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One thing that seems to have changed since the last beta is that we now have a choice in eye colour. It was something a lot of people had claimed they wanted and right away Arenanet seems to have jumped on it.

The eye colours are reasonable and what you might expect from human or cat eyes, though I haven’t seen any norn examples yet.

Guild Wars 2 character creation is really turning into a crowd pleaser at this point with not a whole lot of criticisms surrounding it, or none I agree with anyway.

Me, I’m not sure I care all that much about eye colour in character creation. I don’t spend a lot of time getting that up close and staring into the eyes of a pixelated sprite. Still, pretty good I guess.



  1. I’m thrilled. They went all out considering they probably could have gotten away with just the basics instead of including such a wide array of shades. Almost tempted me from my usual approach of making my main as similar to me as possible.

    • any other game and you’ll get a half dozen shades, it’s so surprising how many colours they let us have, not just with eyes.

  2. I often wonder what the point is of such extensive facial customization in an MMORPG, since in most games you never actually see your character’s face! You’re exclusively staring at the back of their head (or their ass, if you’re one of the “I play female characters because I don’t want to stare at a guy’s ass all day” demographic).

    At least GW & GW2 stick your character in cut-scenes, though, to give you a chance to see what they look like when they’re facing you.

    • I suppose we will definitely be seeing more of the face of our characters in this game not just because of cut scenes as you point out, but also because guild wars 2 just makes better looking characters/armour than most games. Swtor makes you look at your characters face constantly too, but the armour doesn’t appeal to me.

    • Good point on the cut scenes showing more of your characters face. Besides, more options in designing your characters means a closer attachment for many players, which I think is fine. And while I got used to GW1’s ‘clones everywhere’ feel, allowing a wide range of design choices (without going too far like Aion, or some of the creepy/ugly eye choices in TERA) is a major plus; and pretty much expected these days.

      • The five races alone should mean we don’t see copies everywhere.

  3. Not sure but I think this and walking had ANet saying “It might not be possible” at first and now look where we are, I’m happy since but I wonder whats next?(Is there anything you can think of)

    • I’m sure they might add things not expected before, but they have to be moving into content creation, polish, and optimization mode if they are announcing pre-purchase and beta events.

      • This is the bit that gets me. We’re how far from release and we are still missing 2 races, and the content that they are demoing (only to lvl30!) still has massive issues with scaling, text is wrong and things don’t quite always work. It’s looking totally awesome but it’s definitely beta stuff. Yet it still seems like its at least another 6-12 months off. Maybe Anet has awesome systems that make it easy pesy, let’s hope so. I’ve also read a bit about how gw2 updates work, I was really happy to see it works the same as GW! In the scheme of things I know it’s minor but it’s so much better than wows pathetic updates it makes me cry with joy.

        • Well they said 2012 and I can’t imagine them holding the date so close to their chest all this time before even telling us that much only to have the game delayed until 2013. I don’t think the release date is a moving target for them anymore. I think the hardest part is getting the combat and professions ironed out, and after that it’s just a matter of filling in the content blanks, fixing bugs and polishing things up. I certainly haven’t seen much of the dreaded “I” word popping up anymore.

          I also strongly suspect the asura and sylvari will be accessible for next month’s events. It may be about strategy as much as readiness. Like they wanted to stick with the first three when they first started opening up beta to keep things from being too overwhelming, and also to keep populations fairly together while the population is still small. The larger the group of participants, the more content they will make available.

        • It’s no use speculating on what they’ve got done and what they don’t. They’re certainly working on those two races, just because they’re not showing them doesn’t mean a whole lot. Maybe they’re holding them back for marketing reasons, maybe changing the beta client is too much work while they’re trying to finish the game. who knows.

          • Just stumbled on this quote and remembered this convo here

            “Q: sylvari/asura playable in future beta events? Eric: we want to expand content in future, but also want to avoid spoilers. #EUFanDay ^RB”

            Take it for what it’s worth, as it’s pretty vague, but I find it comforting since it suggests that a lot of what has been unseen isn’t necessarily unfinished but rather, spoiler-y.

            • Yeah I saw that too, wait and see I guess.

            • I think it’s good that they are keeping some things under wraps. I can’t even count the amount of games I have ruined by looking at previews and gameplay videos from press events.

              Its good for the company too. It builds more hype and it allows the creators to polish without much public pressure.

  4. I know why…it’s all about the screencaps. You know there’s that screencap fanatic out there who has a million close-ups of their avatar standing in front of an epic waterfall or something. I’ll admit it…I’m sometimes guilty. 😀 Seriously though, I like that kind of detail and appreciate that they put it in after listening to the feedback. I’m sure it took an amount of effort and it’s good to know that they’re willing to work with what players want. Even if it’s small.

    • My instincts tell me that eye colour was probably on their radar to begin with, but i suspect the last beta just sped up the process since the public has everything under close scrutiny. But they do listen and yeah, we do appreciate it.

  5. I think the take home point is this: fans talk about what they want and ANet listens. Characters that can walk, eye color, town clothes, no-more-magic-potions. ANet can’t possibly meet all our demands, but at least they don’t fall on deaf ears. That’s a company attitude I can respect.

    • They do listen quite a bit maybe too much sometimes. The walking thing? The crying about potions? enh.

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  7. The more I can make my character custom and to my liking, the happier I am in general.

    And another thing to add that may be just me and possibly make me sound like a complete nutcase. I played WoW with my friend I couldn’t see anymore because she moved away. Really FAR away too, so it wasn’t a matter of driving down the street or even a few hours to the next town. Neither of us had webcams, so the only part of my friend I was able to see for the better part of 4 or 5 years was her WoW avatar.

    Of course, like most in game characters, hers looked nothing like her, nor would either of us EVER make characters that resembled ourselves because we both preferred the non-human races. However, in a very strange way, that character became part of her for me, just as mine did for her. Seeing her in game was the same relief as seeing her in real life after a while, probably because I KNEW it was her jumping up and down and moving from side to side on the other side of the screen. Her character expressed her style and preferences, and the fact that there were so FEW choices in WoW was always a letdown simply because you would see the same, or very similar, styles all the time.

    “Her” character from WoW will always be part of her, but I REALLY look forward to what she will choose in GW2, just as she looks forward to what I will pick. I guess its like having a friend who can magically shapeshift or something. If your friend could shapeshift, they most likely wouldn’t be that limited in choices. . . creating a character for us is just kind of like that. A new face to be seen as by each other to replace the real world face for a while until we can meet up again in real life. So really, the more choices and the more detail, the better.

    • Character customization is important, but personally I don’t even notice tiny details like eye colour. I’m never zoomed in far enough to take note of something that small.

      • We would screenshot a LOT. Sometimes it would be up close and other times it wouldn’t. I doubt the eye color will show up in most of the pictures, but its just one more detail that sets you apart.

        My friend and I actually picked some of the WoW faces over others just because of eye color being at odds with the overall look we were going for. Now that doesn’t have to be a limitation.

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