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April 19, 2012 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 9 Comments
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I haven’t posted any art in a long time. Truthfully Arenanet is pretty good about dumping their art into the public square so new art has been few and far between.

Recently they added to facebook a very nice looking pice of Eir art. They’re trying to get to 500k likes and doing it with an amazing piece of art.

An underwater discovery by Eir.

I also picked up on hyojin ahn’s art gallery. They’ve posted a few images marked as Guild Wars 2 but I loved this one.

Destroyed City. By mother effing dragons!



  1. I looked at that several times before I realized that is an EYE that she is looking into and seeing her reflection in…
    Having a 70s “Jaws” moment here… Don’t go in the water!

    • Heh, same here. Seems as though she should look a little more concerned.

      • is it me or does she look younger there too?

        • it’s the water pressure effect. but that red head…. i.. can’t…. resist!

    • yeah it is a very well done image on a number of different levels, i really like it.

  2. That is absolutely amazing! love it!!!
    thanks for sharing, I would’ve missed these. big fan of Guild Wars concept art in general, too.

    • I try to post stuff they share on twitter and facebook in case people don’t use twitter or facebook.

      • I am one of those – so that’s greatly appreciated 🙂

      • TY!
        I use those but i still miss one of the picture. too many ppl spamming their life’s status and activities. xD

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