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It’s hard to concentrate on anything but that long 188 thousand file download for the Guild Wars 2 beta client, but PCGamer just released a look at gameplay in the asura starting area. It generally looks pretty sweet.

I’m more excited to write about my own experiences in the coming weekend so analyzing the crap out of this isn’t really on my agenda, so I highly recommend just going over there and reading the article.

However, I do have a few comments.

The customization looks incredible. The difference between the two female profiles shown is vast and impressive. Check out the below image for the extensive choices in eye detail alone. I doubt every option will have as many features but just the face that in face details you get to select from eyes, nose, lips, chin, and ears is fantastic. This is a race that a few short years ago didn’t exist on any level and Arenanet has truly brought asura to life with this character creator.

Female character creation options.

There are a lot of visuals showcasing a sort of jungly aztec experience in the zone, with pyramids, stone structures, and lots of asura technology.

The rest of the article details some events and gameplay all of which seem as impressive as the other zones we’ve seen. It’s going to be a great place to start a character.



  1. The Asura sound like a blast, and the minigames are cute…guess I need to learn how to play chess. Hope they bring back polymock, but maybe the chess is in place of that. Still, they have so many nods to other games it would be a shame to see that one go.

    I do like how they incorporate things like this and the jumping puzzles in a way that fits the game. It’s not like, say, playing Gems in that other game while waiting for your bird to land (sad comment on the game when you continue playing Gems after you DO land.) Granted, that was an unofficial mod. Never did see how the plant vs zombies thing panned out.

    • I doubt i’d even stop to play chess my first time through, too much fighting to be done. The jumping puzzles are going to be awesome.

  2. Can I just say that the shear amount of “toon” customization is astounding. I thought the first Asura, the one you have posted was male…but it’s female! From that to uber, kawaii, puppy eyes lady: I will be shocked to see two characters that look alike. I’m very impressed with this ’cause it could have gone really wrong with the Asura.

  3. Anyone who RP as an asuran need to be able to use those…. complex words (see? obviously i can’t) but maybe i’ll role the oddly quiet asuran. lol

    • Only if you have other asurans in your group, otherwise you can make a crack about using small words to ensure their understanding and none will be the wiser.

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