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Totally awesome screenshot of the website.

I’m not really a big fan of out of game tools, I mean I’d much rather be in game messing around with traits.

However I was impressed with the quality and comprehensive nature of this trait tool. For those who really want a practical idea of what traits do, instead of reading a blog about it, this is perfect.

The Guild Wars 2 Traits Tool.

If by some misfortune you haven’t run across it anywhere else yet.



  1. When I was playing around with this I noticed something a bit odd:

    If you look at the last major trait for marksmanship in the ranger spec, just as one example, you will notice that there are options for buffing sharks & for buffing feline pets. Similarly there are options for harpoon training & Longbow power. The problem with this is that if you select say feline training, then that’s not going to work when you are in the water, since cats don’t like water – you’d want to switch to shark or something, similarly with longbow trait you would prefer harpoon in the water.

    Consequently, to have reasonable equipped traits, you would need to switch your major traits every time you jump in and out of the water, change weapon loadout or whatever. It’s difficult to believe that ANet really intend players to be reconfiguring their traits in this way, so possibly there’s something more to the traits system than is so far common knowledge – For instance, maybe it will be possible to equip multiple major traits in those cases where the trait buff’s won’t stack with each other, such as for in/out of water, different weapons etc.

    • Well some pets are amphibious, as in they’ll work both on land and underwater, but I do see your point aside from that.

      I guess what matters here the most is how important traits are. If they’re a powerful part of your build or a small addendum to how you play. Whether they make a big difference or a small difference. if they make a big difference than I agree, but if they make a small difference then I don’t see it as a big deal.

      My suspicion is that individual traits like this won’t make much difference, it’ll be the trait lines as a whole that make major differences.

      • I don’t think sharks are that amphibious :).

        Jon Peters re major traits: “These are major upgrades to player abilities”. They look pretty major too – stuff like 20% quicker recharge on skills, increased range (I want that one!) …

        Anyway, I’m sure ANet aren’t going to want to say: “Hey guys we know that switching traits is a nuisance, but its ok, cos they don’t matter that much”. Their original trait ideas seemed a lot better, probably with some iteration, wonder why they felt a need to switch?

        • Yes but cats are amphibious, which was my point.
          And some of the traits to me look very specific and although i’m sure they’ll have an impact, i’m not sure its an impact that makes you want to change traits every time you enter the water.

          • I didn’t know cats were amphibious, but that just creates another oddity: i.e. If there is a single major trait that buffs an amphibious pet, but you need two major traits to buff one fully aquatic and one fully terrestrial pet, then you are always going to prefer the amphibious pet – I’m sure that can’t be an intention of the design.

    • Well, Guardians and Warriors have trait to buff their 2h weapon damage. It is same example. If they don’t use it it is not useful. But that is just it, you want to make a build of which you have most use and which in return compliments your playstyle most.
      Guardian can buff his greatsword damage. But when he goes underwater, this won’t help much and it is fine, because this was his choice. That is why somewhat balanced approach in traiting is encouraged from Anet side.

      • good point, as I say above, a lot of traits are very specific to situations so not every trait is going to be useful all the time. which means you don’t have to change traits a lot.

      • The point is though – that, at least in the press beta, you can change your slotted major traits at any time you like outside of combat, just as you can change your weapon loadouts, pets etc. But, since major traits are quite a big deal, what that means is that when people enter the water they will have to manually alter those major traits to be maximally effective under water.

        And, if a “somewhat balanced” approach in traiting is encouraged (who said that?), then why have ANet included so many options for major traits, which are not balanced? It really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

        Personally, I think that either there are parts of the trait system that they haven’t revealed yet or they’ve been a little premature in publishing a system that isn’t quite cooked yet and needs some further iteration.

  2. In my opinion, this tool is a bit better.

    Is in french by default (and doesn’t save), but the top right corner has a flag button to change it to English. What’s so good about it? The simple fact that it also allows you to set up your weapon and utility skills.

    • yeah that is a nice tool. anybody reading these comments should check it out.

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