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Guild Wars 2 is slowly creeping towards release, but there are still a few things we haven’t seen and don’t know about. I guess I’m just wondering what we’ll see next, or what will come out of the upcoming beta events.

We’ve seen the Battle for Khylo PvP map but surely sometime soon we’ll see other maps. The only questions are how will they vary Conquest, and if there will be modes of PvP different from Conquest. Guild Wars had a lot of PvP maps that were quite similar except they had been reskinned to look radically different. I believe Arenanet themselves have said that there were too many PvP types in Guild Wars, making it difficult to balance for all. So I’m sure there will be more modes than just Conquest, but not many more.

World Versus World is surely to be a big centerpiece for Arenanet. MMO fans speak in reverent tones when Dark Age of Camelots free-for-all PvP is brought up, a modern take by Arenanet could lure a great many people to the game. We’ve heard about Real Time Strategy elements being included in WvW, protecting keeps, taking others, but that’s all well and good until you actually see WvW in action.

The leaked World Versus World map.

The cash shop will likely cause a lot of fury. Whether or not the items therein are fairly priced or outrageous ripoffs fans will be foaming at the mouth with rage at any mention of it. Still it will be interesting to see what Arenanet has in store. I for one am hoping for mounts, but as I’ve said in previous posts, the items are likely to be fairly predictable and along the lines of what Guild Wars and other games already offer. I doubt sincerely that anything game changing on any level will be available for outright purchase.

We still don’t really know that much about guilds. We know you can be in multiple guilds at once, and that’s about it. Martin Kerstein at one point said something to the effect that Guild Wars 2 has one of the most impressive guild systems he’s ever seen, but if just being able to join multiple guilds at once is all we know, then we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. Online games are a social beast but I’m not sure what to expect since I’ve always been disappointed with the original Guild Wars’ guild system.

I think that’s about it for major systems. We already know enough about Personal Story, Dynamic Events, Skills and other systems, but what about smaller stuff?

We haven’t seen as wide a selection in armour or weapons as I expect Arenanet is putting together.

We haven’t seen how the Hall of Monuments is going to be integrated into Guild Wars 2.

We haven’t seen as much of the asura or sylvari, so it may be possible to see more of them before release.

Activities were one of the first things we heard about from Arenanet but we’ve yet to see any in action.

We’ve yet to see their supposed replacement resource after energy was removed.

And are they really done iterating? I doubt it. Who knows what they’ll change in the coming months.

That’s a short-list of small things I’m thinking about although I suspect there are dozens of things others would take note of. Guild Wars 2 may be getting closer to launch but I don’t doubt the news will keep flowing until then.



  1. It’s interesting how much more there is to learn about the game and how close beta testing is approaching. 😛

    • Yeah I wonder what people will talk about most after the press embargo lets up.

  2. We still need info about traits too.

    And I thought the “dodge bar” replaced energy (but don’t hold that against me, I’m really not sure if they really replaced energy with the dodge mechanic or if it is a new thing.)

    • Well we know essentially how traits work and what they do but you’re right that we don’t know everything about them.
      I don’t know for sure either, about the dodge mechanic or what but to my recollection the dodge bar came in at the same time they were saying they were working on another resource.

  3. I was reading somewhere that the nda for the press beta ends on the 20th of feb. So something to look forward to, and perhaps some other sort of beta soon after that eh?! I wonder which is coming out first D3, or this… I was a little peeved to see that either SC2 or WOW is going to get screwed over this year. I assume its going to be SC2, since not getting an expansion out for WOW is going to kill the game for sure (I actually think if its not in a month – 3 at a push – then their dead anyway but thats just me). SC2 content has been so poor that its dead already to everyone except the hardball competitors, I was hoping for so much more for this game – oh well. Blizzards really lost the plot to all but its share holders, really struggling to get content out the door. Good time for a new player I’d say.

    Anyway, yeah pvp. Are we going to be farming in pvp, to build up “supply” which in turn makes towers etc? Is GW2 keeping the antilag stuff? Mesmer was quite restricted in what I could use on this side of the world – hard to interupt stuff when you’ve got a second lag; however I did like their skill queing that was great, hope its in GW2.
    Id like to see how people are getting around, standard shooter keys? Any other way? unco people used to love the click to move, I hear thats gone for sure.
    How many servers are we talking about and how many are on each server? how do I get my friends together? I want to see this AH in action.
    Day and night cycles i want to see too, and that weapon set that swaps depending on the cycle I want to see to. I’d like to see some awesome events that explorers run into, not of the combat type. Can I fish? I want to be looking out over some cliff enjoying the view, hear a scretch, turn around just in time to see some bird swallowing me. I want the bird to take me high over the seas and spit me out on some forgotten island, and leave me to work my way back. Maybe get eatten and spat out by a aligator? I want to see that theres more than this base type stuff (defend a place or, clear out enemies) from their event system. I want to wonder around the forest, find some glowing crystal, pick it up, and have some bandit leader call out “hey, thanks for finding my retirement funds, Indi.”. I want to follow some glowing deer, all through the forrest as fast I can, to have it lead me to.. .ok you get the idea.
    Not too concerned about the skills or energy, I’ve seen what I need to of the characters. I’ll never know what that stuffs really about till I get the game; I just needed to know there are cool skills. check.
    I suspect there’s going to be heaps of jump-in pvp types; I’d expect all the shooter equavliants. I’d really love an insta-gib map! RTCW objective maps, maybe some sort of zombie type map, why not a basic best murderer map type? how about a “protect the president” type map? I assume there’s going to be an underwater map for the underwater pvp fighting (if they make this popular then thatll be achievement of the year stuff).
    I look forward to the pushing of the game, “that hasn’t even started yet”.

