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You know I didn’t actually buy any of the collector’s editions for Guild Wars. I didn’t think the custom emotes, the art book or the music was really worth it. Just not things I would enjoy over a long period of time.

That said I was very open to buying the Guild Wars 2 collector’s edition until today.

Pre orders start April 10th.

All pre-orders

Beta access
3 day head start
Hero’s band

Digital Deluxe $80

Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill
Rytlock Miniature
Golem Banker
Chalice of Glory
Tome of Influence

Collector’s Edition $150

10-inch figurine of Rytlock
112 page Making of Guild Wars 2 book
Custom Art Frame
Art Portfolio and Five Art Prints
Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD

I was really hoping for some character slots, or bank slots, or something that was useful over the long term. Books and art and one time use consumables don’t interest me at all. And maybe I still would have gotten it, if it wasn’t $150.

As with SWTOR it’s fine if you like the stuff they’re throwing in, but I’m not interested.

The digital deluxe version is slightly more intriguing but I’m still thinking it over. I didn’t end up getting the DD for SWTOR but I’ve been enjoying the game and haven’t regretted it at all. If that is anything to go by then maybe I shouldn’t get the DD.

But I’ll go ahead and explain why I’m personally (seriously, my own personal reasons) not impressed.

The soundtrack. Considering I’ll be listening to the in game music enough that I’m already sick of it, having a copy on hand doesn’t seem worth it. I’m sure many will never get sick of the music but I will.

Art prints and frame. I am a big fan of the art, every time I change my desktop or need an image for a blog post I go straight to Guild Wars 2 art. I’m over familiar with it and don’t particularly need it on my walls cluttering up my spiderman poster space.

Making of Guild Wars 2 book. I’ve been keeping track, thanks.

10-inch Rytlock. I’m just getting way too old for that sort of thing. I’m sure it looks fantastic and a lot of people would love it.

Tome of Influence. I have to wonder how much influence this grants and how useful it is. A one time use is a definite mark against it. If it’s a low amount of influence I’m sure it will help guilds when groups of people use it, but it’s nothing a few days of regular play in other guilds wouldn’t fix.

Chalice of Glory. Again, a one time use consumable to increase PvP glory only gives you a small headstart. I suppose it depends on how long it lasts and how much of an increase. Practically meaningless if you don’t PvP much.

Golem Banker. This would be fantastic if it wasn’t a one time use. 5 days? Really?

Rytlock miniature. Some people squee over miniatures, I mildly grin and move along. Making a choice to spend an extra 90 bucks or even 20 for the digital deluxe shouldn’t hinge on a single miniature.

Mistfire Wolf Elite skill. This to me is one of the few things I’m interested in. I really want it.

Hero’s band. At first this sounds great, and then you look at the stats. This is a very low level item that most characters would outgrow quickly. I can’t say by what level but I suppose you could trade around to all your low levels. Or I would hope so. Thankfully this is for anyone who preorders.

Beta Access. Again this is for anyone who pre-orders. Which means there are going to be craploads of people in beta events post April 10th.

3 day headstart. Yeah I guess I’d want in on this.

And that is my assessment of the collector’s edition items. I hated the SWTOR CE so this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. It’s just not worth it to me personally. Even buying the digital deluxe is questionable at this point, however I think I’m probably going to end up with it.



  1. See, things like artbooks, making of books, and soundtracks will get me to go for a CE nearly every time. I love that stuff. I have the soundtracks for all sorts of games that I’ve played the hell out of and still listen to them a ton. I’ve got all sorts of artbooks and making of books and stuff like that for various games/movies/etc. that I like.

    As far as the statue goes…I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow that sort of thing. I love stuff like that.

    I don’t even care about the digital stuff (other than the minipet). The physical stuff I really like and think is well worth it, though. For me, anyway. I can see your points, though.

    • Yeah i mean, if you like that stuff great. You’ll get value out of it. But I was looking forward to more useful in game stuff, and theres only one thing I really like and a few things I sorta like in the DD pack.

      • I am actual happy that they didn’t put in something really usefull ingame , because that would have making it harder tp pass on CE. But i am puzzled that i doesn’t come with a big poster MAP and somekind of small boardgame or cardgame. Something that you actual could involve friends in. Thats kind of a missed opportunity i think.

