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With all this new World vs World information Arenanet decided to do another Reddit AMA.

What are squads?

Squads are a way for larger groups of people to band together for a common goal. Squads are led by a commander, and that commander has the ability to talk to everyone in their squad in a chat channel that only the commander can talk in. Commanders can also place waypoints on the map that are viewable by all of their squad members. These waypoints tell the squad to do things like’ attack here’, ‘regroup here’, and ‘bring supply here’. Squads are extremely useful in WvW, but they are also useable in PvE and are the perfect thing for taking down our epic world bosses.

Pretty basic raid design isn’t it?  Aside from the waypoints.


the scoreboard, it is updated every few minutes and it is cumulative for the 2 week battle. Scores reset every two weeks and the scoreboard is visible anywhere in the game. We will have some WvW achievements, but we aren’t quite ready to reveal those yet 🙂

I’d love to hear about WvW achievements.

Why you can’t see enemy players names in WvW.

Not showing enemy names in WvW also helps players that are less pvp-oriented feel less threatened about venturing into the battle because seeing enemies as anonymous ‘invaders’ creates a sense that opponents won’t be able to recognize them and pick on them because of their lack of skill in a fight, so they in turn feel more embolded to go out and fight in the first place. Not showing names also makes it so people can feel as if they can ‘hide’ in a fight if need be, but still be around to help out. That’s a pretty critical part of making WvW feel more inviting for people that would normally never think about playing PvP in any other game.

we’d much rather create a game that is more welcoming for people that don’t normally play the more hardcore PvP games. If you want to see enemy names and get to know the community of people you are fighting against, competitive PvP is the place to get that sort of thing in Guild Wars 2

I know it WvW seems more inviting to me than competitive PvP.


We will not allow cross server chat in game.

Disappointing but necessary if they’re going the anonymous enemy route.

Guilds capturing keeps.

Each guild can only claim one location, and if you’ve seen the map of WvW, you can see that we have a lot of locations you can capture and claim. When you assault a location, we track how many people are participating in that assault and the guild with the largest participation gets a minute after the capture where they are the only guild that can claim that objective.

Makes sense.  Going to need some big guilds to consistently capture targets though.

Interesting side note.

We’ve talked about possibly allowing thief the ability to steal something that could let them through the teleporter gates, but we haven’t decided if we actually want to add that yet. It is obviously something that we’d have to be very careful about so we don’t want to just add it and have it break the game.

That would be pretty epic, particularly if other professions got similar abilities to undermine typical play.  A ranger being able to recruit wildlife to help for instance.


Items and gold can be looted from players so if you die you will have to repair, but you will also be earning currency to offset those repair costs. You will not be looting actual items from enemy inventory, rather getting drops from a loot table like you would from a mob.

A clever work around for allowing players to loot each other but not allowing them to lose something integral.

The maps.

Those are the maps we will launch with, the borderlands will be the same map for all three worlds.

I sympathize that it would be a difficult undertaking to have 4 unique maps, but the 3 borderlands maps being the same is a little disappointing.

Are there reasons to fight underwater?

There is a quaggan mercenary camp in each borderland map that can play a pretty cirical part of assaulting or defending the keeps in that map as gaining favor with the quaggans lets them build weather control stations that shower the nearest keep with healing rain for your allies or zaps your enemies with bolts of lighting.

That’s impressive.  I want to go see this.

After a question asking about regular loot or special WvW currency for rewards.

We actually have both! You can get regular loot drops and tokens that can be turned in at level 80 for gear.

I guess the question is if this currency is the same as what you get from competitive structured PvP.

About commanders.

The commander is self appointed. We have an item that people purchase for gold that gives the ability to turn on the Commander function. When you become a commander, anyone not in a squad will see the commander icon over your head and can select you, right click on your portrait and select ‘join squad’. Also, when someone is following a commander, you can right click on their portait to join their squad and follow the same commander.

That last part is a little confusing but I’m suddenly worried everyone will want to be a commander now.  Anybody see how much this costs?

Is loot scaled to your level?


Thats useful.

Anyway that is all that I saw that seemed important.  Plenty more stuff to look at in the actual interview, so go check that out.



  1. I am pretty solidly more interested in WvWvW than dungeons as high-level content now. Getting (more) excited!

    And the squad thing for PvE might alleviate some fears that epic events won’t require coordination? Oh, who am I kidding about that one….

    • I guess it depends on what the dungeons turn out like. Right now I’m more interested in the big world bosses, they seem like a lot of fun.

  2. I have never been big on pvp in general but the more I see and read about World vs World I am becoming more and more inclined to give it a chance at least, which is more than I can say for most games I have played recently. There just seems to be so much more depth to it than the typical build of the week gank fests that most games offer.

    • Other games in which I’ve played with a sort of free for all pvp scenario have been pretty fun and addictive. I can’t wait to see wvw going when the game actually releases as opposed to just seeing beta events and limited people.

  3. I think they do need to get the numbers higher than 400 per server in WvW, as otherwise some of the larger guilds are likely take over the WvW on many servers and we’re back to the kind of elitism that ANet are trying to avoid. Limiting the objectives that can be held by a single guild will hardly help, since a single account is able to have characters in more than one guild – so that’s easy to get around.

    On the one hand server competition sounds fun, but on the other hand it will be tricky to make rules tight enough to avoid numerous exploits, if the competition starts to wind up in intensity.

    • 400 per server seems pretty decent. That’s 1200 people all together and you won’t find many games doing anything similar.

      They did mention that teams that are super outnumbered get a buff of some sort.

      • Ah didn’t see that, but thought they might make the NPC support somewhat stronger for outnumbered worlds.

  4. I somehow worry about the looting from players. There might be some kind of exploitations on this. I hope Anet got something to cover it.

    About the Commander I totally bought it! cannot stop grinning while reading this and want to play it so bad! and yes, everyone can be a commander but they don’t have much control over their squad just putting some waypoint if the squad feel like it’s stupid they might just ignore it or find a better commander.

    Just Reading these answer almost make me a hyper. dam..

    • If the loot table is the same as mobs, which they said it was, I don’t see any way to exploit it.

  5. I’ve been wondering about how many people are going to be fitting into a server, and the number who can play WvW. This worries me the most, though since I am not exactly prime time (though serveral hours to overlap) I not worried too much, I am worried about having to queue. I don’t play wow all that much due to their queues, and they are only 15 minutes odd most of the time. If you only play for an hour or two, 15 minutes queues are killers.
    Maybe they can have multiple levels of WvW going on at once; with player rankings. so the serious pvps can play open, i can play ‘wantabe’ and others can play ‘I am lost’ level.
    Looting players does indeed sound exploitable, though wow has some basic looting in pvp (just cash/rep) but the amounts are pointless stopping for (unless you hate them). One assumes they are going to have this covered, it’s fairly obvious… farming code perhaps for the same bloke getting killed over and over by the same bloke reducing the winnings (anti-camping too).

    • As of now they haven’t decided on server total population. Currently the WvW is restricted to 100 from *each* of the 3 matched up servers for each map. Given 4 maps that gives a limit of 400 players from a single server in WvW at any one time. However, that’s as of the latest beta and they have said that they are working hard to optimise and to increase the limits.

      Think your solution to player looting exploits could work pretty well.

    • I really doubt arenanet hasn’t thought of this.

  6. […] not be able to see your enemy’s name (an explanation why they decided for that can be found here). They will be anonymous to you. While this may take away some fame (being known and feared […]

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