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Great graphic, terrible name! It’s the NBI!

I had planned to sit down and write an advice post for new bloggers detailing all the things I could think of. How to balance your motivations for writing a blog, your creative drive, best snack foods for writing, and gaining an audience for all that hard work you put in.

Unfortunately all the advice I could think of has already been blogged on just about every other blog participating in the New Blogger Initiative. Personally this puts a damper on my creativity. Everyone else has already said it, and said it well, so what is the point in saying it again?

Whether it is motivational, practical, obscure tips, technical knowledge, promotion, or writing advice, it has and will be said until the end of the month.

So then I thought I’d turn that advice on it’s head and offer non-conventional advice. Unorthodox advice that goes against the common consensus of what bloggers think makes a good blog. Up is down, left is right, these prices are insane!

Scary has a good post on this very subject, unfortunately. This also stymied my creativity. The worst part? There is a lot of common sense and practical advice in that post. There is nothing worse as a blogger than seeing a post on a subject you want to write about but done so well that you can’t improve upon it, and make the author look foolish.

So with that option closed, I went back to thinking of writing a fairly mundane post that hit all the obvious notes. Only by this time I had read quite a few NBI advice posts, and many had one common theme. Finding out who you are as a blogger. Finding your voice. Getting in touch with your inner child and talking about your sensitive feelings in your blog.

No offense to those writers, but I immediately went back to the drawing board. After I finished a cute little chalk bunny I realized I had to think a little more outside the box. Making this post interesting and fun for me to write requires that it be unlike most other NBI advice posts.

“Do the opposite,” I said to myself. It’s the quickest way to differentiate. Which immediately brought me back to Scary. His blog post is pretty much exactly that. Still concerned with not just copying him, eventually that thought became ‘do the opposite but different’ and I ended up with a sort of list of things not to do.

So I’ll probably write that post soon but as I began to write, it very quickly descended into a sort of post-modern deconstruction. A post that was more about outlining what it took to get out of a creative rut. How I eventually came across an idea after some struggling. Throw in some humour, break the fourth wall, show them the wizard is actually just a man behind a curtain who sometimes rips off other bloggers, and you have yourself an honest and somewhat original post.

All that planning and thinking and all I really had to do was put fingers to keyboard.



  1. But where’s that chalk bunny?
    How about cats? Can you draw cats?

    But one thing’s for sure, what you described is one frequent way how posts come into existence. The other way are mutated brain sparks.

    • I can not draw cats, bunnies are easy.

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