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Statistically speaking he's there are too many horns here.

I finally got around to doing the main story in Skyrim and although I have thoroughly and unabashedly enjoyed this game, it was a little underwhelming.

I played through much of the game on adept difficulty, turning it to expert a couple of weeks ago. After reaching level 50 much of the game becomes quite easy and this didn’t change when I upped the challenge. Expert was a barely discernible change from adept.

The end too wasn’t particularly different or awe inspiring. The last fight is simply a repetition of something I ended up doing through the majority of the game. I was hoping for something new and exciting. At least it wasn’t like the end of Fallout 3.

Aside from that though I thought it might be interesting to go over some of the statistics Skyrim keeps track of.

For instance I spent 328 days as a werewolf. Mostly because I was too lazy to go get the cure. Once I became infected with Sanguinare Vampiris I decided enough was enough and only spent 2 days as a night walker.

I discovered 344 locations and cleared 168 dungeons. Or at least, that’s how many I discovered and cleared before I got bored and stopped playing. I’m sure there are more to find but I’m pretty burnt out.

I found over 520k gold, and by the time I had saved the world I had about 170k on my person. I looted around 1900 chests, but god knows how many urns I looked inside of.

I read 361 books in Skyrim. Yes there are that many. Some of them quite long, though I never found anything but volume one of A Dance In Fire, nor many volumes of The Argonian Account. My two favourite short stories. 87 of those books were skill books.

I ate 884 pieces of food. Though I wish there were more recipes and the lack of worthy things to cook certainly puts me off. Perhaps cooking could be incorporated with alchemy in a future game, or somehow made more worthwhile. As it stands I won’t bother with it in the future.

My quests are so bugged that even the statistics are bugged. It says I’ve completed -4 Thieves Guild quests. Minus four. It says I’ve completed 26 Dark Brotherhood quests, but 8 companion quests, and 9 college. Surely there is too much weight being put upon some quest chains over others. And 341 misc objectives? Surely not. Surely.

I am a monster.

I killed 1400 people, almost a thousand sneak attacks, and 500 stabbed in the back. 700 innocent animals lost their lives to me. Although I did kill nearly 750 undead and 350 creatures, that does not absolve me. Also I plucked the wings off 50 insects.

I used over a thousand potions, mostly stolen. It’s too bad that with all those potions I never think to use them before I get into trouble, an ounce of prevention and all that.

I’m probably most proud of my crime statistics though. I mean, I am a one man walking crime tsunami.

I was jailed twice and escaped once, spending a total of 0 days in jail. I mean if you’re good, you learn not to get caught right? And if you get caught, you learn not to stay caught.

These statistics seem like they would have to be pretty inaccurate most of the time. I’m not much of a pickpocketer, having only picked 56 pockets, but somehow I grabbed over 700 items from those pockets.

I picked over 500 locks, stole over 1000 items, murdered 32 people and assaulted 51. I trespassed 53 times and and stole 7 horses.

But I’m not all bad right? Bunnies slaughtered: Zero.


  1. Sounds like you’re slacking on the bunny kills to me…

    • I didn’t kill any foxes either. Or any moose or deer. Not interested in the hunting.

      • “Never trust a bunny!” – Twitchy from Hoodwinked.

  2. I too am obsessed with statistics. I appreciate the games that provide the stats at the end, but I don’t let them influence me and just like to play as I always do. It’s just fascinating — and fun — to see my habits recorded.

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