favourite event in Ashford was the event inside the jumping puzzle. Without spoiling anything, it was a long hard slog to get to and interesting in the details surrounding it once you finally get there.

It’s almost a reward for finally making it that far in the puzzle and overcoming all the obstacles. What’s really wonderful about it is that it isn’t even the end of the puzzle, just another step.

Diessa Plateau

My favourite event in the middle of Diessa isn’t particularly impressive. A cattle ranch is under attack by harpies, you drive them off while protecting the cows. The part that makes it interesting is what happens afterward.

You get to fire the cattlepult.

It’s just as it sounds. A catapult that fires cattle. Before you do though, make sure to bet on it. You’ve got about 33% chance of doubling your money.

Gendarran Fields

What’s more fun as a kid than going off on an adventure? That’s the basis for my favourite event in Gendarran, just outside Applenook Hamlet.

Approaching a group of children sets off some sarcastic remarks, and after takling to one of the children, they run off in search of treasure. But you won’t be their only protector along the way, you make a new friend too.

It’s a definite callback to the goonies and a true representation of all our childhood dreams.



  1. I saw those kids in Gendarran Fields have a chat but I did not know that it was a lead-in to an event. Will definitely need to check that one out, seems totally fun! I do agree with all the rest of your points, definitely a great top 7! 🙂

    • Thanks and yeah, after the initial dialogue the kid gets a marker over his head, so if you’re not looking right at him you wouldn’t know to trigger it.

  2. I create 5 human characters until now… so, I crossed Queensdale 5 times now…

    And I never saw the Shadow Behemoth…

    However, taht massive event at Wayfarer Foothills, where the ice shaman summon ice elemntals and that tornadoes, I saw…

    • The shadow behemoth requires a trigger to set it off and I haven’t figured out what it is yet. Hopefully someone figures out how to do it at some point.

      • I know there’s some group boss tree in the nearby forest you have to kill but I don’t know what’s before that. And it has to happen before midnight game time although I have no idea how people know the time more specifically than day or night. I haven’t seen a clock in the UI.

        • Theres 3 events, kill the rotting oakheart, attack at the monastery, and something over by the ettins that I’ve never seen. But how those get triggered to start the chain I have no idea.

  3. I did the Ice Shaman one. It was quite difficult. It was actually in place for quite some time. I stumbled on it, and there where a few people doing it. I died a couple of times and moved on to something else. I came back at least an hour later and the same people were trying to do it. I ended up helping to kill him that time.

    Harder then expected for that level. I like it.

    • The ice shaman is an event that need a lot of players for complete it. It is more a “raid” than a “quest”.

    • I think the key at least for my group was no aggroing all the things all at once. We definitely lucked out in that regard.

  4. I actually really disliked the Frozen Maw. I spent the entire fight dead under the shaman’s foot, so much so that I got NO participation reward whatsoever, which had never happened before. I would have participated had I been able to be ressed!

    • If you see you are at a bad location for be rezzed (for example, just bellow the main boss feet), just teleport back to the nearest waypoint. The game gives xp for players that rezz other players, but sometimes is just impossible to rezz everyone.

      • There is a close by res point, but not everybody likes running back to a fight and feeling kind of useless during that time.

    • I think if you avoid aggroing the numerous events all at once, you’ll be fine and there is a need for you to move around a lot. I spent half this fight merely dodging and not able to get anywhere near the guy, but eventually did and got gold participation, but even if I didn’t I was having fun doing all that dodging.

  5. Another good one in Queensdale, similar to the kids in Gendarran Fields, is found in a cave nw of Shaemoor. I found because a kid came up to me and asked me to resolve an argument, where upon he led me to the cave where 5 kids were arguing about who got to play who from Destiny’s Edge. Before I could solve the dispute, however, I had to prove my knowledge of the group by answering a quiz about Logan. I failed, leading to the kid disgustedly telling me that clearly I didn’t know very much about Destiny’s Edge 😛

    I liked it for the snarky dismissal of the silly adult who thinks they know anything, and for the fact that of course groups like Destiny’s Edge would be the Spidermans and Batmans of their world, and kids would play out their adventures and argue about who would win a fight among their heroes. I didn’t think about that until I did this event.

    • Yes I saw that one too, but I forgot it was an actual event. Pretty fun hearing the kids talk in gw2 no matter when you run across the various marauding packs of children.

      • Another neat little thing about that one was, that it was an example of the novels being tied into the game. The questions I was asked were: “Who is Logans girlfriend (the queen)”, and “Who was Logans best friend in the group (i failed this one)”. If I had gone a bit further in my PS, I might have been able to deduce it, but as it stands I only knew some of the answers because I read some spoilers from the Edge of Destiny novel. I like that the game world is affected by the story set up in the novels, and not just the other way around.

  6. My favorite G Fields event started at the mansion. First we had to fight off pirates, then we had to go to their hideout to rescue someone they kidnapped during the fight. I happened by the mansion again during the beta, and it was completely overrun by pirates. I missed the one with the kids.

    • That mansion is pretty cool design wise. I really liked it, just wish that are felt more like a township or something. Otherwise its sort of like a mansion out in the middle of nowhere.

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