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Finally complete, the professions page tableau.

Been a while hasn’t it? Well for the most part I started to find the QFTs very difficult. During conventions there were too many interviews to count, and outside of conventions there was generally too little to comment on.

But here we are. A post where I troll through the questions and answers of various interviews and selectively decide what you get to read! Fun!

The Reddit Ask Me Anything

Greibach has a solid question. Edited.

Q: Are you worried that people of a high skill level will be able to detect which illusions are fakes and focus down the mesmer more quickly than they can other professions?

A:I don’t think they are supposed to be so deceptive so much as a temporary distraction. They die in about one hit so even AoE attacks tend to melt them pretty quickly. The more interesting decision is how to build up sets of them to shatter in interesting ways.

This will definitely work well in PvE but in PvP I predict they won’t be used much outside of casual games. I can’t see many hardcore PvPers being distracted or fooled.

Question about thieves.

Blog coming next Tuesday on thief improvements. I can promise you they are not bad in PvE or PvP.

Keeping those hits coming during the winter vacation rush.

Do mesmers do actual melee?

Yes. My favorite melee combo is Sword/Sword or Sword/Torch!

It’s going to be interesting to see a real live melee caster meant to exist in the Guild Wars universe.

The new empathy.

Q: Is the confusion condition going to last long and do small amount of damage, or be applied for short time and do big enough damage to actually shut down the enemy?

A: As of right now, it can actually stack. This means that it does a small amount of damage with one application, but with many applications, it will definitely make someone think twice about attacking!

Empathy but for everyone, not just melee. Seems like used smartly this would be formidable.

My question.

Q: So why the need for a difference between clones and phantasms? Couldn’t one fulfill the needs of both? Or am I misunderstanding their nature?

A: Clones are really just deception. They are there to utilize the shatters and create temporary dps and distraction. Phantasms are more like “in world” hexes. There is a Phantasm called Backfire that does a powerful attack to foes casting skills.

Jon Peters likes to gank.

No OPEN PvP in PvE, it doesnt make sense with how events work. However I think people who like Open Gank PvP (like myself) will REALLY love WvW.

Is the mesmer’s portal skill group based or only the mesmer can use it?

Allies, but players only. For now.

Sounds like they’re still working on this but this is a game changer I think.


We will officially enter Closed Beta Testing this Friday. It will be marked with an increase in our pool of testers. To clarify, this phase of testing is still under NDA and is not open to the public.
Based on the feedback we get from our current Closed Beta Testing, we will determine the next phases of our beta program in which we will open beta access to more people.

I have nothing more to say here.

How much control do we have over clones or phantasms?

They will only attack the target upon which they were summoned. You cannot control them as much as Necromancer minions or a Ranger pet.

It’s good that they’re keeping that uniqueness, otherwise we’d just have too many pet classes.

Interesting viewpoint on why they took out interrupts.

Those mechanics just don’t make as much sense in the new system. Basically, the nice thing about a daze is that a bad player using it still gets the blackout portion of it, but a great player can get the interrupt out of it as well.

Whereas with something like d-shot in Guild Wars, a bad player uses it and gets nothing out of it. Good point.

How to play mind games.

Once you learn your illusions and how they work, you start to realize what they look like to your opponents. Then you can start behaving like illusions to really throw your opponents off!

I wonder just how good you could really get at this?

What did you just say about necro?

I think we just changed dagger necro to actually be melee as well.

Ah ha so we’ll be having more than one melee caster.

The torch skills of the mesmer.

Skill #4: The Prestige: Cloak in a cloud of smoke, 3 seconds later appear with a burst of flame setting enemies on fire.
Skill #5: Backfire: Summon a Phantasm that attacks your target whenever they use a skill.

Love the name of the prestige.

So grinding.

Absolutely NOT!!! No grinding in PvP.
Here is how it works. You press a button that says go to PvP. You end up in the PvP lobby where you are max level, all skills and items and traits are unlocked and you make a build and go play in a hot join server. When you are done press the button again to return to PvE. It’s that simple. Why anyone would want to spend time unlocking skills or leveling up in PvP is beyond me. 🙂

Oh you mean like in Guild Wars where everything is based on unlocking? LOL.

So what happened to the original death shroud?

So the walk and teleport back thing got pulled out of death shroud and rolled into a new utility skill called Spectral Walk.

I did not know this information.

Elixer gun info.

1) Elixir Dart: Fire a dart that makes your foes weak or vulnerable.
2) Elixir F: Fire concentrated Elixir F that bounces between targets crippling foes and applying swiftness to allies.
3) Elixir Spray: Spray elixir fumes in a cone pattern poisoning enemies and removing conditions from allies.
4) Acid Bomb: Leap back blasting the ground with acid damaging foes that touch it.
5) Super Elixir: Shoot an elixir orb that heals allies on impact and creates a healing area.
Toolbelt skill: Vent a healing mist that applies regeneration to yourself and allies.

That’s all from one skill. Engineer must be the most complex class right?

Elementalist conjured weapons, are they useful?

How about a Lightning Hammer that lets you summon a lightning storm, leap at enemies, encircle them with a static field and send them flying with a blast of wind?


There will be no public application form.

And so the begging began in earnest. Muwhahahahahahahaha!

Okay Lets move on.

Guild Wars 2 Guru IRC Chat

Can you be knocked through an allied portal by a foe?

yes you can be knocked into a portal by an enemy!

Can’t remember at this point if I noted that allies can use your portals to teleport, but this particular detail is the icing on the cake.

