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There have been a few things coming out of the recent trip by Seven, of Guild Wars Insider, to Arenanet. I didn’t notice much of anything that seemed like big news or small tidbits from his interviews but he did walk away with screenshots.

The first few screenshots were of a yet to be seen PvP map. They show a mountainous setting with two camps opposed across a ravine. The map appears to form a U shape, which is not unlike several Guild Wars maps of note.

The perspective is a little misleading but it's quite a big map.

The Guru thread on the screenshots is as always informative, if filled with crazy speculation. What we can take away from these screenshots is that it is another conquest map, there are 3 capture points, a lot of fog, and an undetermined random mechanic such as the trebuchets in the Battle for Khylo map.

Hopefully this screenshot gives a better idea of scale. It’s from the same map.

Seems pretty big to me.

There are a couple more screenshots of the map over at Guild Wars Insider.

Not to mention two screenshots of armour on display.

Dark and mysterious!

Not a whole lot to draw from here. It appears to have a dark shading, ruins of some sort in the background. I’m guessing we’ll travel to the mists through asura gates.

And finally, just released as I was writing this, about 8 screenshots of various armours on what appears to be mostly the battle for khylo map. There’s a few skills to be seen, some mines, some pets, so go check it out.

Two medium armours it seems?



  1. That hat is pretty boss.

    • I like it and I don’t. it seems like a sunhat from that angle but otherwise looks good.

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