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It's the coolest name we could come up with apparently.

I got an email from Syp at Biobreak (or Justin Olivetti from Massively) about a project he’s been working on. He wants to inspire people to blog about the games they play, and get all us current bloggers involved as well.

He calls it the Newbie Blogger Initiative.

Yes, it’s a terrible name for a very good idea. Large and fun communities can arise out of just a few people linking back and forth about their blog posts and what they think about the games they play. Writing can be so rewarding. I think the best part is just meeting new people, but I also feel like I contribute to a community, and bring perspective to it. So why not encourage others?

Here’s Syp on the project.

The goal is to facilitate the start-up of new blogs by providing them with advice, support, and a crapton of traffic after they’re settled in.

Well I don’t know if anyone would get a crapton of traffic from me, but I’m game.

People who start up a new blog at Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress or anywhere else, can then head on over to the NBI forums. There they’ll be indexed into a post that myself and at least 70 other bloggers will put up on our sites.

It would sort of make for a pretty good start. So if you’ve ever thought about it, if you need that little nudge, now would be the time. Especially for all those potential Guild Wars 2 bloggers since you know, we finally got to play it.

I’ll also be posting some advice on blogging, writing, and getting traffic so it all doesn’t feel pointless, sometime later this month.



  1. What a wonderful thing. I’m personally neither a newbie nor a vet, though I will be curious to read what some consider tips for creating traffic. I know my first few months were pretty much a ghost town. From what I’ve seen from Wilhelm’s numbers in his early days (from a post he did), I’m still pretty ghostly.

    But anyone reading this looking for tips, here’s mine: at least while getting started, focus on a game. My early posts were basically written for an audience that included only me, as a tool to make me more willing to explore f2p games. I didn’t have anyone to advertise to. But once I found a game I cared about and focused on it, advertising my writing to those that played it, hits on the day of a new post went up about 10 times. I still don’t have huge numbers, but I’m relatively well-known within my (small) game community, and the people that make the game read my schtick.

    Focus your writing, focus where you promote your writing.

    • There’s a lot here that’s very similar to my own experience and plan on talking about in my advice post. Pretty good advice.

  2. Brill idea, I’ll certainly lend a hand – for what my traffic/advice is worth!

    My biggest pieces of advice would be to get involved in the community you’re writing for/about. Post on forums, talk to people on twitter, comment on YouTube, even if you don’t post a link to you’re blog every time, you’re getting yourself known.

    • The hardest part of getting involved in the community is actually working up the nerve to play with people. It’s also the most rewarding, fun, and important way to make connections.

      • I agree completely. It’s scary at first, but honestly, all it took was reading other blogs and occasionally commenting to get me started.

  3. Amusingly enough, I actually get a lot of referrals from you. So don’t underestimate it too much 😛

    Also, that’s pretty awesome. I don’t really have any advice, though Will’s is pretty good. If you’re blogging, you should be on twitter, at the very least. Twitter is god for this sort of thing now.

    • A number of the MMO bloggers I follow tend to be conservative and humble about their numbers. Well, every single one I read except Syncaine. But just from seeing a few of their stats, I know their numbers are bigger than mine, and I recently had friends tell me they are jealous of my numbers. I think it helps in my case, in all our cases really, that the people who are interested in what we are writing tend to use the internet a bit more than average.

    • Twitter is shockingly good for promoting your blog. I was initially against doing it, but its more of a chat client than a social tool.

      • I am still fighting the twitter tractor beam. I don’t post often enough to warrant a solid following. I’m happy that people are interested in my site, but until I post more regularly, I don’t see the point of advertising on twitter. I get plenty of traffic and have regular followers. Maybe when I get some time to write more fiction I’ll give in to the twitter-side.

        • It’s a very good tool, and like I said it isn’t nearly as invasive or as contrived and obnoxious as facebook. just follow the people you like, ignore the others, it’s much more like a chat room.

  4. You know, that’s pretty fantastic of you folks. You all are like the senior bloggers of the GW/MMO sphere so for guys like me that want to start a blog but frankly are not sure what to do I greatly appreciate it.

    • Well hopefully there will be a lot of good tips and inspiration for starting up your blog over the next month.

  5. I actually just started one for GW2 the other day because I had so many screen shots and insights to share from beta but I’m still working on the format and things, and keeping it separate from my other blog…very different audiences/worlds collide, etc. etc.

    • Cool, well I can’t wait to see it Aly, Guild Wars 2 needs more super fans.

  6. I have been thinking about starting a GW2 blog. I just wonder how much new perspective I will bring to it. I wouldn’t want to just be writing the same stuff that everybody else is.


    Might just do it anyway…

    • At some point you’re writing the same stuff everyone else is, no matter what, and it is rare that you get a chance to say something completely unique. It’s not the topic usually, but the personality that you discuss it with, I think.

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