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I waited all day yesterday waiting to see a video posted of a jumping puzzle. Not until I walked away from the computer did anyone post anything.

This video from curse was posted showcasing a puzzle in the Diessa Plateau, a low level charr zone. Since the charr invaded Ascalon the area is filled with Ascalonian ghosts, and the puzzle itself takes place on the ruins of the Great Northern Wall. Which by the way is genius.

It’s hard to tell just how difficult it is, the person doing the puzzle seems to have done it before and knows precisely what to do. Some of the jumps look like they need to be carefully timed. One jump in particular seems so close that another person doing the puzzle at the same time makes the jump, but due to lag looks at first as though they haven’t made it.

There are a couple of interesting points about the mobs as well. They’re placed throughout the puzzle. Normally in other games like Rift, Runes of Magic, or SWTOR there are few mobs nearby a puzzle. At least in my experience. Jumping puzzles in Guild Wars 2 seem to involve more than simple pathfinding.

The rewards for the puzzle or pretty straightforward. The end of the puzzle has a boss who I assume has a good chance at dropping some loot. There is also a skill point which I assume is worthwhile. It’s difficult to tell just how many skillpoints are available or generally how easy they are to get.

Overall it looked like fun, but overall I suspect the person running the puzzle made it look easier than it is.

EDIT: So just after posting this DutchSunshine was kind enough to tweet me another video. It doesn’t show the entire puzzle but appears to show enough.

In this case the puzzle appears to be located in the charr starter zone Plains of Ashford. It has an underwater entrance and several wooden beams and stone steps to jump to and from. It’s all inside a cavern that is darkly lit, a very cool atmosphere.

What is particularly interesting here is that the video doesn’t show any mobs at all but it does show traps. A hallway with red circles that have a precise timing forcing you to be very careful moving along it.

But that isn’t the only trap. There also appears to be either a triggered shakey cam effect (probably set off at certain difficult points) or a random shakey cam effect or maybe a timed one. In any case for those not expecting it that could certainly screw up a jump.



  1. In another video I saw part of the interface that said Skill points in this zone 0/X
    Skill points in total 0/202 (it was blurry though).

    So my guess is around 202 😀

    • Seems like a lot but I need a tactile sensation of how often do I get them while playing and how often do i need them. Supply and demand if you understand what I’m saying.

      • i think you need 3-5 skill points to actually buy a skill so 200 may be ok.

  2. I Love jumping! but not when there’s a mob with knock back up there. When i watch the video at the boss fight i think the player aware of that and try to move to the side that has a bit wall but the boss seems to notice it too. He just hog that cornor to himself lol. i’m glad he doesn’t use any knockback. xD

    • I wish there was more room at that last spot to dodge roll, there doesn’t look like any space to kite or move around.

    • for the second puzzle i would want to walk on that.. beam(?) but I don’t see any video footage has a player walking in it. so :/ maybe you can’t walk in GW2?

      • Last they said, walking is confirmed. Not seeing it doesn’t mean its not there, but maybe its not in yet.

  3. These look great a lot more fun than the ones in SWTOR those just piss me off, probably because the jumping in that game is terrible. Or maybe I just suck at it. Also the ones in Star Wars just aren’t very interesting. Here is your objective, get to your object. As apposed to here is your objective, get to your objective and oh yeah these guys are going to try and stop you and mind the poison darts, spike lined pits, and giant rolling boulders.

    • I actually like the swtor ones, a little difficult to find the beginning of them most of the time but thats the challenge.

  4. Looks like my characters will be accidentally falling to their (temporary) deaths plenty from these. They really need to put in an animation where you almost make the jump, grab the edge and then you have a few seconds to do something to swing/climb up the rest of the way, rather than an embarrassing fall, which will most likely be the end result of many of my attempts. 🙂

    • That would be an awesome animation but I haven’t see anything like that outside of a single player rpg.

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