All The Cool Kids Like Guild Wars 2

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With the NDA drop after this weekend’s press beta of Guild Wars 2 there is much to discuss. Information is still pouring in so for the moment I’m just going to go over some of the more interesting points in bullet point form sans much commentary.

  • Guilds gain influence and spend it on upgrades.  Upgrades are split into 4 different categories, politics, art of war, architecture, and economy.  Politics focuses on things like increased influence gain.  Art of War includes things like discounted WvW siege weapons and other PvP upgrades.  Economy seems to affect crafting and loot percentages.  Architecture affects the guild bank and other integral guild functions.
  • Guild armour and guild weapons that display guild emblems.  Plus the aforementioned guild bank.
  • Guild UI that allows you to select which guild to represent, leave, or accept an invitation to.
  • OMG JUMPING PUZZLES.  Okay, yes, I’m a freak for jumping puzzles.
  • There is something called magic find.  It appears to be a buff that increases drop percentages or rarity of drops.
  • Rewards for WvW seem to reflect the score your server has accumulated.  In this video you can see the green team has a score of 170k.  Below that you can see this somehow correlates to a small percentage gain for various categories.  The Artisan, gatherer, and scavenger categories have fairly obvious outcomes (crafting, gathering and either salvaging or magic find) though some are less obvious.
  • One piece of armour is damaged when defeated (after failing to rally from a downed state) and after all armour is damaged they will break forcing you to repair.  Not a durability system where you have to repair no matter what.
  • Instead of a queue to join a server,  you are sent to an overflow shard.  Another instance I’m guessing.
  • Currently there appears to be 5 character slots, but lets keep in mind it is still early days.
  • There is all kinds of new info on traits, character customization, skills, and what has changed.  I don’t get into those sorts of details, but if you seek it out you can find it.
  • This IGN video appears to be the best video so far showcasing WvW.  Lots of detail to be discerned from watching the UI.
  • Gates to keeps in WvW take a lot of damage before comign down.  A lot.
  • GuildMag has an aggregation of articles.

Okay that’s enough for now.  Obviously I’ll have more to add later, and commentary on things to come over the next week.


World map showing the 3 borderlands and the central bottom battlegrounds.




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  2. Dont forget all the videos!:D

    • Yeah I don’t know which videos to post though. Many are videos of things we’ve seen before like DR.

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  4. There is so much awesome coming out now, I think I am more excited for the game now than I have been since it was announced. Can’t Wait!

    • GW2 will be here this year! argh!

      • Yeah I am just hoping I’m not in school when it does, would be nice to have at least a month of solid play time before I have to hit the books again. Not that it would stop me from playing or anything but would be nice. But whatever it is what it is.

  5. I’m still yet to see a single report from the press beta that says anything other than “this game is GREAT.” It has been several years now since I’ve allowed myself to get totally hyped about an unreleased game, but my “cautious optimism” barriers are really crumbling under the weight of the GW2 reports I’m hearing..

    • Yeah I haven’t seen much negativity at all, and even the ones including some note of criticism seem unfounded by anything solid. Plus its still in beta.

  6. Thanks Hunter – you spotted some stuff I missed – as per usual.

    • You’re quite welcome. I also note there seems to be some achievement info floating around that i missed.

  7. I like the curse videos, nicely seperated out instead of the one massive movie of some dude I am just jeolous of.
    They have improved the male characters; I’d play one happly if there weren’t any female ones. I still love the female characters way more though! Mesmer on the front class screen looked a little odd.
    I am glad to read all the awesome stuff; I noted that some PCs seemed to have driver issues which made for poor graphics performance, and a bit of lagging when 100 odd players were around. That would be an achievement not to have any in my book; but I guess we can always hope. I also saw some negative comments about the crafting but nothing specific enough for me to really understand. Looks like it was a great beta test.
    My turn!

    • I thought the curse videos were a little too short, but I haven’t watched all of them. I haven’t seen the crafting or the comments on it but I would bet anything that the lag is mostly due to a lack of optimization which most studios don’t even bother with until just before the game ships.

  8. It looks interesting, cant wait to try it out ^_^

    • Understatement of the year.

  9. There is a good chance the reason for only 5 slots is because there is no sub fee and you will possibly be given an option to buy more slots. I think 5 is a fair number and this is a good way for them to create some income seeing that the only people that will need more than 5 slots will be players that will probably be willing to buy a little bit more. This is also just speculation.

    • Oh I know and agree, I’ve blogged about it in the past and predicted 5 or 6 slots with a slot for pre-ordering.

      • They know full well there are people like me who are going to buy those extra slots to have at least one of each profession, same goes for extra storage and inventory most likely, not to mention whatever else they throw up on the cash shop and like Hunter said there is most likely the pre-order and the CE as well, all of which is going to make ArenaNet a lot of money right away. All speculative of course but perfectly logical and acceptable.

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