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There are so many things I want to touch on from the recent Beta videos that making an individual post seemed like the best course. I can’t imagine making an entire post to talk about crafting or achievements when overall there is little I want to say about them.

I guess we can do bullet points again.

  • I watched elixabeth’s crafting video from Massively and noticed a couple things.  She wanted to make something like 150 bronze ingots and completed that task in 15 seconds flat.  The more stuff you have to craft, the faster it goes.
  • There seems to be a very low threshold for the daily achievements.  10 kills here, 5 different types of enemies there, and you’re looting those experience chests off the ground like someone dropped a $20.  Not to mention all the other categories of achievements.  From personal story achievements to PvP to fashion.  That’s right, fashion achievements.  Check out this achievement video.
  • Arenanet employees get a fancy arenanet logo beside their name.  I would kill for some sort of unlockable logo beside my name.
  • Any old merchant won’t do when you need to repair.  You have to seek out a specific NPC.  I’m not really cool with this.  We’ll see how practical it is once I’ve played though.
  • You can purchase influence for your guild at an NPC.  Influence is the currency with which you upgrade your guild.  It appears to be more of a gold sink than anything else.
  • Is it me or does the thief not seem like it has much survivability?  Maybe the players are so new it just seems that way.
  • Kristen Perry said at one point we’d have available something like 400 dye colours.  You start with an okay collection, but apparently you have to unlock the rest one at a time.  You turn in a colourful seed to an NPC in your home instance, at which point he replies “Come back tomorrow and your dye will be ready.”  I don’t want to think about how long it will take to unlock 350 dyes.  Not only that it appears to be random?  Come on Arenanet, please say this is not how this works.
  • Omlech over on reddit took the world map and noted each zone and city.  If I count correctly that is 26 zones and 6 cities.
  • Not sure where I heard this, elixabeth again I think, but two people who pick the same storyline points can progress their personal story together.  Reminds me of the way SWTOR does it.
  • According to this video there appears to be an item you get from a PvP vendor that changes your team.  It says “PvP Blue Team” and then “Set any team to blue.  Does not work in PvP lobby.”  There is also a red version, but no green?  Not for use in WvW then?
  • Various videos show off runes and sigils but I’m too lazy to squint at any of the descriptions.
  • One thing that seems to be being overlooked is the new PvP map Forest of Niflhel.  Haven’t seen much talk of it.  It appears to be the map Guild Wars Insider had screenshots of a while back.  That mesmer turns that dude into a moa.  A moa.
  • You can’t swap weapons until level 7?  Seems like an arbitrary limitation even if you won’t have every skill unlocked by then.
  • Friends list has a tab for followers, people who have friended you.  Awesome.
  • Unlike most games looting systems, you don’t bend over or even have to stop when picking stuff up.  Just stand near your loot and hit a button.
  • Capturing a point in PvP will give you participation medals, which to me seems like it would get in the way.  Hope I can turn those off.

I don’t think much of the following is new, but I’ve never talked about it.

  • There is a storage pane for mini-pets, it has 60 slots.
  • A pane each for light, medium, and heavy PvP armour.  It looks as though there are around 180 slots each.  Probably for different stats on the same skins.  They’re called “PvP Armor Rewards” so I’m not sure what the difference between this and just a regular storage pane is.
  • A pane for creature codex books.  If I’m not mistaken these give skill points correct?  So do we know if bank space is shared yet, and if so can these skill points be shared between characters?  Interesting question.  Obviously the PvP armour must be shared, you can’t be multiple armour types.  They can’t want skill points to be shared though, so maybe bank space isn’t shared after all, or maybe that portion of the bank isn’t shared.
  • You also appear to get 24 slots for general storage.
  • There is a tab in the bank UI that reads “Purchaseable tab”.
  • That’s all in addition to starting with 20 slots in your backpack, and quickly adding another 16 in the low levels for a total of 36.  For those contending that Guild Wars 2 will screw people over by making you pay for storage in the cash shop, this seems to refute that.  That seems like plenty of storage.

Stuff I learned from watching WvW videos like this one.

