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I can’t say I’m surprised.

Long ago it was mentioned that Guild Wars 2 would have functionality that allowed players to scale up so that they could play with their high level friends.

They literally have said bupkiss about it until the EU fanday that took place recently. Thanks to Tasha for the transcript.

One thing to note is that, earlier we talked about how we were going allow players to sidekick up in level we actually don’t have that functionality in the game and the reason we don’t have it is because when we were going through the game we thought one of the really important moments in the game was kind of that moment where you ran into something and you weren’t quite powerful enough to overcome it, or skilled enough to overcome it, and we wanted to give people the ability to kind of be able to build their character in such a way that you could by those moments instead of just bypassing them by getting artificially side kicked up a level. And so we don’t have side kicking up anymore in the game anymore except for in WvW.

You could probably skip most of the game if they had allowed this functionality to happen, so I definitely don’t blame them. It seems like they thought about it a lot.

I still think the game is moving in the right direction and will some day inspire that one game where all the content is appropriate to your level but as of right now this makes sense for the game.



  1. This makes much more sense in general as well. You are playing a hero in state of nascency. You are not starting as battle-hardened veteran of countless battles. So visiting the “nicer” areas and passing all the trials and getting all neccesary experince is vital to become a hero who will one day be able to deal with those scary dragons. It helps the pacing of the game as much as it helps the player to really immerse in the story if they so desire.

    • I admit there is a passing relevancy to not being able to play the more challenging content with a younger character, but I’m more in favour of letting people play together where they want. Personally I would have that aspect trump everything else but its not my game, I’m not a designer and don’t claim to be.

  2. Whoa… that IS news…
    Well, I will still be able to play with friends who aren’t able to devote as much time to the game as I am, by going back to areas they’re in and being scaled down to roughly their level… and because of the nature of the DEs I may even see content back there that I “missed” on my way through those areas, while I’m playing with them.
    At least I won’t have to do the whole “dedicated” characters thing where I can’t play whichever character when friends aren’t online so that I don’t out-level them.

    • I can’t say how many times I’ve played an MMO and gone back to help someone and just helped them steamroll everything because I was too high a level. down-scaling is definitely an improvement.

  3. I think kicking up could have negative social consequences. I think a new player with experienced friends would be like to be pushed towards kicking up and joining them, skipping the introductory content entirely and probably getting a rather confused impression of the game.

    • Yeah there are plenty of reasons to support not doing it. Ensuring people learn to play the game properly, story, increasing difficulty, still it was a nice feature I wish they didn’t have to cut.

  4. I’m a little sad but its still in WvW which I feel is where its most important.

    • True, and we can still get kicked down which is also very useful.

  5. Hehe imagine a game where most of the content was for max level; this sort of problem wouldn’t happen… Had to be said.
    I’ll still have characters that are for only playing with particular people. I don’t mind this, it’s the best way to play together; it’s just not really mmo it’s more LAN play.

    • most of the content in gw2 is for max level depending on how you look at it.

      • I know I am looking into the future a little too much; but god I hope they don’t make me restart in the expansions. It’s one of the worst things in the original GW that annoyed me. Hopefully the expansion can be all at the max level – can we get past the equation “content = max level”? No grind remember anet? I dont mind at the start, just to trick the wow players into the game, but after we have converted them can we drop it all together?

        • I imagine new professions or races would start from level 1, and it wouldn’t be starting over since you’d be experiencing/learning them for the first time. It’s one thing in a game like WoW where you may get a new starting zone but eventually still repeat most if not all of the same things you had to the first time around, and another in GW2 where they’ve really diversified the zones and made them all unique and interesting.

          For existing characters, I’d like to be able to grow beyond my current level and experience new challenges. And down scaling would enable us to experience the new lower level content on our existing characters and still gain something from it if we didn’t want to start a new character.

          Leveling doesn’t equal grind to me, boring repetitious game play does.

        • Well I’ll remind you that you didn’t have to restart in GWs expansions, you could always bring your older characters over, and that the only point to starting a new character was to see the beginner content, or try the new professions.

          So yeah, if you want to see whatever new content gw2 has to offer with a new race or profession depending on what they decide on, you’ll have to. Otherwise you can just get scaled down and go see a beginner zone.

  6. As long as they keep the side kicking down so lower zones still have value to upper levels. I think that’s much more important. I think side kicking up was at odds with side kicking down in terms of keeping lower zones from becoming obsolete. Plus you weren’t going to have things like traits or extra skills unlocked when you were side kicked up. It seemed very awkward and redundant if the concern is allowing players of different levels to play together. One way or the other, and this is the better way for all the aforementioned reasons by other posters.

    • I agree, it is much more important, but being able to play any content at any time is still a goal I’d like to see a studio take on at some point.

      • Multiplayer or not, it’s still an RPG though. It would be like Link going straight to Gannon or Gandorf in a single player game. Apart from the obvious damage to storytelling, that would also be pretty overwhelming for a beginner. I’m not sure how they could make all content accessible to all players without undermining the challenge. Plus you’d just get bored sooner if it was all linear and same-y. It’s not enough for a game to build out, it has to build up…an MMORPG, anyway. I’m sure I’ll still have plenty of fun once I reach 80, but there’s something to be said for the thrill of the journey.

        That first boss in A Link to the Past is still visually striking and has an epic feel, but it’s not comparable to later encounters, which get even grander and more epic. I’m glad ANet is taking a similar approach but in giving us thrilling content early on but still allowing us to grow and work our way up to more intense challenges.

        • Well you would still have to get to gannon so you’d have to go through plenty of things to get there. Not to metnion MMOs typically have more than one gannon. So you’d just have to make sure its a challenge to get to the big bads and then make more than one.

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  8. I kind of feel bad. I’m one of the people always left behind in leveling due to work, while my friends race ahead of me. I was so excited about kicking up, and now they took it away. It’s a nice idea that people can kick down to your level, but honestly, my friends would get bored kicking down all the time to go over content with me that they already went through before, when they could be advancing to new stuff they haven’t done yet, and I’d feel awkward knowing they’re not really enjoying themselves as much as they could be.

    This reversal of decisions on kicking up makes me quite unhappy. Back to the days of always leveling alone.

    • It’s a possibility that they might get bored kicking down, but with a different zone for each race, and different events hopefully going off, it might make it more worthwhile for them than in most games.

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