Putting The Pieces Together

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Everything is falling into place. I’ve been writing this blog since October 2009 and had no idea I’d have written hundreds of blog posts before the game was even released. I’ve blogged about other games in the meantime, RPGs, other MMOs, and I’m currently playing The Old Republic as I wait for Guild Wars 2.

But I purchased the game today. Pretty strange really. I won’t get to play Guild Wars 2 and blog about it for weeks, but I already own the game.

And there is very little we haven’t actually seen of the game. We know so much and have seen so many different aspects of it. PvP, WvW, PvE, it’s all in the videos and press releases.

It’s coalescing into a whole.

Today someone happened across some web interface URLs for the Auction House and Exchange. They weren’t in a presentable state but they were there. They’re working on them. I now have a beta forum name after registering my copy of the digital deluxe. The forum isn’t up yet but I have an account.

There are tools that allow me to build specs for my chosen class. I can pick out traits and weapons and skills. I’ve got races and professions picked out, hairstyles and eye colours.

I’ve been sold on this game since 2007. I’ve got 50 out 50 at the Hall of Monuments and the God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title that has been promised to transfer over.

I’ll probably be playing with [PIG] amongst other guilds. I’ll be getting back in touch with old Guild Wars friends and making new ones. Telling old stories while creating new ones. Hating some NPCs while adoring others.

And blogging about it. I can’t wait to blog about it. You don’t know how much I can’t wait to blog about it.

The pieces are coming together.



  1. /clap
    I know exactly how you feel man, and it feels good.

    • Tallyho good man,

  2. Indeed. It is finally real. The beginning is in sight.

    • The beginning. And a long journey ahead.

  3. So close.

    • Closer than ever before!

  4. It IS a great feeling, isn’t it? Felt the same way this morning.

    • Summed up in one word it’s a little like “Finally.”

  5. hear, hear! Been distracted by a massive influx of content and changes on my game of choice, or I’d probably wake up each day with the same thought as this blog.

    • Honestly if it weren’t for other games I’d go nuts.

  6. Joy for all.

    The EB email I got, that had my serial code on it for the collectors also claimed it would be out August btw. Nice guess I thinks but we’ll see.

    • Yeah I’m sure its a good guess but nothing to be counted on.

  7. Congrats on getting GWAMM!

    Am just about struggling to fill my own HOM, mainly owing to altaholistic (!?) duplication: GW1 isn’t particularly alt friendly WRT titles/rewards – really stuff like vanquishing/exploring would have been better as account wide tasks; you’d have to be pretty nuts to go for legendary vanquisher on multiple characters.
    I hear some noises from ANet that GW2 will mostly have achievements that are account wide, where that makes sense. That’s a major plus for me, among the other great stuff they are doing.

    ps: what attracted you to digital collectors edition, rather than the standard one? Can’t quite make up my mind, TBH. Not sure the elite will be that fun – sounds a bit Hounds of balthazar with one sort of hound…

    • Speaking of legendary vanquisher on multiple characters, there is a guy in [PIG] who has done just that. He’s working on getting 10 GWAMM titles. One for each of his characters. He’s nuts.

      The elite was pretty much what attracted me to the DD. I just can’t go another few years without the glowy hands equivalent. The fact that it is similar to HoB doesn’t really bother me.

  8. Guess I’ll be the downer in all these comments. 🙂 I don’t think it is anything to do with GW2 as such, just my generally being burned out on the MMORPG industry (???) and the way they tend to treat their cusomters. I went with the standard digital edition because ArenaNet couldn’t be bothered to put up a video actually showing the elite skill or the mini-pet. I mean, come on, $20 for an unseen skill and unseen mini-pet is a bit much!
    I also don’t like the fact they’ve started selling the game (sort of) before there is a release date or having an open beta (whcih I guess they won’t be having at all, beta is only for buyers?). It is trend I criticised SWTOR for doing and I guess I’m a bit of a hypocrite for going ahead and buying GW2 sight unseen, or at least unplayed. But I know from the various press and convention videos that I’m going to be fairly happy with most of GW2, especially the parts I’m most interested in.
    Still, the whole way they’ve handled this just turned me off a lot. Making a big deal about getting people to sign up for a closed beta that almost nobody was picked for, then turning around and selling beta access. Doesn’t help I’m having problems dealing with NCSoft over something, or that their cash shop in Aion makes some of the worst Chinese ones look good (major exaggeration on my part, but the prices are exorbitant), so I’m expecting the same in GW2’s, because the Aion people were saying the exact same stuff ArenaNet is about cash shops. Word for word. Expect the worse and maybe I’ll be surprised, but in the end NCSoft is still calling the shots on such things.
    Strangely enough, I’m having more fun playing GW1 recently than I have in a long time. Maybe because it reminds me of a time before the massive greed from these companies got so bad. There, very negative comment like I said above. 🙂 And this has nothing to do with my approaching birthday and feeling really old and cranky. O_O