    • Those are some very specific things you’d like to see but i’m sure there is going to be something for everyone.

  4. Small correction about PvP, actually there won’t be other modes aside from Conquest, at least at launch. There have been an official post on Guru about it, but I don’t have a link for it right now. The gist of the post was they were looking into having other modes, but for launch they preferred to focus on Conquest, and just add variety on different maps. After launch they will probably add other modes as well.

    Other than that, your list is about the same as my own as far as “stuff I want to know more about”. Probably my main concerns about the game right are crafting, and “end game”. I say that inside quotes because what I want to know is, considering that the game won’t have a classic MMO-style end game with increasingly harder dungeons and gear progression, just how fun will the game be after we get to level cap?

    • Personally, I hope the credits roll.

      That, would be awesome.

      A picture from the PCs camera of some wow raiders face as they see the credits roll, loaded up to some website called would be a bonus.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing the credits roll after the big boss goes down. I don’t think it would have to mean anything.

    • I remember Colin explaining that ‘Conquest’ will be mainly the only official PvP format with Escort the golem, capture the flag and death match being optionel, Not trying to hate/rant but there have been several Anet-posts on guru concerning PvP and I think they should all be taken in context with grain of sale value.(I’m still waiting for PvP week!)

      • I remember the same thing, but likely there is more still to be explained.

    • Yes – for me the big question on play after level cap is whether they will be able to create the equivalent of GWs elite missions, but with dynamic events in the open world. I won’t be too happy if endgame consists entirely of needing to find a group in order to stuffed down 5 man dungeons.

      • Well the shatterer and tequatl seem to indicate that may be the case, i can’t imagine them not having something of a similar size for max level.

    • I imagine the game will be very similar to guild wars in respect to max level. You’ll always have the ability to go back and be challenged by the content. Guild Wars really had no endgame to speak of, not really, not in the traditional sense. Same with gw2.

  5. I’m really curious about guilds myself, mostly what kind of benefits there are to joining one or more. It seems to me that there needs to be something substantial to really make people want to be in guilds (especially more than one) aside from PvP teams and close knit groups of friends.
    The idea that we can join multiple guilds and that open world events don’t require grouping for participation really has me concerned about the aspect of camaraderie in the game and the identity associated with being in a single guild. Maybe I am missing the point but it seems like multiple guilds with the exception of guilds that have specific goals in mind, is a bit redundant when we could just post lfg in local chat or use a dungeon finder lfg type tool if one is implemented. I mean how many friends lists do we really need?
    I don’t really care about a guild hall unless it offers me something I can’t get at any outposts. Maybe it is selfish of me to think this way but I hope there is some tangible benefits to guilds other than capes and tags. I can list of a few things I would like to see but I am not going to hold my breath.

    Don’t know how crafting is going to work, another thing I am curious about. But I would love to see guild hall crafting that maybe has better chances of success if failure is possible. Or more efficient crafting; faster times, less materials etc.

    Capes are cool and all but I couldn’t stand the capes in GuildWars, I would really like to see more options for hoisting your colors. Tabards would be cool even though WoW already did it and we can’t have that! What I really want to see is guild shields even though that would kind of alienate the squishy folk.

    I would also like to see some guild oriented activities. Guild group only instances maybe, or guild hall events like say no ones has been in the hall for too long and now the basement is full of Skrit assemble the troops and take back your home!

    I could probably go on and on but I will spare you all my pipe dreams. I am sure my questions, concerns, and wishful thinking have probably been voiced and reiterated a thousand times or more by now lol.

    As for the cash shop I agree there will always be haters, but honestly and though it wouldn’t be the first time I have seen it happen, I just can’t imagine ArenaNet going all green eyed monster on the community. Especially when you look at how many blogs, fan sites, forums, and podcast’s there are and the fact that at any given time there are easily 1000+ users active on Guru2, I think it’s pretty safe to say they are going to be rolling in cash come release. There would be no reason beyond blatant greed to gouge the community with the cash shop. But ultimately I feel they have every right to put up whatever they want and charge whatever they want, because we the consumers have the choice whether or not to buy. That said it would be a shame to see them turn GuildWars into a pay to win game, but I have faith that wont happen.

    • holy crap wall o text sorry bout that.

    • Arenanet have said repeatedly that they’re not interested in pay to win schemes, so I’m not worried about it at all.

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