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I like Guild Wars 2 crafting. There are problems with it but on the whole it is well put together. It treads a thin line between simplicity and complexity. It’s also far less of a grind than any other crafting system I’ve ever tried, not that I’ve tried many.

Collecting materials isn’t particularly hard. You’ll need to gather resources like ore and wood, and kill mobs for trophy materials like tiny claws or tiny venom sacs. For the most part I didn’t have any problems coming up with enough of these and certainly the auction house had plenty to offer.

You’ll need to refine that ore into ingots, make planks out of your wood, and combine planks with your trophies to get inscriptions. Weapons (and I’ll assume armour) are made of two components, plus the inscription. For instance, a dagger hilt, a dagger blade, and inscription. Most weapons will require one component to be made of ingots, the other to be made of wood, or some combination. Resources are usually very evenly split with a few exceptions.

I thought it could have been more even in some cases, such as the dagger. It doesn’t require wood or leather for either piece requiring 2 ingots for the hilt and 3 for the blade. An easy way to even out its resource sink would be to add a leather/wood component to the hilt. Swords typically had something of that sort for grip.

Most of my experience was with weaponsmithing and huntsman. I found that I had to make a maximum of 6 to 8 weapons (I think) to be able to reach the next level bracket. So a couple of level 10 pistols, a level 10 rifle, and a few other items before I could make level 15 weapons.

Obviously I could only use some of the weapons I made, which meant I either would end up salvaging my own recently made weapons, or throwing them on the auction house. Some games would have you make dozens of useless unwanted items to level your crafting, but I can see them being bought in this game. They are superior and useful better than what you’ll find from drops or merchants.

Refining your materials, making the components, creating the inscription, forging the item, everything adds to your crafting level and your experience bar. It’s one of the things I like most about crafting here. It’s time well spent in numerous ways, with items you can use, no lengthy process or progress bars, and a significant amount of experience to level from.

One of two negative things I have to say about crafting is that the user interface is quite irritating. I can only imagine how frustrating it might be to reach max level in crafting and have to sort through the many varying levels and names of items. The categories are sorted by type (rifle, warhorn, dagger, sword) but within those menus I can see the lists getting quite long and confusing.

I’m only going by memory here, but as I recall, you could make 3 different types of pistols per bracket. For instance a resilient, vital, or mighty pistol. Denoting toughness, vitality, or power bonuses (the potential complexity in the context of builds is awe inspiring) on the weapon. You’re going to have quite a few different types of pistols on your way to max level and the menu isn’t equipped to handle it smoothly.

Not to mention how irritating it is to close the pistol portion of the menu only to have it re-open each time you pull up the UI.

Overall I find the crafting system in Guild Wars 2 to be exemplary. It feels quick, natural, and intuitive. Easy to get in and out of. I played Rift, SWTOR, and LOTRO all without feeling tempted to try out crafting but in Tyria it was like I was being dumb not to get into crafting.



  1. One thing I hope they add and I (and others) put on the beta feedback site is the ability to use materials at crafting sites directly from your crafting tab without having to run backwards and forwards to the bank. That’s the one innovation in SWTOR that I really appreciated – not quite enough perhaps to have kept me playing that game though :(.

    • Champions and Star Trek Online did crafting from bank too.

      • never played either.

    • Would be nice of course but it may be asking a bit much. There are places where storage is right next to crafting anyway, like in wvw.

    • Rift also added crafting from the bank. I have to say, that’s starting to look like a convenience feature that it’s hard to justify the lack of. Its absence annoys the hell out of me in Diablo 3, also.

      • Interesting to note trends like this. Seems like something they might try out eventually, if enough players call for it.

  2. I liked what I saw of crafting in the first BWE. That said, I just hold on to hope that gear at the end game is highly worthwhile and takes an amazingly long time to make like items in DAoC. High end crafted gear in DAoC was very sought after by other players. Few items gained from raids could touch it but it took a very long time to produce (and sometimes even longer if the piece *failed*). The nice thing about the extended time to make things is there was a social element to it. Crafters would innevitably spend tons of time just standing around chatting and getting to know eachother.

    I miss it.

    • I don’t think that’s really GWs style though. Perhaps more for that mythical (!?) sandbox MMO that noone has been able to make yet.

      • I don’t think the people who call for those mythical sandbox games know what they’re asking for, or would like the results.

        • A very astute observation :). There are several such embryonic projects that have appeared recently on Kickstarter and I tend to be suspicious that the devs have a lot of grand ideas that will prove to be illusory when they try to implement them in detail – if they even get that far.

          • The kickstarter trend is intriguing but I agree. I have a suspicion some of these projects will start failing and investors won’t be happy about it. I’m sure there is a market for these sandbox games, but look at darkfall. It seemed to be exactly along the lines of a game these people want but it had minor success at best.

    • From what i’ve seen gear is certainly worth while as you level up. But as for the long production time, i dont’ see that happening, just not anets design style. I’m sure it will be more difficult to get your hands on materials but long progress bars aren’t their thing.

  3. I made 43 dowel rods and then realized I should have kept some planks. 😦 Getting out of the “make as many of item x as you can so that you can max out and make one slightly useful thing” mindset is tricky!

    • I did something similar at one point but kept myself from going too far with it. Luckily I think its a mistake you’ll only make once.

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