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Newbie Blogger Initiative! Initiate newbies!

And so Newbie Blogger Initiative comes to a close and we can all look over the staggering number of new World of Warcraft blogs. I jest of course, there were plenty of Lord of the Rings Online blogs as well.

Seriously, there is a lot of those two games.

But then Guild Wars 2 didn’t fare too badly either with the 13 blogs I took note of. For a game that isn’t even out yet, that’s impressive.

Now I’m sorry if I missed your blog but the ones I noticed were My Staff is Bigger than Yours, Gaming For Introverts, Wald’s Wanderings, The Incidental Analysis, White Charr, Malefic Incantations, Mistress of Illusions, Divinity’s Reach, Trippin Tyria, MMOARprz, The Diverted Muse, Giddeon’s Hammer, and Commentarilies.

And that appears to be all the blogs that actually focus on Guild Wars 2, aside from just mentioning it amongst other games or commenting on it only once. Feel free to pop your blogs name in the comments if you consider it a Guild Wars 2 blog. To you veteran Guild Wars 2 bloggers I’d suggest popping your names into the comments as well for anyone that has a mind to find you.

Justin has a long list of all the blogs and the advice columns (including two of mine) over at his own blog, Biobreak.



  1. Thanks for the mention.

    -Wald of Wald’s Wanderings

    • No problem. 🙂

  2. As far as GW2-focused blogs this list looks correct. I do, and will discuss Guild Wars 2 at length on my blog I get more hands-on time with it, but also discuss any other game I find myself playing, so I’m not really a “GW2 blogger”.

    And yeah, I read on Twitter that you don’t like blogs that keep full posts after “the break”. I’m not really happy with the current performance of my server, so for now that seemed like a good enough compromise to streamline my homepage. It should not affect the RSS feed tho, you can still read full posts with Google Reader or any other Newsreader of your preference. 🙂

    • Your blog was the blog I had the most trouble deciding whether to include or not. I even considered making special note of it, but ended up editing to keep the post stream lined.

      Oh and in some circumstances hiding your posts is fine, like heavy amounts of images in every post or in your case your server, but overall I’m not a big fan of it because it puts barriers between readers and content. RSS servers are the big problem for me, you’ve already got people subscribed to you no need to mess with that. So yes, glad to hear yours isn’t cut in RSS.

      • Yeah, I totally understand your point of view. It wasn’t my first choice, but with my server problems, the amount of images I’ve been using, and a desire to make things more streamlined visually, I decided to go ahead with it.

        And even if you didn’t end up including my name on that list, I do appreciate you taking some time to look around there.

  3. You just made it easier for me Hunter… you put them all in an easy to steal list!


    soooo…….yeah…..thanks! I’ll put these on the blogroll later today. 😀

    • Curses! foiled again! You dastardly villain!

  4. […] to the Newbie Blogger Initiative, and in part, Hunter for compiling the list of Guild Wars bloggers that came from it, I now have a blogroll! Check the side bar and look for more blogs to fill your […]

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning my blog. I wanted to note that it is not a GW2 dedicated blog, but I do plan on playing the game and will most likely make a lot of posts about it after launch. I don’t usually play more than one MMO at a time, but I didn’t want to make my blog specific to one particular game.

    • I was pretty sure i’d be wrong about some sites, yours had numerous gw2 posts, but I did note there were other games so I just went with it.

  6. Thanks for the mention; I truly appreciate it! I added you to my blog roll as well. Hoping to have a new entry out chatting a bit about my experience playing a Charr Mesmer during the June 8th weekend beta test. =)

    • Cool. You’re in my reader so I won’t miss it.

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