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Asura thief presumably pulling of the flying death blossom skill.

I guess it’s cool to see that Arenanet update us on significant changes in the game from what we’ve seen. It certainly helps fill the voids in between major info dumps.

For me though there is nothing particular chat worthy about this particular blog post.

I’m not really into achievements. I didn’t really start to get titles in Guild Wars until I knew what the rewards would be in Guild Wars 2. In Rift I suppose you might call me a liar, because I had many achievements. But for the most part those achievements were unique. They weren’t kill ten rats, but more jump off this specific cliff. A one time event you didn’t have to repeat.

I understand what Arenanet is going for with their system, off-setting the high-rolling hardcore players time and intensity imbalance with more casual players. However I’ve never felt like there was such a drastic need for such a system. Though I’m sure casual players might disagree. In any case I won’t turn down free experience and gold.

The thief changes appear to be very straight forward. A more intuitive and easy to use ability. A stealth system that seems to reflect most other stealth systems. Having never played the thief I can’t say whether these changes are interesting, painful, or useful. Just one of those situations where you have to rely on their word that this is better. I can’t disagree.

And while I applaud the changes to timing, I have no idea how this plays out in game. Being locked into an animation and unable to diverge from a set course aren’t things anybody wants to experience in a game. However watching demo footage never really gave me the impression that anyone felt locked into animations, so while any improvements are welcomed, I can’t tell how important this is.

Improvements good! Progress made! Keep on keeping on! Closed beta in progress! Congratulations to those who get to see these improvements on a regular basis.



  1. The discussion on the timing changes reminded me of certain issues using skills in Diablo II. Skills like Zeal (for paladins) and Strafe (for amazons) would put the character into a long, multi-attack animation, that prevented them from reacting to hazards, resulting in deaths that were referred to as “zeal lock” or “strafe lock” deaths.
    That horrible feeling of impending doom, knowing that you need to take evasive action, or alter course, but being unable to do so due the “player lock out” associated with a long skill animation is not one that most players would be eager to experience again if they were familiar with it.
    Hopefully the changes described by Jon Peters will mitigate or eliminate any such issues. It could be potentially difficult for PVE players to deal with “player lock out” but it would be absolutely devastating in PVP, and players are more than savy enough to take full (unfair) advantage of it if it’s still present in the game at launch.
    You see an opponent kick off a skill that you know locks them out of being able to issue any immediate follow-up commands, and you lay “the trap” (any potentially devastating attack that they would normally have a chance to avoid but no longer can) right in front of them and revel in the knowledge that they see their doom approaching and can do nothing to prevent it.
    With regards to the changes to the thief class I have to share your opinion; hard to know how those changes affect how the class plays without having tested personally in it’s previous form.
    Achievements are what happen “coincidentally” while you are having fun playing the game… if you have to focus on them, and grind them out, they are for folks with far more masochism in their souls than I have ever known.

    • Diablo is certainly one of the many games they seem to have in mind with gw2 so I can see the comparison.

      For me even coincidental achievements just aren’t something I’m in to, if you’re just getting them by accident isn’t that sort of pointless?

  2. Ah Zeal how I loved you, but lightening enchanted enemies were an unavoidable death only my fellow friends enjoyed watching. Good explanation ArcherAvatar, I always believed this was just a downside to the increased attack speed but it was not nice.

    I agree with you both on the achievement side of life, however we are obviously in the minority as achievements are big time features for a lot of players I know. One guy I know has been grinding SC2 “wins” so he can gettem all for many months now. I must be too old for it, just seems like a trap; I’ll be the judge of what I think is an achievement – thanks.

    I assume this is it for the year given the updates title.

    Happy Christmas to you Hunter, and all my fellow regulars here.

    Have fun, and good luck. Hope you have good holidays. See you next year, the year of GW2, D3 and some more WOW. I’ll enjoy, just have to make it to the computer, such a small trivial task that gets harder and harder every year…

    • I’m sure you’re right that most people, or at least a lot of people will go crazy on the achievement side of things no matter how grindy they are. But for me they will be mostly ignored. Merry Christmas to you too.

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