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Could be any number of games.

I don’t find group tools to be very useful. I think this mostly stems from bad experiences with Pick Up Groups. Guild Wars did have a basic group tool, but does Guild Wars 2 need one?

I can’t recall if they’ve ever mentioned one.

I prefer playing with friends. If I stop playing your MMO it’s probably because I didn’t really connect with anyone in it. For that reason alone I’m sure most MMO studios seriously consider a Looking For Group tool.

Unfortunately every group tool out there is essentially a PUG, and PUGs suck. Whiners, bossy pants, negative nancys, leavers, and jerks make up the vast majority of these groups. It’s a theory of mine that since they can’t make friends of their own, they resort to PUGs.

Now from what I’ve heard, in WoW for instance, the dungeon finder tool has improved the atmosphere and there is much less time wasted. It is more convenient, less personal, (and therefore in WoW) treasured.

If Arenanet is right and you can play through a dungeon with 5 people of the same class, do you really even need a dungeon finder?

Certainly it’s their goal to make every class able to play every role. Putting that aside, how hard is it to find 4 other people? The group size of Guild Wars 2 is 5, whether that is for PvP or PvE. This already goes a long way towards ensuring you don’t desperately need a LFG tool, it’s just easier to find a group.

Admittedly, this doesn’t eliminate the need completely. But what about guilds? A small guild might have trouble fielding 5 people, but in Guild Wars 2 you can belong to several guilds. Pop into your secondary guild, maybe you belong to a guild called LFG which people join when they want to do dungeons. Maybe you’re social enough that you can recruit those other 4 people from 4 different guilds that you belong to.

Lets not forget that people of inappropriate levels are either scaled up or scaled down to be appropriate for the dungeon. This makes more people more able to participate in any dungeon you like.

And you know what? Guild Wars 2 is no longer instanced. If you want to do a specific dungeon, hop down to the zone it’s in, stand outside the entrance and ask in local chat if anyone is interested. Sure, it’s a pug, but it would certainly capture the attention of anyone with the same goals as you in the same zone. Not as convenient as a LFG tool, but already more personal.

I do have a couple of things to say that might suggest a LFG tool is likely. I’ll just rip them straight out of the reddit thread I read them in.

For one, if each class is as useful as another then a LFG tool would find dungeon groups more quickly than any other game.

The PvP menu could easily (by a bloggers standards, not a programmers standards) be converted for use by people looking for a dungeon group instead of a PvP match.

Finally, Arenanet have said here and there that they’re looking to expand options in Guild Wars 2, not go backwards. As I’ve said before, there is a basic tool in Guild Wars.

So does Guild Wars 2 need a LFG tool? Personally I don’t think it’s needed, it’s not essential. But I would welcome it as anyone welcomes something useful. More ways to meet more people in an online game could never be undesirable.



  1. No game needs it initially. I think its mostly a product of subscription loss or interest loss in lower level instances. But with a system where 5 classes performing any of combination of the 3 roles can do any dungeon, an LFG is not really required.

    Also, with the guild system, what is the point of a system when there can be an LFG guild on each server? Why not just save the coding and let the community work it out themselves?

    • I was under the impression that by an LFG guild, Hunter was actually describing a guild formed by the community and not the code.

    • saucelah knows what i’m talking about, just some fine member of the community putting together a guild anyone can join for the sole purpose of using guild chat to form groups.

  2. Since you can switch servers “freely” and can fast travel to dungeons I don’t think an LFG tool will be necessary. I suspect that there will be a go to spot, probably a lion’s arch pub, where people will go to form up groups or a town near the instance.

    If they recreated the current party window I think that would work well since the market place will take the place of trade chat for the most part.

    • Just as I have suggested a LFG guild anyone can join, i’ll now suggest a WTS guild people can join and partake in.

      But yeah, i just don’t think there is as much need in this game as others.

  3. While your concerns are certainly valid, not having some sort of group finder, imo, would be going backwards. They have also said they want GW2 to be a social game, so its likely that what they’ll implement tries to make it feel more personal than just queue and loot.

    • Well as I said, I can see them putting one in, I don’t have any concerns about it. If they have one, great, if they don’t, great. Win win.

  4. Thinking of the ease with which ad-hoc groups will just naturally form in GW2 PVE (folks in the same area simply working together on the same objectives because… why not? ANet has removed all of the dis-incentives for helping others and being helped by others) it seems very likely to me that a greater sense of “community” will be present in the game without an special effort or measures to create it.
    Add the ease of travel in the game and it seems your premise (that there isn’t much need for a LFG tool) is rock solid, and dead on accurate.
    Players can be rather odd about stuff like this though… perhaps the fact that ANet is already attempting to ween them away from a number of poor designs the players have gotten used to in other games will mean that this is just one more added to the list of things you no longer need to be concerned about as an MMO player…

    • I think the main thing that makes a LFG tool less necessary is the sidekicking system, but I don’t necessarily rule out a tool. Just think it isn’t as necessary as in other games.

  5. there are still four things about LFG tool:

    Instantness – it takes time to organize group – even if it is just five people, group usually ends up waiting for someone to finish his de/personal story fragment/trip to vendors… with pool of possibly thousands group can form instantly.

    Travel – LFG tools teleport party instanly to dungeon and once it is done, they teleport players back to where they were. That is incredibly handy – player can resume whatever he was doing isntantly and he gets to play dungeon instantly too. This is way better than waypoint business.

    Grouping – You get to meet new people. Possibly people you would never meet otherwise. After all, you have to meet your guildies and people on FL somewhere. LFG can be one way.

    Multitasking – queuing to dungeon frees your hands and mind for other activities – so you can continue playing instead of chatting.

    • I wouldn’t say it is way better than waypoints at all, waypoints seem to be pretty saturated in each zone, and I’d be willing to bet there are waypoints next to every dungeon.

      Your grouping point doesn’t go over well with me. I don’t like pugs. Put together by a LFG tool or not.

  6. Hunter, any chance you might be having an informal guild (with other bloggers as officers) that might occasionally just get together with some of us readers and do an event, wander around the open world, etc.? Considering a lot of us read and comment on the same blogs, and many of you blogging do as well, it could be nice to just get as many of us as are available now and then for a large roaming group. Thanks to GW2’s features allowing just that, it shouldn’t be hard or require any real effort, like running a normal guild might. Just a thought.
    Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and the rest of the readers here!

    • Uhm, i haven’t discussed it with anyone, one may pop up but I don’t think it’s on anyones mind at this point.

      Merry Christmas.

  7. What I suggested on GW2 guru is that they put the end of key dynamic events close to the dungeon entrance – then it’s a natural step to group up and do the dungeon. Also would feel less pug like since you’ve “met” the other players in the DEs leading up to it.

    • It actually feel unnatural to me to engineer events so that they always end near a dungeon entrance but I think thats a matter of taste.

      • An odd objection 🙂 – you’ve got to put the dungeons somewhere and other than the fact that dungeons aren’t exactly natural, anyway, it seems sensible to put them somewhere where people are likely to accumulate. Blizz do it to some extent with, for instance, the first instance on alliance side – dead mines and I don’t see that having that dungeon there is any more unnatural than putting in somewhere else!? It’s just well thought out software design.

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