Where To Find Jumping Puzzles

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I’ll remind people that updates are made at this URL not in this post.

I really like jumping puzzles but one thing that sometimes bugs me (and sometimes I find pretty fun) is finding them. There is a time for exploration and then there is a time for just doing the puzzle, so I thought people might like a hand in being pointed in the right direction.

A couple things to keep in mind.

This is solely to help find the puzzles in the first place. Please don’t spoil anything in the comments.

I’ve noticed that there are some puzzles that don’t count as achievements, either you aren’t rewarded or they don’t seem to be “official” jumping puzzles. I’ll note these when I find them.

I wanted to keep it relatively simple so I’ve included a screenshot of the map, and a screenshot of the entrance.

There are too many images, so I’ve divided them up by zone.

Updated: June 17th
Last updated July 23rd: I moved the whole guide to a page linked from the top of the blog. That is where updates will be made, not to this individual post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Page 2 – Queensdale
Page 3 – Kessex Hills
Page 4 – Wayfarer Foothills
Page 5 – Snowden Drifts
Page 6 – Plains of Ashford
Page 7 – Diessa Plateau
Page 8 – Lion’s Arch
Page 9 – WvW



  1. I was wondering where these might be found – this was very helpful, thanks!

    • You’re welcome, I’m hoping it will be useful for a lot of people.

  2. […] but like me have no clue what they are or where to start, Hunter from Hunter’s Insight made a great post showing where to start them. He doesn’t tell how to do them so it is still up to us to figure […]

  3. I heard about them all this time and had no clue what they were or where to start. Thank you very much for this! Now I can finally find out what this is all about! 😀

    • Great, I’m thinking about updating it often or making it into a guide/page on the blog, so watch for that.

      • Yeah would be great if you could do that!

        • Shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

  4. The only one I have personal experience with is the one in Kessex Hills, but that was several wonderfully frustrating and fun hours as I figured out how to manuever through it.
    Can’t wait to see all of the others… they are great fun imo.

    • Kessex is one of the most fun ones, I definitely didn’t get it at first but eventually it all started making sense.

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