        Deluxe is what i thought i would want, but it’s really looks underwhealming.

        • I wanted to be tempted to buy the CE, but there is very little there for me. The statue would be cool on some level though I do feel like i’m too old for it.

      • The useful in game stuff will be available in the shop anyway, and for a lot less. I can see people who want the collectables AND character and bank slots being disappointed, but I can’t imagine a CE being worth it for just the in game stuff.

        I dunno, it’s pretty much what I expected it to be and I’m relieved it doesn’t come with things like armor or dances that make me feel like I’m missing out in game.

        • That is a good point, one that takes the edge off the price of the dd and ce. I’ll definitely be buying those things, but again i did want to be tempted by the dd and ce but without better options it wasn’t.

  2. There are a couple of items in the CE that I’m looking forward to… are they worth $150? probably not by most standards… will I buy them anyway simply because I have an overwhelming desire to throw money at a company that is finally making design decisions in a direction I approve of and would like to support… hell yes!
    (not just yes… hell yes!)
    Look, I admit I’ve got my nose a bit out of joint about all the game developers that have seen fit to re-skin what is essentially the same freakin systems and mechanics and then charge me a monthly fee for the privilege of struggling with all of the flaws and poor design choices yet again.
    Now, I’ve finally got one… just one… that is making some really smart design choices, and at least attempting to take things in a new direction. Whether they succeed, or fail, in this ambitious undertaking, I want to support that type of thinking in the hopes that it will spur a much needed evolution within the industry.
    The fact that they are giving me this and NOT charging a sub fee also… that just makes me even happier to throw my cash at them.
    If a game normally costs something in the $60 range and charges a $10/mo sub then you would have to play GW2 for 9 months to equal the cost of the CE at $150 with no sub. This is just for me personally, but A: I know for a fact that I will still be playing after 9 months, and B: I will probably be looking for more cosmetic crap in their cash shop so I can throw even more money at them just on the general principle of the thing. I will probably be that hysterically happy with the game.
    Bottom line; everyone should only purchase what feels comfortable for them. Each person has different financial situations and responsibilities. For me, the vast majority of my discretionary funds go towards my computers and video games becuase that’s the form of entertainment I enjoy the most, and spend the most time with.
    I’m so happy with the game that ArenaNet has produced that I will joyfully spend my cash with them and consider it money well spent indeed.
    Having said that, I have to also confess that I would have very much liked to see extra character slots, or inventory space come with the CE… perhaps that is what I will use as an excuse to give them some more money after the game is launched.
    For right now though, I’m planning on 1x CE and 1 or 2 Digi Deluxe copies to start with as pre-orders.

    • Oh I’ll throw money at arenanet certainly, character slots and bank tabs, but I don’t feel like the CE is worth it. I’m sure there will be plenty of other things in the cash shop we haven’t even seen yet, though i suspect some things are hinted at with the dd edition.

      • Hmmm…. A Digital Deluxe version and then add $70 worth of character slots and inventory space (which is what I would have preferred in the CE anyway) …. that idea has a lot of merit.
        After giving it some further consideration, it’s now very likely that I will simply go with 3 copies of the DD and then add on some extras from the cash shop… that way I still feel like I’m sending the type of support ArenaNet’s way that I would like to, but I’m getting some stuff in return that I value a bit more…
        (I’m sure I will be able to purchase the game sound track seperately – which is the main thing from the CE I really wanted.)

        • The cash shop is definitely going to be the way to support anet, so I’ll probably get the dd even though it isn’t all that appealing and then spend money in the cash shop over time.
          One thing i noticed is that the soundtrack is a “best of”. Not sure what that is about.

    • I’m in line for the DD. I had planned on preordering anyway, so the only benefit of the DD for me is the Elite. Minis are meh to me as well, unless they start drawing aggro 🙂

      The consumables are a bust and fall under the umbrella of using $$ to buy advantage over other players, which I oppose. Still, I’m sure they’re not that powerful, so it’s moot.

      What I really like is the Golem Banker. I don’t like that it is only a 5 day thing. Perhaps it is a way for them to put feelers out for a store purchase. I would definitely purchase an unlimited use Golem Banker.

      Finally, I agree with you 100% Hunter: I would much prefer an extra character slot or storage as part of my deluxe edition upgrade. That would be worth the extra $20.

