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Figured I’d just give a live update of everything I’m experiencing. Nothing less complicated than a stream of thought.

– I’m in. The character customization is really quite extensive and blah blah blah I rushed through to nab the name Hunter.

– Initial tutorial is dead simple. Actually kind of wish it was more complicated. First task is simply to go somewhere. Hard I know.

– Tutorial is a great place to unlock skills, doesn’t take long. Particularly the human area where I started. Lots of centaurs come charging in, tag the lot and you have a lot of progress towards skills.

– First boss is suitably epic, but there is something up with being downed. I think they added in a forced downed state, just to show you it’s there and so you can learn how to use it. It was abrupt and surprising. Too abrupt?

– Most of the dialogue so far is a bit flat and unsurprising. Perhaps because I’ve seen it all before in videos.

– Protip, unclick the bags checkbox in the inventory window.

– The number of bandits here right now is insane. Scaling up.

– So many people.

– Auto-loot is awesome. I actually prefer this auto-loot to just about any other auto loot I’ve ever used. Including swtor and rift.

– There is no AoE looting, but not having to stop, kneel down, and then pick something up is awesome.

– Oh my god, it’s the broodmother! Take that broodmother! Oh don’t aggro me…. don’t aggro me… and 15 people just saved my butt from the broodmother.

– This game will be killer when guesting comes in. Killer.

– I’m jumping. A lot.

– I’ll be saying a lot of things I’ll have to expound upon later and this is one of them. Hearts are kind of enh, events are kind of awesome.

– And by that I mean that hearts are quests. Better quests, less monotonous quests with multiple options for finishing that quest and a generous selection of items for finishing that quest, but still a quest. Probably more fun than this paragraph makes them seem.

– And some stuff responds fantastically to scaling. Just had 20 or so people taking on a boss, it did not die instantly.

– Again hearts are not not fun, but events are just so much better. Then again I like the heart rewards, particularly the karma vendors.

– Just bought an earring off a karma vendor. Going to look for something to put in the upgrade slot.

– A lot of people not dodging, not rolling, warping out before I can revive them. Just not used to the systems yet I guess.

– Just realized I will be racist towards centaurs in Guild Wars 2. Damn ugly saddlebags.

– Playing this game as normal is probably going to be a lot different than this huge crush of people.

– Very few of my events are actually failing because of the crush. Not a bad thing or a good thing. Just can’t see what it’s like to fail.

– Scratch that. Just failed the poisoned water event, and something awesome happened. Poison is spilling out from the resevoir.

– Really liking pistols on engineer. Glue shot needs to be precise so I don’t use it often, but I like the other 4 skills. Blowtorch is a little short on range, but I love static shot.

– I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that this place is beautiful.

– Just jumped off something really high and died. Yay!

– Wait a second. Do I have material storage? Yes I do. And I can deposit it… from the middle of nowhere. Boom. Awesome.

– Right clicking items is awesome. I can mail stuff from right clicking, deposit crafting materials, sell stuff on the trading post, all from right clicking.

– You can see screenshots anywhere really, so you must know by now the place is effing beautiful.

– Skills inside cities, and free speed boosts. Divinity’s Reach is enormous and I haven’t even gone anywhere yet.

– Found the auction house. It is combined with the gemstore. Looks like you have to physically pick up stuff you buy and your profits. Interesting system, not quite like most AHs. Don’t see individual sellers. If stuff is selling at the same price it is lumped together.

– There is a singular giant bank storage tab for cooking. Just cooking. It’s the same size as the entire rest of material storage. Hilarious. 30 normal storage slots.

– /dance is not in yet.

– Cities feel more alive than SWTOR, that’s for sure.

– Speed boosts in cities do not last long enough.

– Going to start a bit of personal story now.

– Seem to have added a couple touches to the storyline. More camera control for the director. If I recall correctly from videos, Quinn is way less annoying.

– Five types of salvage kits. Masters only has an 80% chance of recovering upgrades.

– Conversations going just about everywhere in the city.

– Book carts everywhere. One bookcart says “One book stands out from all others: an illustrated children’s story entitled “Jujundu and Me.” This is a heartwarming tale of friendship and sacrifice between a Kournan girl and a giant wurm.”

– I will now eat for ten minutes.

– There is no canthatown. I am disappoint.

– I love unlocking waypoints.

– Local chat is too local. Get the feeling it isn’t zone wide and that is not good.

– I just love this looting system. I don’t have to stop during a fight, I just press a button and done.

– Gameplay is fluid. Don’t always have to keep moving but I do enough that it keeps it interesting. Dodging and rolling feels intuitive to me and more natural than other games that don’t have it.

– I like jumping.

– Skill points are no longer depositable in your bank.

– I’m acquiring storage bags pretty quickly.

– Apparently elixabeth has like a kabillion NPCs named after her.

– Don’t like the shield on engineer as much as pistols. Good crowd control/defense but I guess I just like blowtorch more. It has good damage.

– Can’t gather straight away. Not sure if this is new or not, but you need gathering tools. They cost a bit of gold from the merchants.

– Need to make fonts bigger, UI smaller, resizable, and remember where it was.

– There are a lot of one hit kill little critters around. Rats and the like. Hah, that last one just gave me karma towards this heart too. I wonder if they count towards these daily kill achievements.

– I seem to have moved into an area a few levels above me which is not the best place to start trying out the rifle.

– Hmmm some rifle skills are great, like jump shot. Not particularly in love with rifle though. Pistols seem so much more useful and dynamic and easy to run around with.

– Pro tip. Get two pets and switch them when one dies. Saves you from walking around constantly with a dead pet which is what all the rangers I’m seeing are doing.