Cross profession combos?

You can put up Chaos storm which adds random conditions to projectiles moving through.On the other end, you can use your Leap skill on mainhand sword to benefit from allied combo fields.

Fairly typical, slowly coming around to being okay with all the random effects that some skill seem to have.

Human racial skills.

Avatar of Melandru turns you into an awesome creature. Summoning dual Hounds of Balthazar. Is. So. Freaking. Cool.

Sounds like there is one for each of the 6 gods. I can’t wait to turn into whatever this melandru racial skill is.

What about a mesmer elite skill?

One elite allows you to transform a foe into a moa bird for a short time. They have moa bird skills while in this form, just to add insult to injury.

This is a pretty solidly hilarious skill and I can’t wait to see if it’s viable.


So how many illusions do we have exactly?

Currently, every Mesmer weapon is capable of creating a clone and a phantasm. There are also utility skills which create clones and phantasms, giving the mesmer nearly a dozen ways to create each type of illusion.

That is a lot. It will be interesting going up against mesmers and trying to discern which clones and phantasms they’re using.

An example of an illusion.

My favourite phantasm is currently Illusionary Warden, which is skill number five on off-hand focus. I like it because it’s very versatile. It summons an illusion of yourself wielding two axes and executes a skill similar to the ranger skill Whirling Defense.

There seem to be quite a range of uses for each illusion.

What does the future hold?

We have a rough plan for our first two expansions as well as a plan for what our live team will be implementing in mind right now. Part of our initial design was to purposefully leave areas of the world open for expansion.

Okay I’ll admit, I’m very curious about any and all ideas they might have regarding future expansions. What do they have in store? It also sounds like they’re leaving areas wide open in some way that may be noticeable in game.

And that is that. I hear more interviews are in the offing but I doubt I’ll be doing another one of these.



  1. Thank you good sir for another nice round up. Monk was my main, Mes my second so I am thrilled to see my new main at last. To tell you the truth the next prof in line is a distant second. May we all get invites to a closed beta for xmas – is that wishing too much? I am happy with their looks, and I am happy with their skill sets that I see, and I am happy with this new condition as frankly thats the main part of a mesmer to me – making people stand there trying not to do anything or theyll die. The desception bit sounds cool, and any kills of this type are going to be entirely satisfying.

    Id don’t know if itll help but +1 to Hunter for getting to the closed beta. Of course it would have been nice to be outside of an NDA but that’s life.

    I bet Anet are going to be very tight about their closed beta now that everyone thinks they can just leak stuff willy nilly and get away with it. NDAs seem to mean little to anyone, i’ve seen it done to most games, including WOW and GW.

    • I’m not sure how they’re deciding on invites for it but I hope people who don’t really have the connections get a chance to check it out as well.

      I think gw2 looks really fun and can’t wait to blog about it.

  2. One thing that makes moa viable is unlike other games where you can’t transform someone who’s already transformed (and even then it’s still a viable skill), there’s an article that recommends casting the moa skill on eles or necros after they’ve popped their elite transforming skills so they’ve wasted them and can only peck at you rather than unleash the fury of a tornado or lich form, but there’s plenty of other times it’s useful, too. It’s also in keeping with the spirit of elites that its usage will be very strategic. You won’t want to waste the moa on something trivial and not have it available to thwart your opponent when it really counts. I also think it’s a nice compromise for people who hate running around uselessly. That, and it always seemed like a waste not to give appropriate abilities to the transformed. If you can replace a skill bar, take full advantage of it. Glad to see ANet did.

    They really unleashed the full potential of this profession overall. I always felt like the original sounded better on paper, and lost something in its implementation. Now the illusions are actually illusions, and they also found a way to retain the punishing aspect of the profession within the confines of the new combat system. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    • Indeed, in fact all the elites work in a very interesting fashion where you strategically need to think about when you use them. It’s interesting that the mesmer elite seems to be the imagine breaker out of all the elites, canceling them out. I wonder if it works that way and will be the ultimate trump card.

  3. Thanks for the compilation. You found tidbits that I hadn’t really noticed before.

    • Well hopefully a lot of people feel that way. It is one of the reasons i do these.

  4. So illusions are mostly a transport system for carrying various effects out to some target area? Think I might be a little concerned that, given their low health, my illusions would get detroyed before being able to do anything useful, making them inferior to say ground targeted AOE effects.

    • Clones have low health and are meant to distract, so they won’t last long, but the phantasms are different, higher health, so that should address your concern.

  5. Good Sir, this is why I come here for all my GW2 info. Thank you for all the summaries, commentaries, explanations and imagination.

    • Yes I second that. Great summary.

      • I second my reply to expatius, thanks for reading.

    • You’re welcome, thanks for reading.

  6. I just hope there is a mesmer-like boss with the ability to turn all players in the immediate area into moa birds, hopefully with different feather colors based on profession. Would make a great screenshot. 🙂

    • That would be pretty decent, arenanet has a lot of imagination so I’m hoping for a wide variety of surprises in the game.

  7. I had to think about this for a while but even though the Mesmer is all the talk right now, I wonder how many players will really stick with it to master it. Of all the GW1 classes the Mesmer was the most challenging and distinct for me and many others. A good Mesmer player held their own, a great Mesmer player owned the PvP field and was hot in PvE. I’m glad it’s back but it will be interesting to see how “popular” it will be.

    • I imagine that if its anything like the gw mesmer then players will like it about as smuch, however, it looks far more impressive in gw2 so I’m not counting on this being true. I think it’s going to be much more popular.

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