      As for the Collector’s Edition, I don’t think I’m going to get that this time around. I have no use for a 10″ Rytlock and while the artwork and music are quite nice, I haven’t cracked the last artbook since the initial purchase and I’ve already grown tired of the (awesome) music after hundreds of hours listening to it in game. I don’t need the CD.

      So yeah, definitely gonna prepurchase. 95% certain I’ll get the Digital Deluxe. That’s where I stand.

      • Personally I don’t view those types of items as buying advantages over others, though I see why some people see it that way. To me guild influence or honor can easily be made up by a little extra work on the part of the average player.

  3. As I said over on Kill Ten Rats, I’m totally unimpressed with the DD and CE editions. I just wrote a huge reply but decided to delete it and just leave it at this: Less money for ArenaNet means more money for other games. Their loss.

    • I think in the end people like you and me are better served by buying the regular edition and then spending what we might have spent on ce or dd in the cash shop. No real difference in the end and we’ll probably be a lot happier.

  4. I just dont like the 10-inch Rytlock, for me its asking for trouble.(Precarious room setup says something is going to fall one day.)

    • A lot of rytlock love in those editions. The statue does look pretty good, but I can’t justify $150 for it.

  5. But…but…but…there’s a box. An actual box. It exists. And in less than a month we can pre-order the game with guaranteed beta access. Mind = blown.

    I know it was inevitable but also knowing that in about a month or so, I’ll be playing the actual game albeit sporadically when beta events arise really takes the edge off, apart from agonizing over not being able to save any single names to my GW account in the meantime. As soon as the head start rolls around, I’ll be churning out my characters in hopes of nabbing the names I want. Game, names, play…that’s all I care about.

    • yeah nabbing the names we want. Not sure if beta will allow that, i’m willing to bet that there would be a wipe between the last beta and the headstart. at which point nabbing names from a million people might be difficult.

  6. I am disappointed to see nothing from GW collectors getting in here. Where’s the dance emote or the god glo? I really wanted that and it’s THE item from the original GW edition. That said I am glad to see beta access for all coming up. Sure we don’t know when but they have said it short so it looks like only small things from here on; maybe some network coding? I am with Aly, game time – at last. I don’t have to play the gamescom2011 footage with me pretending to press the keys many more; joy. I am thinking two collectors editions and maybe 3 dd for my friends to play on when they come over… I note there’s a map on the cc box; first useful box for a game ever?

    • I’m not disappointed that the gw type ce stuff isn’t in the gw2 ce but I would have liked to see things that were just as good, and there doesn’t seem to be much of anything that will appeal to people like those damn glowing hands or dances.

  7. Well, it seems like the overall opinion is more or less my own: Nothing that really excites me. I’m looking forward to the betas and the 3 day headstart, but like you already said: This will also be available with the standard edition.
    I was expecting something like in gw1 with the dance emote or the kuunavang miniature. And I will certainly not go for the CE, since I have no need for other dust traps. Like others I would like the golem banker, but not if it lasts only for 5 days.
    One other thing that makes me angry is that they track your location for the selling page. I’m from Switzerland and I would prefer to purchase in USD, cause we’re holding the Euro synthetically high and thereby I have to pay so much more in Euro. Not to mention that the CE is more expensive in Euro anyway. I hope for them that they don’t make the pricing through the Euro for non-euro-countrys. Don’t wanna bother you with stuff you’re not interested in, but certainly we are not the only country who doesn’t really profit from only selling ind USD, Euro and £.

    Else I have to say the hole thing seems fishy to me. Thinking about the NC conference call, where they mentioned to eventually delay the release till winter, and the statement, that there will be betas on a monthly base, this smells like tranquilize the community about a late release date. But that’s just my female intuition.

    But one positive thing in the end: I can test all the profession and stuff I want to in the betas, and by release, I will know which profession fits my play style the most, and I can start instantly with pro pvp XD

    • Oh dear… I truly hope you’re wrong about any possible delays as lengthy as you suggest (not coming out till winter.) Playing in beta tests is great and all, but it’s nothing like playing a fully released game with characters that are not going to be wiped after each weekend.
      Perhaps it’s unrealistic, but I’m still very much hoping for a launch sometime between May and July or August. (really guessing it will be in June.)

