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The dragons cometh.

Bloggers bother me. We repeat nonsense, don’t use the critical part of our brain, speculate endlessly and generally make fools of ourselves.

So when I read other bloggers with no evidence of any sort suggesting Guild Wars 2 will be pushed back to 2013 on the basis of an imdb listing or what Gamestop has to say it’s pretty much facepalm city.

As I said back in December you don’t start beta testing a year out from release. 6 months tops. And I’m sticking to that.

The Arenanet blog states that 2012 is the year of the dragon.

This year, you’ll finally be able to immerse yourself in the vast, diverse world of Tyria.

And that’s not all.

Another closed beta event, likely similar to the event in December, seems likely to be announced soon. And of course they refer to it as “an upcoming beta event” suggesting many. Something tells me this will be similar in hype to the rift beta events.

Either way by the end of the year, or lets say june-ish, we’re all going to be adventuring in Tyria. The dragons won’t know what hit them.



  1. I could not agree more with what you said.

    • I know right?!

  2. I’m pretty excited about this news. I couldn’t help but smile widely. And the whole year of the dragon thing? Totally over the top in an awesome way.

    • It was a great little coincidence to acknowledge. Helps build the hype.

  3. *snoopy happy dance*

    damn… can’t stop smiling…

    • We all knew this was coming but for some reason it is pretty uplifting.

  4. As the angels sung the gods said “Let them come, within this year”.:D
    (hope its after april)

    • Well if betas are in april, release could be as early as april/may/june, depends on how long the betas are and how much they take away from them.

  5. I think it would be nice if ArenaNet let everyone that has left a GW2 related comment on this blog over the last year into the beta for a special “those that have patiently waited for release while discussing possible features in a friendly manner unlike some of the nonsense on the Guru forums” type of event. 🙂

    • You wish. I’m sure there will be a couple of ways to get invites via normal means though so i’ll try to keep everyone informed on the subject.

  6. […] Distilled Willpower isn’t exactly surprised and he lists other dragon-y things for this year. Hunter’s Insight is sticking with his “beta starts 6 months before a game’s release”. Let’s […]

  7. WOOT! Happy man am I!

    • As are we all.

  8. I read this before seeing the press release, and reading it the first time, missed the part where you linked to and quoted the release.

    For a bit, I thought you were doing the same thing you accused other bloggers of, only in the opposite direction. Glad I decided not to comment!

    Thanks for being an excellent GW2 source.

    • Well I did collectively call bloggers out, and I am a blogger and do most of those things. I just like to call attention to it and be aware of it, and inform people that bloggers have bias too.

      • Good on you for that as well.

        See you in Tyria!

  9. We are all human, we hoped it was soon; and now its confirmed so we all feel happy about it. Jan’s virtually disappeared in a flash I’ll be installing GW2 before I know. I so look forward to seeing you all, and exploring a new magificant world.

    • Time sure flies, but I think most people think it passes slower when they’re waiting for a game.

  10. Great news! I do intend to avoid beta though, this time… but since I can resist anything except temptation, I’ll just to avoid going on my guild’s website, as I’m sure they’ll manage to snaffle some beta keys. Besides, after being attracted for a while to the dark side, I’m back vanquishing Elona…

    • I’m sure lots of places will be giving out beta keys. Careful where you tread.

  11. Hunter,
    Probably a rampant rumor but just in case: from Joystiq.

    “ has begun taking pre-orders for the game. Furthermore, the site claims a launch date of June 30th, 2012.”

    • Thanks for the headsup but I take amazons pre-order dates as seriously as I do gamestops. Still it is a hopeful sign.

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