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From June 8th to June 10th we’ll have yet another opportunity to test Guild Wars 2, and I can’t wait. I’ve played around on numerous classes now, and in numerous zones, and I couldn’t be happier that my engineer in particular won’t be wiped.

There isn’t much mention of new features in the weekend, aside from the things they said they were already working on like chat functionality, overflow servers, and most importantly lag and performance.

It is heartening to see Arenanet working hard on the game especially when other studios have gone through recent turmoil. You have to wonder what kind of new pressure this puts on Guild Wars 2 and other games.

Both Bioware and 38 Games have been big hits to the industry and certainly anyone will think twice before moving into the MMO field. I’m sure SWTOR will make back quite a bit of its money but 38 is a train wreck of epic proportions.

And going forward things aren’t looking bright either.

TERA for instance. By all reports it has some magnificent action based gameplay, and virtually nothing else to speak of. Putting aside the asian, almost idiotic, artistic side of the game it is a traditional Korean grinder. It has sold 150k copies so far in western release.

More rests on the shoulders of Arenanet and Guild Wars 2 than any other MMO in years. Which makes me quite glad that the testing phase is being drawn out over months.



  1. Ouch… those numbers on TERA are way worse than I was speculating. One month after official launch and they’re barely at ~150k? It did better in Korea though right?
    Looking forward to the next opportunity to play the GW2 beta… I’m curious about the change in keybinding comment… that could be a big help to a few friends I’ve heard complaining about the lack of Shift+ modifiers.
    Having our beta characters not deleted was a pleasant surprise, but it definitely complicates my personal plans… I had pretty much decided to continue experimenting with various professions in the early PvE facet of the game, but now I’m very tempted to scrap those plans in favor of just playing my necro. It would be interesting to get into the catacombs dungeon and check that out… and I would also be better able to “see” the changes being made to the game from the perspective of a character I’ve spent much more time playing.
    I hope they tweaked the MH dagger up a bit… need to check that out.

    • Its like the 3rd most played online game in korea I read somewhere, but its hard to get numbers on how well they’re doing since all that information is in korean.

      I’ll definitely be in the dungeon at some point. And bloggin about it.

  2. Funny, I played the Tera beta several hours and it was the ‘action’ combat that I quickly got bored with. At first I was enjoying myself, in spite of the usual hub quests, FedEx nonsense, kill 10 of this, etc. The world graphics are pretty impressive, but the running and jumping animations were terrible. Combat at first seemed smooth, but quickly becomes just boring, constantly mashing your mouse buttons with occasional key 1 to 4 presses. The worst thing was it seemed any skill use locks you in place. No ranger kiting here. It seemed less ‘action based’ to me than GW2 and certainly less than games like Vindictus, Dragon’s Nest, or C9. I might check it out again when it goes F2P, but probably not.
    I will be checking out a few more classes in the GW2 beta. I’m a bit surprised that some of the classes I didn’t think I’d be very interested in playing right away (warrior, engineer) turned out to be so much fun. Not sure what I’ll play as main now to be honest. I hope to get some time on thief and guardian next.
    Also have my list of bugs I’ve run into during the first two events, so will be checking to see if they got fixed. Most were due to server problems, so I’m sure they’ll be gone or taken care of at some point.
    One of my favorite things so far was in the human area, where a bunch of us (30+?) were breezing through the centaur and wasp/spider area, but then got wiped out (badly) by hordes of skritt. Everyone was quickly dead with nobody to rez us, lots of “WTF, the rats just owned us” comments, and, of course, corpse jumping while waiting for the event to end; the only way-point in the area was contested so couldn’t be used. While that event might have been a bit too much (the skritt were pretty much 2 and 3 shotting everyone), I like the idea of stuff that is hard enough it takes real teamwork to beat, as most of us were in smaller groups of only 2 or 3, running around pretty randomly. If we’d been in a few larger groups supporting each other, I’m sure we could have beat that event without much problem.

    • That’s the first I’ve heard of the “skritt stampede” (as it shall hence forth be known…)
      Sounds perfectly awesome, and I’m completely jealous! LOL.
      “Kill it!” “Run away!”
      I’m definitely going back to that area and see if I can figure out how it’s triggered so I can witness this first hand.

      • It definitely is triggered by a previous event. I wasn’t paying much attention as I was working on the heart quest in that area. The first event finished successfully, there was a short period of calm, then I saw the ‘stop the skritt’ message, but kept on doing whatever I was working on. Suddenly there were skritt all over the place. Next time I’ll be waiting for them and there will be pay back! 🙂

        • I did an “escort” mission in the area with an NPC who wanted to cause a cave-in at the local skritt tunnels. We fought off a few waves of skritt along the way and then fought our way just inside the tunnel’s entrance area.
          The NPC set the charges and then says something like, “By the way, how fast can you run?”
          At which point he immediately turns and hauls @$$ back out of the tunnels.
          I literally said, “D’oh!” and followed, narrowly missing the cave-in that resulted… two other players appeared to actually be caught in the cave-in, and rezzed back at the waypoint. (Or they just map traveled, I’m not positive which, but when I looked back there was rubble everywhere, and they were nowhere to be seen… I saw them a few moments later in the lumber camp where the waypoint is located.)
          I’m wondering if a “failure” in this ecort event results in the “skritt stampede” event? Or, did successfully blowing up the tunnel result in the stampede and I just didn’t stick around long enough to see it?
          I really can’t wait till I can EXPLORE all of this game without the “rushed” feeling associated with the limited BWE time. 🙂

          • Neat! 🙂 Yep, it was at the lumber camp. Now I’ll have to go back there and see exactly what triggers the “skritt stampede” and have a go at the tunnel cave-in.

          • I think I stumbled upon the same event when I spotted a group of people with someone sporting an ANet icon over their head. I lost the main group in the cave in but it was a fun moment.

            First time in all my years of gaming I saw an obvious staff member.

            • Their big red logos are pretty cool actually. They must have been spread out pretty evenly over servers, people saw them everywhere.

    • I’ve tried out many of the classes so far except the scholars. Might take the opportunity to look into them.

      I have been to that skritt area but didn’t see an event that seemed like a stampede, sounds like fun.

  3. “asian, almost idiotic”?
    Yeah that sounds… uh, that’s an interesting phrasing choice there. You stay classy.

    • Speaking of classy, have you seen the upskirt views on the child-like race? The over-sexualized female race? The art direction that is so over the top as to be ridiculous?

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