      • Well they’re definitely implying multiple beta weekends for pre purchasers after april, and they don’t even seem to know how many so i wouldn’t count on may or perhaps even june.

    • I don’t know why corporations think they can get away with pricing things differently in different countries. In Canada it is books. We pay 2 dollars more for just about every book, even though the canadian dollar is worth 99 cents. It’s a ridiculous cash grab that i see often translates to europeans with video games.

      Pre purchasing the standard game is well worth it, the DD less so, and the CE not even close for me.

  8. The artbook is the only thing in the CE that really appeals to me. Other than that I’m not seeing much of a reason not to go with the DD and spend the remainder on character slots etc.

    Now…give us a Charr Plushy instead and I’m all over it.

    • I made the same comment about the Charr Plushie to my wife just yesterday 🙂

      • Why not a zojja though?

    • You know, the plushy might have made it worth it for me, even though I keep saying i’m too old for the statue.

      • Well yeah, you can hug a plushie. Throw it in times of duress, Cry on it in frustration during gameplay. A statue just sits there…and mocks you!

        • And looks cool! Until your girlfriend sees it.

          • Well, that’s true. But I’m a woman. So…yeah. I would definitely appreciate if a guy had awesome decked out GW2 stuff. But I also play D&D and read Dragonlance. Go figure. 😛 If you pay the $150 for SE, might as well display that epicness on your coffee table. 😀

            • Finding a woman who digs this stuff would be great, but I’m not optimistic.

  9. SE for me. Since i just spent a lot on my new Desktop PC.

    hmm.. even if i havn’t spent on anything i’d still go for SE. yeah.

    Too bad there isn’t any info about the in-game store yet. it might raise a chance of me getting DDE a little.

    • I’m not a big fans of Charr. i cannot understand why Rytlock is so poppular. I’d love a Snaff and Zojja (or the Bigs) Bobblehead. If they are in CE I’d go for CE just for them!

      • or maybe it’ll just cheaper to make them myself… lol

        • SE is a pretty understandable choice, I can’t blame you. As for rytlock, I was hoping for zojja myself, or even caithe, but i suppose rytlock has his good qualities.

          • after seeing the rytlock figure , atleast it is a beast of figure.

            • it is quite impressive.

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  11. You will have to “Pre purchase” to get the three day head start and guaranteed access to the beta weekend events “Pre order” gets you a 1 day head start and no guarantee to the beta events.
    I am in agreement with you on all other points. I agree they should give you a permanent “Golem Banker” for the extra $$
    I also would like to know if the Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill will be a permanent skill or if it becomes unavailable at a certain level or ???
    I am considering the DD copy as well just was hoping for a bit more bang for the $$

    • Pre purchase or pre order are both synonymous in my head, i’m sure people understood. I’m sure the skill is permanent, they specified when everything else wasn’t, and I don’t know if the bank golem needs to be permanent but 5 days is pretty short term.

      • yea i wonder if the bank golem will be an in-game item like the merchant stones are in GW1
        The big question I have and so far I have not come across an answer anywhere is…. Will you get multiple character slots like in GW1 the first game had 4 and each expansion you add is 2 additional. Also can you purchase additional slots to add to the account as in GW1 ???
        In GW1 you could have a total of 26 slots.
        I like to change my game play frequently to keep it fresh and not get bored with 1 character so hope they have additional characters slots available.

        • From the beta footage you could see people had 5 character slots, now its beta so that could change, especially since…..
          Arenanet has stated that much of their cash shop will have options similar to what they had in the original Guild Wars. So more than likely we’ll be able to buy slots.

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  14. To be honest I was quite negatively surprised by the fact that you get:

    1) 3 consumables
    2) 1 Elite Skill (that I doubt would have any synergy with any class, else it would be imba)
    3) 1 Minipet (ok I have 30 points in Hall of Heroes therefore 1 Minipet to the bunch I allready have is not worth it)

    Where are the glowing hands for my character when he/she is doing emotes??
    Where is this cool dance emote we all know from Dervish and Paragon??
    Some cool taunt? Special move? …

    Seriously ArenaNET, THIS is NOT cool at all!

    • The consumables themselves don’t bother me, but they seem like things you’d be done with within 5 days of starting the game.
      The elite skill seems a little more like the glowy hands thing that people like, and its one of the things I want most. It seems very similar to a racial skill.

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