  • Particle effects can get pretty crazy.  However the flame effect is out of control, in my opinion there is no way that is intended.
  • You really have to rely on your own heals, no amount of support is going to keep you alive though it may help.
  • Siege weapons appear to get destroyed as fast as they get made.
  • The asura siege golem is slow as heck, but you can attack enemy players with it much more easily.
  • Even some of the NPCs can really put up a fight.
  • If you’re going to WvW plan to get downed, defeated, overwhelmed, crushed, outnumbered, ambushed, squeezed from two sides, and generally zerged over and over again.  But at least you get to down, defeat, overwhelm, crush, outnumber, ambush, squeeze and zerg people right?
  • The latest Arenanet blog post suggests that once you cross certain point thresholds you gain the corresponding world bonus.  So you could be losing for two weeks straight but still getting these bonuses as long as you’re gaining points.

So yeah.  Probably not everything there is new but who cares.  Also I feel like I’m forgetting things.  Oh well.



  1. The mini-pet, PvP armor rewards, and creature codex storage tabs are for collections – each slot takes only one specific item, and you can see its name by hovering over the slot.

    So there are 60 mini-pets available – though that tab is named “Mini Pets Alpha” and doesn’t include the Hall of Monuments pets, so there are going to be more tabs eventually (or more slots on the one tab).

    The armor tabs have 192 slots; it appears to be for 32 different sets, 6 pieces each – except for medium armor, which only has 190.

    My guess is when you get a creature codex you also earn a skill point, but you don’t get the skill point from the codex. Not sure if there’s a video to check that – I haven’t seen one, anyway. Then the collection would just be to track the lore you’ve seen.

    • The real question is the shared space I think. I’m pretty sure I did see someone in a video getting the skill point from the book, but that might have been demo footage.

      • Okay, having now seen a video, it definitely is double-clicking the codex to get a skill point. The codex is “Account Collectible” and “Soulbound”. I’m assuming Soulbound means no other character can use it.

        I expected it to automatically move to the collection when it was used, but it seems to still be in their inventory after use, so I guess not.

        Seen in the Yogscast video at at around 16:35.

  2. The dye seeds will be sellable in the marketplace. You dont have to count on random luck to fill out your pallete.

    • That seems to be the same problem. I have to buy hundreds of dyes now?

  3. Can we say “Information Overload!” One thing I love about opens betas is the randomness & unpredictability players introduce. Arena net is probably looking at the data and play styles and saying, “Didn’t expect to see that.” I’m pretty sure there will be numerous changes to issues you have listed here.

    This game will be pretty amazing once it is released,of that much we can be sure.

    • It looked really quite polished during the beta footage i saw, I rarely saw lag, bugs, or anything that didn’t seem quite done. Hopefully that means they’re well on the way to release.

  4. […] Hunter’s Insight — The Details In The Beta. “There are so many things I want to touch on from the recent Beta videos that making an individual post seemed like the best course. I can’t imagine making an entire post to talk about crafting or achievements when overall there is little I want to say about them.” […]

  5. Re: Thief survivability
    I honestly think that some of the classes will have a more difficult learning curve due to the contrast between their mechanics and the mechanics that players are used to from other games.
    Thief is an example of one of these classes. Due to their reliance on mobility (even more so than other classes) there will be a larger than usual number of players who have difficulty playing them well. (I think mesmer will likely fall into this category of “difficult learning curve classes” as well.)
    Success in combat in GW2 is going to be dependent on active situational awareness, tactical movement, as well as knowledge of the various classes. Folks who are used to a more “relaxed” playing style are probably going to have some initial frustration until they re-train their brains. THIS is not the type of MMO you play while watching TV.

    • Its funny because I think a lot of people want to play thief, more than most of the other professions, and yet its going to be the most difficult class or one of them anyway.

  6. Haven’t quite twigged exactly how siege weapons work. I know that first you buy a “blue print”, but does buying a blueprint then allow you to make as many weapons of that type as you like? and how does supply effect the weapons?

    In WAR many people would fail to buy siege weapons (such as battering rams), which cost gold, in the hope that others would not be so selfish… Hope there’s a way to avoid that in GW.

    • Its one blueprint per siege weapon, and it seems to require more supply than one person can carry. So you double click the blueprint, i think, and place it on the ground somewhere then walk up to it, get an option to donate your supply, hopefully someone else does the same, you get a siege weapon.

      Supply is free and blueprints I believe they said drop from players/mobs. So that should help.

      • I saw this in game footage and agree that you buy the blueprint each time you wish to make a siege weapon, it’s cash purchase prize if you will. The thing I am unclear on is the placement, can you build them anywhere – or are the concrete slabs with building mats on dotted around as pre-set locations and you then click them to start the building process ?

        I have looked around and have not been able to find anything that clarifies this….

        • I’m not sure but it makes more sense to just have them ground targeted like just about everything else in the game.

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