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A wonderfully done piece of art. Broken Mirror.

It isn’t much of a surprise that the 8th profession is the mesmer. I could go on about how long it has been suspected. It’s here now though and that is what matters.

It also matters that the content, the mechanics and skills of the mesmer are impressive both visually and tangibly.

As Arenanet expounds in their mesmer page, and as we’ve seen in the skill videos, mesmers are all about illusions. I was surprised at just how direct and solid seeming those illusions were however. I had originally imagined the mesmer as much more of a support type, but while it does have support, I didn’t fully comprehend the needs of Guild Wars 2. Each profession needs to be able to fight and defend itself on a basic level before it starts helping out its teammates.

So while we have support like the portal that moves you around, the clones that distract people, we also have some very direct damage.

I have to say overall I’m very impressed by the illusions, the look and feel of them. Some might immediately compare these illusions to pet classes and while I understand that sentiment, I find the idea of exact or inexact copies of myself running around amazing. The PvP implications are excellent, the visuals alone will hook people.

In the Reddit AMA the illusions were described as having two different purposes. The clones are meant to distract, not damage. That’s why you can’t tell them apart from the player. The phantasms are like a hex manifested. Acting on enemies at inopportune times, which is why it isn’t necessary to disguise them as the player.

I can see some excellent mind games being played here.

And to top it off you can apply different effects when you destroy those illusions by shattering them. Damage, conditions, and even protect yourself. This makes them much more versatile than just temporary tanks.

The mantras I think are there to help give the more classic feeling of being a caster, but with a modern take. Again the beams quite remind me of Magicka, and I honestly hope it turns out that way.

Turning to another topic, I’m a little concerned about the introduction of new conditions. I thought limiting conditions was a good idea and meant to make things less complicated. Now we’ve got 11 conditions, 7 boons, a variety of things like knockback, knockdown, daze, stun and more.

Overall I’m loving the mesmer, it’s the only caster I’m interested in, it’s different than your average caster class. To me the elementalist is the archetype for those won’t to play a classic mage type and the mesmer is the caster class for a modern age.



  1. The illusions are the thing that surprised me the most, really. I was kind of really wondering how they were going to handle stuff while leaving out hexes; this is actually really cool.

    I can’t wait to play around with them.

    • I was curious about the same things and since the mesmer had so many illusion type spells in gws I kept wondering how that would manifest in gw2 and I just never imagined they would pull off that feeling so well, though I had hoped.

  2. I was actually most surprised by the impressive use of pistols and swords. Unlike most of the rabid GW2 followers, I have a penchant for the “tech” side of the game. The marriage between pistols, illusions and sneaky swordplay looks pretty fun to me.

    • The pistols and swords are part of the reason I think the mesmer feels more modern than the other casters, and I’m similar to you in that I don’t mind the tech personally.

  3. Overall I’m happy at the present model it ties in to what I hoped for in my “illusionary-speculation” comment, confusion seems made to cause stress, ‘Chaos Storm’ also seems like its going to cause alot of Love/Hate for years to come, I’m most surpprised at how important dopplegangers as I suspected/hoped for one Elite but this seems more unique to the class and I whole-heartedly approve.

    The one comment that got me thinking was “Enemy’s can remove conditions”, somehow I feel this will be important but Where?

    • I had also been thinking there would be a few different skills that called forth a summoned phantasm of one type or another. Simplifying it and making it across the board with the profession is pretty clever I think.

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