– The lag is getting pretty intense. I heard “For the Tamini!” and died. Not arenanets fault of course, and I was expecting this, but slightly annoying none the less.

– Had to afk for a few minutes. Back now with amazing junk food. Come to me my fudgee-o’s.

– Found a heart that is pretty good. You don’t have to fight a thing, just train against instructors. Fun.

– Going to live blog this engineer another hour then get to trying other professions. I’m level 8 or so but its been slow since I’ve had to do some typing.

– Getting a bug trying to switch to Borlis Pass.

– Apparently I can be in someones party even if they’re on another server, which while sometimes confusing, is actually pretty decent.

– I just swore in local chat. Dup you guys! Dup off.

– Yeah, just to repeat myself, I really prefer pistols over the rifle for engineer. I picked up the rifle turret which is pretty clearly the first utility they want you to get, as it costs 1 skill point and you probably only have one when utility skills get unlocked. It’s pretty OP for a 1 skill point skill.

– Gathering is a fine source of XP. And getting daily achievements (which come with xp) is an excellent source of xp for people who can only play a short time.

– I can also mail stuff to people on other servers. Message people on the european servers, etc.

– When standing on a lopsided surface, my legs adjust to what I’m standing on.

– Got kicked and when I came back I was on borlis.

– Hooked up with a party. Everything is more fun with people.

– Did the orchard again. Scaled quite a bit. Too much maybe. The number of apples that needed to be handed in was crazy. Also, not quite enough spiders for everyone. But still good.

– Environments are so much more interesting than just about any other MMO I’ve played in years.

– Okay I’m going to quit live blogging and concentrate on other things and not typing. More posts to come I’m sure.

Later folks.



  1. roflmao … I love it, you crazy bastard!

    • Well, thanks. 🙂

  2. This is amazing.

    • I’m glad you think so.

  3. The brood mother caught me unawares but I somehow mostly solo’ed her and her hoard because I finally figured out I could cast and move and needed to keep moving. I know we were warned but some habits die hard (and some people just aren’t getting it, but hopefully they are the minority.)

    Having so much fun, only here because server’s down for maintenance. And I’ll admit it, I was a little teary eyed and shaky the first hour…not quite Kristen bell/sloth meltdown mode (I was, after all, only waiting 5 years, not my whole life for this moment) but it was pretty grand. Zelda grand, but a living breathing MMO to boot, and the most immersive I’ve ever had the pleasure of setting foot in. The tutorial may be a little too easy (apart from the surprise downed state) but it blows all other MMO’s starters out of the water (the only starting experience that remotely comes close was LoTR.) And Queensdale vs. Northshire? No contest.

    Love it, love it, love it.

    • Some people are so wrapped up in themselves they’ll never really ‘get’ anything. But Guild Wars 2 I get and I love it.

      • I just hope enough get it because this is a world I’m hoping to inhabit during my free time for a long while. Still loving it!

        • I really think the game is going to do fine, I haven’t gone into detail about how much I love it, but i do, and i’ll talk about that in the future.

  4. Aside from my laptop chugging along due to graphics, I’m having a great time! The Char Engi I rolled has been the surprise favorite. He has been a blast (pun totally intended). Only gripe I have is all the impatient folks complaining things are not perfect. What part of BETA do they not undersatnd!

    • Engineer is surprisingly complex and dynamic. I think at first it’s a little too straightforward compared to other professions, but once you start unlocking utility skills, it gets quite interesting.

  5. Yes, enjoyable night of play.

    Not sure what the stats on all the items really do for me yet. I pve’d till level 8 and got some nice variety in play. I admit I mostly travelled around looking for events. There’s one you have to stop some dudes from taking off with some tools, that was actually complex and fun. A lot up to that point was just killing a boss of some sort, don’t mind the escorts.

    Not sure the game really scales all that well yet. The mobs get bigger sure but they still all die to a couple of aoes (and they totally own anyone whos standing out front). I was also with a small group of players (4) and an event rolled into a boss fight with a spider, none of us could touch it.

    Got a bit of crafting in, the items I made where either useful or too high so I guess thats promising. The AH was very different to wows AH, and I liked it.

    The right click on inventory is certainly awesome, I was a little surprised by the generally skimpyness of the ellies outfits. I still enjoyed most of the stuff i picked up to wear, though I must say the face masks for the mes are horrible – totally – and i want the ability to hide them (which might be there but I didnt find) like wow allows for head gear. Really really puts me off.

    Love the vistas, I’d really like to be able to remove my character from the view though like gw. am i missing a key?

    Anyway, now I have to ask do I play the other betas? I am happy that ive bought the game, and I know ill happly play it for a fair amount of time.

    I well try out pvp tomorrow night though and some wvw. I admit to finding aiming, moving and casting very challanging unlike gw which was fairly easy even from day 1.

    • You can hide the head gear and shoulders, press H and right click the equipped item.

      • Thank you for that hint. The Mesmer masks are meh. I don’t want to see them.

        • Actually the starting I saw on the charr looked pretty cool, but the starting masks for human and norn do look pretty awful…but I’ve seen people in game with half masks that looked a lot better…so I haven’t given up hope on a decent mask.

    • I think the bosses scale well, nothing else does. But it depends on the timing. I was fighting the broodmother and it was not going down fast at all, then about 10 people rushed over and opened up on it all at once, and it went down pretty fast. Contrast that to the orchard spider boss and there was 10 or 15 people there from the beginning. It had tons of health and was more of a challenge.

  6. Live blogging eh? Dork.

    So jumping. I keep forgetting to use it. I think it’s going to take me awhile to connect that jumping is now okay in GW.

    Also, the environments are gorgeous, even the metal trap of the charr.

    • The first thing I did upon entering tyria was jump all the way through the tutorial.

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