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Newbie Blogger Initiative! You are a newbie! Just to be clear.

There is plenty of advice for what to do, how to write, how to format, how to publicize, during NBI month but I’ve seen little advice on what not to do.

I guess I just thought I’d try to fill out some areas other bloggers haven’t touched upon. With that in mind, I hope this helps.

    Don’t write about things you don’t care about.

    You can write about anything so not writing about something you don’t give a damn about should be common sense. Never the less you will feel compelled at times to write about the current kerfuffle or latest scandal. Maybe because you haven’t posted in a while, maybe because you want to get in on the action, maybe because you want the hits. Mostly you will feel obligated if your blog is even tangentially related.

    Whichever the case, just make sure you actually have a reason to post. Otherwise your readers can sense your own disinterest in the subject. It comes through in what you write and how you write it. If you’re not interested, your readers won’t be either.

    Don’t be a whiner or a troll.

    You could become very popular, very quickly, simply by being a malcontent. Your rallying cry would be like a light unto darkness (for jerks). Other naysayers and evildoers would love you and flock to you. You would be like a troll god, a whiner king.

    But do you really want to be the spokesperson for crazy? Do you want to be the most popular troll at a troll convention? Your blog would be a haven for ugly people with black hearts who say nothing positive and live horrible lives where nothing is ever good enough.

    Don’t start blog wars like a child, don’t spit on other peoples opinions, don’t proclaim how right you are and how wrong everyone else is.

    Unless you are right and everyone else is wrong.

    Don’t be negative.

    Let’s be honest here. We’re all playing MMOs because we like playing MMOs. You’re paying to play because it’s worth it. When you completely ignore that you enjoy yourself in the game that you are playing (and writing about) it becomes clear that your purpose isn’t blogging anymore. It’s some kind of bitter retribution.

    I’m not saying don’t criticize, just don’t be a tool about it. Offer alternatives, describe why you think it’s a mistake or bad design. Point all the things that do work in spite of the things that don’t. Equal time.

    In the end, as someone who reads a lot of blogs, I like reading posts from people who keep a positive outlook instead of being just plain negative all the time.

    Don’t expect something out of it.

    I hope nobody is under the impression that blogging is a get rich quick scheme. That somehow you will be internet famous or even popular. It’s likely that no one will read your blog at first. Your attempts to self-promote will likely go unnoticed. People may down right ignore you.

    You should have some other reason for blogging. Intense fandom. The writers spirit. Creative outlet. Community leadership.

    Don’t get discouraged.

    So you’ve written a really great post. You put a lot of effort and research into it. You think it’s funny, insightful, and brilliant.

    But nobody gives a damn.

    Don’t let that stop you. Play the long game. It’s not about writing one good article it’s about writing a lot of good articles. And they don’t even have to be good, just strike a nerve or have one intelligent observation. You just have to get the ball rolling.

    Giving up when you’re just getting started is probably the most common hurdle I’ve seen new bloggers have.

    Don’t have a thin skin.

    People will let you know their vile opinions in your comments, on other fansites, completely unrelated forums, chat, twitter, whatever.

    Here are some fun paraphrased examples!

    The German. “Hey check out this guy’s blog, he’s a bit crazy so put on your tinfoil hats before you go there!”

    The Oblivious. “Hey I hope you aren’t that guy from Hunter’s Insight, because I hate that guy’s writing, he’s terrible.”

    The Awful. “This guy is a complete idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, also I have a 2 inch penis.”

    The Super Fan. “That blogger is pathetic. He wants a sequel that’s different than Guild Wars? What a moron!”

    The Collaborator. “That guy is a hater, ignore him.”

    The only thing worse than complete anonymity is when people start to notice you.

    Don’t listen to me.

    I’m kind of an idiot really. I change my mind a lot, jump to conclusions, wildly speculate.

    Trust your gut.

    If you’re even considering blogging you already know what you want to do with your blog. You don’t need this post to help you out.

I hope this helps.

There are a lot of good advice posts out there right now, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting up links to them as well as new blogs, and hopefully I’ll even have a list of new Guild Wars 2 blogs to go along with that. So yeah. Cheers.



  1. As an NBI newbie I think it’s super cool that there’s anyone reading my blog at all. Writing for myself and not for school is a fun new pastime that I’m happy to do even if I’ll always be some obscure superfan.

    My two cents–if you share your articles on Twitter, use hashtags! I frequently get mentioned by automated news feeds like @GW2EU @theKABOOBIE @Poid_Paradox which search for #GuildWars2 #GW2. I think these have successfully directed people to my twitter feed and thus to the site.

    • The hashtag thing is a good tip and people often put them in the very title of their blog post for just this reason. I’m sure a lot of people find this useful, but on a personal note i actually don’t like it. I guess I’m a bit fussy but I’d rather people spread word of my blog because they want to rather than automated response.

      That said, any way you can promote your blog is probably fine and again, i’m being a bit fussy.

      • Yeah I prefer word of mouth as well, though I’m sure there are people who stream those hashtags and browse them by hand too.

  2. Finally got around to starting a blog. Thanks to Hunter and NBI.


    • good to see you’ve taken the plunge.

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