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Arenanet just posted a few details about what servers will be available, how we can change servers, and their plans for the weekend.

Most of the servers are direct location references to the original Guild Wars. I’m guessing servers that aren’t connected outright are references to Guild Wars 2 locations. I and a few friends will be gathering together on the Borlis Pass server. Numerous Twitter types seem to be heading to the Sorrow’s Furnace server.

Unfortunately guesting isn’t available this weekend but its excellent that they’re working on making it happen. I can’t think of any other major MMO where you can take your main character and tool around in PvE with people from other servers. There are of course random LFG tools in WoW for instance that hook people up for dungeons, but this isn’t the same thing. It sounds like you’ll have free access to the entire game world, and that is a significant achievement for MMOs. Not news of course, it has been promised, but I’m glad they’re confirming that this feature will be coming in, if not this weekend.

Another major development is the announcement that permanent server transfers will cost 1800 gems. 1800 gems seems… extravagant. I realize they want people to stick to their servers, certainly it would have a bad effect on World Vs World activity if people just switch to winning servers at the drop of a hat, but it is a bit much. I guess this just emphasizes how much of a problem they think it will be.

But I’m glad visiting is free. I doubt I would ever switch servers just for WvW anyway although I’m sure many would. We can all picture whiney little kids tired of “losing” and ponying up leaving their home server unpopulated, at least in terms of WvW players.

One thing I’ve not confirmed is whether you’ll be able to guest, eventually anyway, on servers that are across the pond.

But yeah. Beta emails are going out in waves and if you’re really desperate and look around I’m sure you can find a download link. Forums will open up Friday and they look different (leaked screenshots) from the typical forums I’ve seen in other games.

And I’ll have a first impressions post up on Friday I hope.



  1. I think i’ll be in the see of sorrows but that can still change in this couple days.
    and if there’s not anything else i can spend the 2,000 gems on i’d spend it on transfering (why not, right?)

    • I’m hoping to test out a few things with those 2k gems myself.

  2. Should be interesting to see how ArenaNet handles this whole thing. On the plus side GW2 doesn’t have factions, going with home worlds instead. Having seen NCSoft (NCWest in particular) completely fail to handle sever faction balancing in Aion, I can only hope GW2’s take on world PvP is going to be a lot smarter. So far, I think it will be. Multiple home worlds versus a few factions is already a better idea, IMO.
    Aion was supposed to be 3 factions, 2 player controlled and another by the AI, but the AI never worked as promised and NCWest screwed up time and again on allowing transfers; finally almost a year after they promised them, far too late at that point. Even then they messed up every attempt, only making things worse.
    I’d rather GW2 went for a very long time limit rather than charging a large fee and only a 7 day wait for home world transfers. Something like two months, but that probably wouldn’t work out at all knowing what MMORPG players tend to be like. 🙂 I have no plans to ever change home worlds, assuming I’m with my GW1 friends from the start. I’m wondering if ArenaNet might be smart to allow one free transfer for each new account, just to avoid a lot of the problems most games have with friends getting on the same servers, but it really only affects WvW, so isn’t that big of deal, at least to me.

    • 7 days seems pretty reasonable and your point about MMO players rings true with me, they don’t have the patience to wait, whether its general attention span for the game or whiney entitlement.

  3. Is there a server location map? I’d like to pick one close to where I live so my ping is low :). I’m a PvP nut.

    • Just north america and europe. They’ve said no region specific or language specific servers aside from that so… yeah.

      • Ug. I was wondering if it was set up like WoW in a east, central and west configuration. On a different topic. I just pre-purchased the game and registered. Will an e-mail be sent explaining how to down load the game for beta participation?

        • I haven’t got my email yet but yes, that is what they say is going down.

        • Emails are being sent out in “waves” with links to download the client… anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that the waves were roughly spaced 2hrs apart from one another this evening… and they will be continuing in to tomorrow. I’m sure they will update us on how this is going.
          The client came in under 15g and can be “run” for patching prior to the BWE going live this coming Friday. They recommended running it once a day to keep that patching as current as possible prior to the beta’s launch.

          • I never actually got mine so I just logged into the forums which are linked in various places like reddit and started downloading the client.

            • Have you checked your spam folder? Seems odd that they would not have sent them by now, but then… perhaps there are quite a few of them… I haven’t seen any info on just how many pre-purchases have been made up to this point.

            • Mine didn’t show up until last night, supposedly we were fine as long as we could log into the client but it’s still nice having all my ducks in a row for greater piece of mind.

  4. Haha, us twitter types decided to go with Eternal Grove, because I guess Izari said she heard that Reddit was going to use SF as an overflow, so we changed it this morning.

    • Jeez, good thing i didn’t try to convince my guild to switch to sorrows.

      • Eesh, yeah. That server’s going to be freaking packed. That, Anvil Rock, Yak’s Bend, Darkhaven, and SF. I’m kinda glad we decided to change over to Eternal Grove, there doesn’t really seem to be many people organizing there.

  5. So are we allowed to know which one you’re going with hunter? I sort of assumed you’re a “twitter” type but thought I’d check. My guilds not made its mind up yet. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they reset it for release. One can imagine the flocks of people starting on the “good” beta servers. Man I am so excited. Just sat there on the log in screen listening to music.

  6. I wont be in the beta since I will be attending/organizing the release of a new MTG set this weekend, I hope Anet learns alot from this or that this helps them, I hope someone will give a good scan of the cash-shop and the market place, good luck guys!

    • Well that’s too bad but there will be more weekends. Think I might detail just about everything I see. Depends.

  7. My friend (hopefully to become plural if I can sell some other gamer buddies on the game) will be on Yak’s Bend with some other people, so that’s where I’ll begin, but it’s looking to be one of the more popular ones…still, that’s what overflow servers are for. Dunno what I’d use my gems for otherwise, not like I’ll need to transmute anything yet.

    • I’m quite glad they released the server names. Not every company releases those early.

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