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Now that I’ve finally finished Skyrim ending up with all but one achievement, I’ve finally started up SWTOR. What’s funny is my already good impression from the beta has improved considerably.

Part of that is the fact that my graphics card died and was replaced with a card that has more video ram and I installed 2 more gigs of ram as well.

Everything looks effing gorgeous now. Which is funny because I just plain don’t go in for cartoony looking games like World of Warcraft. Perhaps the Clone Wars cartoon has had more of an effect on what I expect out of Star Wars aesthetics than I thought.

Anyway with the hardware upgrades I’m definitely having a much smoother ride, shorter load times, nicer graphics, fewer bugs, and those were some of my major gripes during the beta.

One thing I’m a little disappointed in is my smuggler storyline. I guess I feel like it’s a little predictable. Where playing my imperial agent felt like I was a smooth and suave badass, playing smuggler feels more like I’m way too helpful. I’m a smuggler and yet I am constantly dragged away from the one thing that should make any difference to me. My ship.

I shouldn’t be such an angel, but they cover it up by pretending I do it for the money, which on the other hand just makes me feel like a sociopath. At least when I was an agent I had an excuse, I was sith.

Overall I’m not impressed with the story so far but there has been a few moments and surprises. I guess I just wish it was a little more crime noir and a little less naive adventure story.

Ord Mantell wasn’t particularly impressive either. While I did think it moved away from typical Star Wars settings, a hybrid between wilderness and city rather than the far extremes of both, there were few moments where I slowed down because of something impressive to look at.

I am mostly enjoying my skills as a dual wielding gunslinger however. I think it’s better than the rifle of the agent and I didn’t enjoy the lightsabers beyond marveling at how awesome they look.

I’m also impressed with Coruscant. Something about the way the fast travel speeders give a grand idea of scale makes me love the place. Sometimes the hubs, like on Ord Mantell feel too spread out. That’s about the only negative thing I can say about them. I really need to get a mount.

Anyway I rolled on Sanctum of the Exalted since aside from that server I only know one person playing on a PVP server. So if you’re on that server, I’m playing as Huntt, look me up.



  1. So, tell me, is this going to keep you from starting GW2 do you think? Does it have some legs?

    • It’s got legs but i’ll probably be done with it before gw2.

  2. I have a 34 BH/Merc Sagrimar, on Lord ieldis, and a 21Trooper/Vangaurd Krayle, on Mask of Nihilus. The servers are down right now but when they are back up I’ll roll something on your server and see how it plays and let you know. Maybe I will break down and finally play a Jedi lol.

    At level 15 you get sprint, and then at 25 you get your first speeder. Might want to save up for that, the speeders themselves aren’t too expensive 8k for the first level but the training is like 40k or something. I haven’t found traveling to be too terrible except that there is a lot of back and forth and some quest chains really have you going all over the place. I just wish I could utilize my ship for more than just planet to planet travel and space battles. I went through all the trouble of stealing the damn thing, I should be able to have it pick me up and drop me off wherever lol.

    • Well seems to run just fine other than long load times, but that’s normal for me on any server. Rolled a Consular names Malrubius, they have a stupid rule about not being able to friend people who aren’t online so just mail him or something and let me know when you typically play and I’ll try and catch you on. And if you don’t have any issues with playing on other servers feel free to hit up any of my other toons as well, I mostly play my Merc.

      • okay I’ll remember to email you tonight.

    • Yeah that is something I’ll be getting to in a future post i think, I don’t understand the point of the spaceport/republic fleet stuff. shouldn’t this all be taken care of in the planetside spaceport?

      also, matt, email me some time. my about page has my details.

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