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For the most part picking a crafting profession in Guild Wars 2 will be pretty easy. You want to use pistols, go with Huntsman, you want to be a scholar go with Tailor. Straight-forward. You don’t have to think too hard if all you want to do is have useful crafting professions for personal use.

However there are a few things to consider for the more discerning player.

I think most people, at least at first, won’t want the complication of leveling two crafting professions at once. The Guild Wars 2 crafting professions don’t appear particularly complicated (at least at low levels) but managing the needs of two disciplines at launch might be too much of a bother. With that in mind you’re left with a simple question.

What is more important for you? What do you want most out of crafting? Armour, weapons, profit, or bagspace?

Generally speaking you have 6 pieces of armour, and at most you’ll be switching between 4 weapons. By virtue of numbers an armour crafting profession would appear to be the most convenient. You’ll be able to make more things for yourself while leveling.

But that isn’t the only advantage of going with an armour profession. Tailor, armoursmith, and leatherworker can create bags. Increasing your inventory space will be a priority for some people.

The only drawback for armour smiths will be that most materials will drop from mobs instead of being gathered from nodes. Depending on a persons playstyle this may affect their choice.

Of course the above reasoning doesn’t take into consideration other motivations. What if your intent is purely profit?

I think one of the most profitable crafted items will be bags, in the early days at least. That makes armour crafting even more desirable, and with their ability to make runes (though I haven’t seen how yet) it should make those professions very popular.

So popular it has the potential to make those professions less profitable. A glut of users all making the same things could potentially flood the market. This is where weapon crafting, cooking and jewelcrafting could be profitable in the long term.

Jewelcrafting in particular caught my eye as being potentially profitable. Jewelry didn’t appear to drop much in my time playing. Perhaps it was an aspect of low level play or my own bad luck, but I had to make do with the occasional personal story reward to fill out my jewelry slots. Karma vendors had some available as well but you didn’t really get to pick the stats that came with them, unless you want to hunt around from vendor to vendor. Both options are rather unimpressive in any case.

On the other hand it’s hard to say how useful cooking will be. Cooking seems to have a class of nodes all to itself, so it doesn’t lend itself to a second crafting profession very well. I’m also told by friends that it requires a great number of ingredients per recipe. There are also numerous consumables available from merchants, so a cook would have to compete (though I haven’t had a chance to compare) with those items. Aside from that it’s difficult to gauge how popular foods will be. They aren’t a requirement like, weapons, armour, or even jewelry.

Cooking also has a seeming drawback in that harvesting sickles only have 50 uses. I haven’t investigated the consequences of this, but offhand if cooking requires more resources, and you get less uses from gathering tools, it could mean a number of things. Higher costs might mean fewer cooks, higher prices, and possibly higher profits if supply is low. I’ll have to look closer at it eventually.

And that is essentially what I’ve been considering as far as choosing a crafting profession in Guild Wars 2. Eventually I’m sure I’ll have a character that has mastered each. In the beginning however I’m definitely leaning towards a leatherworker, since I’ve decided on my first 3 characters being medium armoured adventurers and I want a ton of bag space. Although that probably means I’ll have the same armour designs on 3 characters quite a bit.



  1. For me jewels seem to be few and far between like you said so I really just want the personnel convenience, As for a second its up in the air but making “bags” is a factor.

    • Personally I’m wondering what i’ll be able to get on the AH for cheap and if i can make a choice of crafting professions based on that. Whatever is the most expensive I’d gladly start crafting.

  2. Foods and drinks give some boost. Not big thing, but problably PvPers will want have it: that few extra hp and damage can make the diference between defeat and victory. Cookers (becasue that will be the main crafting, too many ingredients at cooking)) don’t worry: we will see people that will stay at WvW from level 1 to 80 and a lot of big guilds will try GW2 PvP: food will have a high demand.

    Bags can be good sells, but for a short time. I saw this weekend: when I upgraded my bags, I sold my old ones at AH (bags are not soul bound), so my guess is that everyone will made the same, and I saw from 10 to 20 players selling bags at AH and one player started to under price them. My guess: bags will start to lower prices one or two days after launch. Create new bags is a nice way to gain crafting level and sell the older ones is a plus, so we will see a lot of supply of bags at AH.

    The crafted armor is more customizable than the armor you gain from drops or quests or from karma vendors: you can choose the stats you want when crafting them. We will see a lot of players trying diferent tatics with each class, so we will see people looking for diferent stats. For example, my guardian was going for vit armor, and I had to craft it for have a full set at level 20. Craft armor with not common stats can make a good profit at AH.

    I agree that jewellers will make some profit, and the same points about PvPers apply to jewels: they will demand it.

    Finally, I see some people will have a good profit selling materials at AH. However, that business will have a fierce competition, I saw some components with 1000 + items being sold, the supply will be high because everyone get components from mobs, crafters and not crafters.

    • Yeah I agree for the most part, I think bags will have a longer profit life than one or two days, but everything else falls in with my post.

  3. “Cooking also has a seeming drawback in that harvesting sickles only have 50 uses.”

    I was under the impression that every swing of the axe or pick consumed one charge. Am I wrong?

    I did some jewel crafting and it appears that you can’t actually create gems. You can upgrade them and turn them into very strong rings and necklaces, but there’s no way to turn a chunk of copper into a emerald. You’ll be limited by how many gems you can find or buy for cheap from the AH. The rings are very powerful and will sell for sure though. I want to think it’s +6 stat of the gem type used for the ring it self, and it is automatically upgraded with the same gem for the upgrade slot for a further +3. Compared to the ring you get from your personal quest that had no stats and only an upgrade slot, they are incredibly strong early on at least.

    It’s entirely possible I’m wrong on both fronts and should be ashamed to call myself a GW2 follower though 😛

    • The problem with harvesting sickles is that they cost the same amount as a logging axe or mining pick, but you get half the uses. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to buy them twice as often, or the harvesting nodes only producing one or two resources (while getting 2 resources somewhat makes up for half the uses, it does not fully cover it) when you gather while trees and ore give at least 3.
      As for jewels, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. You harvest jewels randomly while logging or mining so one jewel every… 9-12 or so uses perhaps? I haven’t measured. Since jewelry doesn’t seem to drop much from mobs and only appears to come from personal quest rewards and karma vendors, it’ll probably be quite profitable.

      • Sorry. I read the first part of your JC statement totally wrong. I thought you said jewels didn’t drop much for you. You wrote jewlery. Hence my statement that now doesn’t make much sense. Whoops

        As for my first statement, I thought that when you hit a mining node 3 times, doesn’t it use 3 charges of the pick and therefore make it much more similar in uses to the sickle? Or am I wrong there? If it isn’t then yes, they really should change that. Cooking is already way more expensive since so many recipies use up items you have to buy from the cooking vendors. There is some really weird food though. I made something that gave you a percent chance to gain might when you dodged. That took me by suprise let me tell you.

        • My main point about sickles versus picks or axes is that sickles cost the same with half the uses. so you pay 1 silver for 100 uses of a loggin axe and 1 silver for 50 uses of a sickle. The amount they harvest per use is similar, but you’re still paying more for sickles.

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