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I’ve got so much to say about Guild Wars 2 but a first impressions post is hard to write. So maybe I’ll just stick to the new things learned from the beta weekend for now.

    Mystic Chests – Mystic Chests and Mystic Keys are not the villains some wanted them to be. I received 3 Mystic Keys through Personal Story on one character, I think. I can’t exactly double check. Only one chest dropped for me but when I opened it I got an Experience Boost, 3 tonics, and a Mystic Key. The tonics were pretty cool. I turned into an eagle amongst other things. The experience boost I didn’t even get around to using. Ditto for the extra key. But hardly game breaking. The presence of keys in the cash shop becomes barely an enh for me at this point.

    Dyes – The dye manufacturer does indeed take 24 hours to unlock a single dye at this point. The magic plant food allows you to unlock dyes instantly judging by the description.

    Storage – Full material storage, cooking storage, and 30 bank slots instead of the 24 I believe was previously seen. That is a lot of storage. I thought the 24 slots plus the scalable backpack, plus guild vault was plenty. Now there is space for what appeared to be all basic crafting materials. Cooking storage has as much space as material storage does.

    Transmutation Stones – I have a very specific memory of someone saying that T-Stones were available from every karma vendor in the previous press beta. I can’t find that source, but T-stones are no longer available for karma. I only saw them in the cash shop. I’m disappointed by this. The most important thing in a cash shop in my opinion is not forcing people to use it, whether with gold or money. This flies in the face of that.

    Lion’s Arch – Lion’s Arch is filled with little touches. The old remains of the city lie underwater, which you find pretty quickly after using a fun diving board that lets you do diving twists and flips. You can also visit the archeological dig taking place at the remains of the Lion’s Arch Keep. There is some sort of war monument. All types of races walking through the streets. There are sewers, bars, farms, forts, dolphins, whales, too many things to recount.

    Dungeon Merchants – There are 8 dungeon merchants, all wearing the armours of their perspective dungeons in Lion’s Arch. They talk about those dungeons a bit, let you see what they have to offer, but the best part is just looking at in game examples of the dungeon armour. Guildmag has excellent videos and screenshots of the dialogue. We now finally know the names of all 8 dungeons, what appears to be the zones they’re in, and their basic theme. The most impressive to me is Honor of Waves. A sinking iceberg with a kodan theme.

    Skill Points – You can no longer deposit skill point books into your bank. I’m sure this is a feature a lot of people would miss but for me it is a mixed bag. Sure that would be convenient for alts, but, I think it would cause more problems than it fixes. By taking skill points out of the game you take away any reason for people to go back to those places. That makes the game less alive, less populated, harder for new people.

    Right Click – You can right click on items a lot. The only new thing about this appears to be depositing storage materials into storage. It’s very convenient seems to be the replacement for the skill point books. You can also mail, destroy, or sell things on the auction house directly from right clicking.

    Auction House – They seem to have combined the auction house, gem store, and gem/gold exchange into one menu. The menu icons finally make more sense. You have to physically go to a trading post NPC to pick up things you’ve bought or profits you’ve made from selling. This is made easier by various trading post NPCs scattered through most zones.

    The Mists – There is a tutorial or something for The Mists now. I just ran through it, so I can’t say much. Didn’t even look at the PvP browser much to be honest. Played through the Battle of Kyhlo once basically. Fun, but I’m not a PvP person. Though I was in WvW for a bit.

    Overflow Servers – Rumour has it due to all the negative feedback Arenanet has already stated that they’re working on making Overflow more workable for parties etc. I can’t find the source unfortunately so if someone wants to hook me up in the comments that would be great.

Okay I’m positive I’m forgetting some things but this seems to be the bulk of the new information.



  1. Can someone refresh my memory as to what transmutation stones are for again?

    • They’re an aesthetic item, you can retain the stats of the armour your wearing but change to armour that looks different and hopefully better. In my opinion it will be the most popular cash shop item.

      • ah, well I can live with that. Cosmetic items I’m okay with being cash only. I suppose that’s an individual taste thing — I don’t put a huge priority on appearance, so I won’t feel forced, by this item, to use the cash shop.

        Actually, I think I’d have more fun making uber gear look like a low level clown suit, but that’s just me.

        • That’s fine, and I somewhat agree, but I also think there will be a lot of people affected by this.

          • On the beta forums the devs said they are still tweaking how players will get Transmute Stones. So they may just be putting them in somewhere else in the future rather than karma vendors.

            • I definitely saw a karma merchant selling T-Stones, at least a lower end one. Might have been out by Beetletun. If that’s your biggest concern, then you are going to be a happy camper.

            • Well if Grey is right that is kind of a relief but I’m not holding out hope.

  2. The Skill Point books are a non-issue now, as Skill Points are mainly gained via leveling now.

    • There would have been some 30 or so free skill points in the bank for any level 2 alts. So it still seems like a noticeable change.

  3. I was pleased to see how much has been taken from GW1 and incorporated or reworked. Not an entirely different game with a bit of GW1 lore tacked on, as some forum comments were claiming after the press beta.
    The cash shop seemed okay if a bit pricey, so as long as we can convert gold to gems at some reasonable rate, I’m fine with that. Storage doesn’t seem to be an issue, although why none of the press beta videos I watched touched on it, I don’t know. WvW was a blast, really liked it more than I expected to.
    Otherwise only a few nitpicks here and there. Item designs in the crafting list not being in any logical or even alphabetical order, which makes it a bit hard to read and find the one you’re looking for. Finding a merchant selling certain items is hit or miss until you learn where they are. Karma items seemed very limited and scarce, only being really interesting at much higher levels.
    Very pleased with my purchase! Heck, I even liked playing as a charr!

    • The cash shop is a bit pricey but I also didn’t see much in there I actually wanted, so I was quite pleased.

      I noticed that about the crafting too, the number of items you can make grows really quickly. Hope that becomes more orderly at some point.

  4. I found the plant food didn’t work in the beta and reported it as a bug.

    There’s no auction house in GW2 – rather it’s a pretty full implementation of an online market and so much better than the restricted auction house implementations in previous MMOs where you have to sell stuff one batch at a time and wait ages for completion.

    Apparently they got the idea from Eve, but of course online markets (with bid/offer spreads) are something we’ve been doing in financial/commodity markets in RL since about the 1980s. So MMOs are playing catch up .

    • It may be different and act more like a commodity exchange, but it’s an MMO and it’s still an auction house. Will not budge on that point.

  5. One thing you seem to have missed:

    Dyes are not account-unlocks, but character unlocks.
    This is in contrast to what Kristen Perry decided was such an important point in her design that it got a sub-heading for itself:
    “Colors will be unlocked, not muled.

    Once you unlock the color, it will be available across your entire account, not just the individual character.”

    Yes, you can probably tell I am quite disappointed by this, and hope it will be changed before launch.

    • Ah yes I did forget about this. I’m not sure what to say about it. It’s definitely different from what they’ve said, I’m hoping for clarification coming soon.

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