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February 22, 2012 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 17 Comments
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Yesterday Arenanet let it be known they had a surprise in store for today. Just now they let us know what that was.

Of course this immediately led to said page being crippled.

And it seems like not everyone will get a chance to play.

A beta sign up is yet another sign that Guild Wars 2 is nearing release.

Good luck everyone.



  1. I have my Twitter client display notifications, and I noticed the message as soon as it was posted, so I managed to sign up for the beta before all the chaos ensued. My fiancee took 2 minutes longer to try… she’s still trying.

    • Ouch. Yeah. I’m not going to worry about it too much, but good luck.

      • She finally managed to do it, but took some effort. Now is just hope that we’ll both go through the selection process together.

  2. Seems they’ve fixed whatever the problem was (bandwidth I’d bet) as I had no trouble getting through just now (1:46 pm Eastern)

    • Yeah except for confirmation emails, things cleared up a bit after an hour or two.

      • I didn’t have trouble with the confirmation email either, though I did see that others still were and that Areanet put up a page to request a resend of the confirmation. With the response, I feel like the odds of getting in are slim. But hey, still better than no odds at all.

  3. something inside always hopes that special hardware or location gives me a better chance… but i wish you all good luck with getting in. my brain reminds me that they were going to have “a short” beta period so i excited. d3 or gw2 first has always been in my head; d3 (for me) was always doomed if it came out afterwords. very smart move by blizz to make me sign up for a year to wow to get d3 for “free”. something tells me that wows update is so far away that the only real thing i bought in that deal was d3, not new wow content like i was hoping.

    • It seemed like a bum deal from the start to me, but if you’re playing wow 12 months a year I guess it works.

  4. 3 hours after I signed up and still no confirmation email, but it says my email is already registered when I tried again. Oh well. 😦

    • Via Facebook
      Confirmation emails might take a short bit, be patient — it’s taking the system a while to get them through. ~RB2

      I haven’t received a confirmation yet either, I wouldn’t worry about it though they will get out. Considering how many rabid fans are frothing at the mouth right now I think Anet knows full well how bad it would be if they dropped the ball with this.

      • Hum, I got my confirmation email about 10 min afterwords. Make sure u check ur spam folders I guess. I registered about 7 hours a go.

    • There is a resend page up now.

  5. Signed up! Oh this is soo very wonderful. GW2 is getting closer.

    • Indeed sir. And maybe some day we’ll get to talk about actually playing it.

  6. Well I hadn’t intended to play beta – wanting the game to be a fresh experience and all that. But, after just absent mindedly pressing a few buttons, and answering a few polite questions, I found that I had been inveigled into signing up. Anyway I haven’t got a confirm yet and I hear that the beta places are limited.

    • The confirmation is just to let you know they got your sign up not to tell you if you got in, they probably wont send those out until much closer to the actual start of the beta. Right now it’s just getting your name on the list of potential beta testers, and then they will pick from that list based on whatever method they choose to use. I would say you have as good a chance as anyone to get in which if all the buzz is any indication is most likely a snowballs in hell.

    • Confirmation is probably just that, a confirmation. Hopefully they have your email anyway.

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