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Concept Art

Total Biscuit has a short but fun video of one of the charr elite skills. The original concept art of a charrzooka has been floating around for years, to finally see it game is incredible. This is one of those things some artist whipped up and a game dev realized they had to make it happen.

TB notes that it isn’t very good for close range combat, but I also note that the skelk seems to be a type of monster this elite wouldn’t be very good against as well, stealthing and not presenting a target. However it works like gangbusters on the ghosts, taking out the ascalonian captain with one shot. Big skelk too.

There was also some form of achievement for doing damage that came up on the right of the video. Ranged Master and Magic Master. Wasn’t aware that sort of achievement was in the game, but I’m sure there is something on the wiki.

I love the visuals of just about every skill I see in this game, and while some people seem to complain about the skill effects going off all at once, on your own you have to admit that skill effects are generally spectacular.

One final note, charrzooka appears to be from what TB says a racial elite skill. If you want to check this thing out, roll a charr.



  1. The racial elite skills are just incredible! The Yogscast (BlueXephos) has a video up showing human, norn, and charr elites – fun stuff! I will now definitely be playing a norn guardian at some point. Big hammer to send stuff flying and then either bear or snow leopard elite skill. I wonder if those elites are tied to what you choose at the start, which would make sense.
    ArenaNet is hitting all the right marks as far as animations, interface, crafting, etc. I was hoping there might be something more on the auction house.. errr… I mean Trading Post (or whatever), but I guess that is still NDA, needing more work before revealing. Looks like they are continuing to tweak skills, which is both expected and good to see. On the down side, it seems the game wasn’t as far along as I had earlier assumed, so I’m not expecting anything before Fall at this point. 😦
    More great armor sets and town clothes from some vids too. Can’t wait to get a human to level 30 for the elite Hounds of Balthazar! πŸ™‚

    • Good questions about whether skills are related to early choices, but I’m going to speculate that skills are open to everyone, they probably don’t want to penalize someone for choices they made before ever playing 3 seconds of gameplay.

      A lot of people are speculating that they’re still in the throes of development which sucks but is realistic.

      • They said awhile back that things like choosing a certain totem wouldn’t prevent you from choosing any elite form, for example, because they don’t want players to be punished for their personal preferences. It only effects your personal story, and, to a slight degree, your appearance.

        • Cool, that means a norn should have access to any of their 4 racial elites! Nice!

    • Really wish for more clarification on town clothes. Like, that one mesmery armor we were always told was town clothes is being worn by a mesmer in one of the skill videos. I’m hoping that means the dress the mesmer wears in the profession desktop background is also actual armor as well and not restricted to town. Be kind of lame if you couldn’t actually fight in such an iconic dress.

      I mean, why put them in something that anyone can wear, and only in town, when all other professions sport armor in their concept art?

      Nit picky I know, but they said we could look how we want, and that’s what I want. /end brat rant

      • From what I know, skills are disabled while wearing town clothes.

        • Yeah, wouldn’t worry otherwise.

          Also, gotta say it’s really rough playing other MMOs after watching Total play through the charr starting zone in the other video. Not having to manage quests, NPCs going to him for help, etc. Trying a newly free game out of boredom, and I’m so sick of clicking on NPCs. Looking forward to less of that and more actual playing.

  2. Kind of ridiculous…love it. πŸ˜€

    • Hah, yeah it is over the top but hey, why not right? You only live once.

      • Damn skippy! πŸ˜€

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