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A while back I got to thinking that it would be pretty awesome if Arenanet advertised on Reddit. Reddit is a huge community with millions of regular users many of whom are gamers. It struck me that Reddit probably doesn’t make near enough money from advertising and Arenanet could probably get a good deal (closer to launch of course) on some uniquely reddit advertising. Combining my favourite things, two birds with one stone.

I tweeted the idea at Arenanet but I’m sure its not something they’re even thinking about much right now.

Much later it struck me that Arenanet doing an IamA (short for “I am a Arenanet developer, ask me anything) would be right up their alley. Essentially you start the equivalent of a forum thread and respond to anyone who happens to have a question. So I tweeted that idea, and started a thread in the Guild Wars 2 subreddit to get some feedback.

The post in the subreddit was received somewhat negatively. But it did get a few dozen upvotes and one or two positive comments. I sort of gave up on it because although I still believed it was a great idea, I didn’t really see much support from the community there.

Which just goes to show how great Arenanet are. It can’t be an easy thing as a developer to get out and do interviews or free for all threads like this AMA. I mean it’s not exactly the job you signed up for right?

But here they are trying out some non-traditional promotion on the basis of a few fans suggestions (I certainly wasn’t the only one calling for it) and now we get access to some Guild Wars 2 developers. Fun.

Thanks Arenanet.

Also Guild Wars 2 Guru has an IRC chat scheduled as well tomorrow.



  1. Awesome! I was not even aware of IamA (I try and stay away from reddit unless someone cool links me there). That’s a pretty fun… forum thingy. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Going to be cool.

    • Reddit can be a difficult place to go if you can’t handle the constant stream of information, the difficult humour, the time it wastes, the reposts, and a half dozen other strong reasons to not go there. But I find the positives outweigh the negatives by far and enjoy it immensely.

  2. I’m new to Reddit. will have to take a while to see what is what there.

    • If you find there is subject matter you don’t like, like perhaps the politics subreddit, or some other topic, just unsubscribe from it in your “my reddits” bar.

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