    • Well you’re entitled to your opinion but I’m not a fan of paranoia about a game before it has come out yet. I hope you didn’t expect them to allow a million people into the beta, and as i pointed out on this blog the number of people in the beta was never going to be very large. And I don’t agree about any sort of massive greed as you say. Most of GW2 looks like you can play the entire game without ever really touching the cash shop.

      • Please don’t apply reason to my negative rant! 🙂

  9. Epic. I’m so excited, I’ve been waiting for this game since 2007 as well. I’d had it reserved since 2010 (because I was sure THAT was the year). I probably won’t know what to look forward to once it’s out. XD

    • I admit that I thought the game would come out in mid to late 2011 but I’ve never reserved a copy, I just didn’t see the point until I saw Arenanet releasing a date or more information.

      • Yeah, I’ll admit I jumped the gun. I wasn’t thinking really. I was used to console games and didn’t even think of downloading from Anet or buying directly from them.

  10. I am so excited that GW2 is getting so close to coming out. I have not filled my Hall of Monuments, because I am not a completionist. However, I played GW1 for over 3 years starting with the beta weekends. It was the first online game that I ever played. My wife and I got it because 99.9% of RPGs for consoles are single player. We wanted a game that could be played by both of us at the same time, yet I was not ready to pay a monthly fee to play a game.

    Our oldest son was born a few weeks after GW1 came out. We have a picture of my wife playing with him curled up sleeping on her stomach. Now we are buying a copy of GW2 for him to play too. I guess that is kind of a nice sentimental moment.

    • Ahh cool. Yeah its hard to find a game both parties are going to like so when you do find something you get attached to it.

  11. Kind of anti-climactic until the first beta weekend, or the forum is up and running…which ever comes first…but I’m also bummed for distantly related reasons so don’t let me be a buzz kill. I did have my last residual concern regarding the game and a particular armor resolved so I’m otherwise happy. Just bored…probably be worse every time a beta weekend comes to an end.

    • Hardly anti-climactic if you know in advance you won’t be playing the game until late april, like they’ve said.

      • Knowing in advance doesn’t make it any less anticlimactic. Either there’s a payoff or there’s not. No payoff yet, so…anticlimactic. Not a criticism, just a statement of fact. I was more excited when I saw the box because it was a new, surprising revelation, whereas this was expected.

        I guess the enormity hit me back then whereas others are only feeling it now with the pre-purchase. I already had the tinglies…now I’m just ‘eh.’

        The tinglies will likely be coming and going with each milestone…this one just didn’t register or make the game feel any more real for whatever reason.

  12. On a serious note, it is something that the game is finally nearing release after all this time. A MMORPG is a bit weird in a way, as the developement process is usually longer than a single player game, and often more public. There aren’t many single player games that take as long to make, or at least the players do not see as much of the process as a MMORPG, let alone something like GW2, which has a massive group of people working on it. I don’t think the average person realizes how much the folks making these games, MMO or single player, have invested emotionally in the process, at least for those that it isn’t just a job. Having been on several projects that never made it to release, I can tell you how heartbreaking and depressing it is to see all that time and effort go for nothing, so I’m sure everyone that has worked on GW2 must be thrilled to be nearing release. I just hope they all realize that most of the players appreciate all the work they’ve put into the project even though criticism often drowns out the praise for all the good things they’ve done. One of the first things I’ll be doing when I first step into the GW2 world will be sending a little mental thank you to everyone on the design team.

    • And also a thank you to Hunter and other bloggers that have put so much effort into sharing their thoughts on the game, collecting bits and pieces from various places to pass along, and generally made the wait a lot more interesting than it would have been otherwise. 🙂

    • Guild Wars 2 had the added difficulty of having to announce the game at the same moment they started working on it. Few other games I’ve ever heard of do that, with the exception of a lot of these new kickstarter funded games.

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  14. I note they haven’t given us any numbers on prepurchases, come on Anet.

  15. […] Hunter’s Insight: Putting the pieces together and Hard Target, where Hunter’s gives another good analysis on what ArenaNet shuold aim for with their cash shop. […]

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