The Mesmer Leak

December 12, 2011 at 6:08 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 25 Comments
Tags: , , took it upon themselves to post a video showcasing the mesmer and it’s 5 skill videos a full 2 days before their embargo lifted. The official announcement is on Wednesday.

Now I’m not a big fan of leaks, nor do I feel particularly great about posting the youtube video even after GR took down their leaked video, but I am of the mind that the cat is out of the bag. The milk has been spilled and there ain’t no use crying over it.

I’ll have a more detailed look at the video later, as is my custom, but for now enjoy.



  1. Ha. And I’d just said that I think we’ll get information before the IRC chat. Okay, it wasn’t intended to go this way. But I still assume that we would have gotten the last class reveal before or around the time of the IRC chat.

    Either way, since this is just one video without comments, without additional information about the class’s skills, weapons, colour of their underwear, etc. I’m still very much looking forward to Wednesday! But now, I’m more excited than I was before where I was just *hoping* we’ll get more news about GW2. Now I *know* that we will. 🙂

    • Wednesday definitely would have been better to get both the info and the video but no use worrying about it.

  2. I just don’t know what to say!!!(‘.’)

    • You can say that the mesmer looks incredible.

  3. Grrr, another leak. 😦
    I will comment more after the official release.

    • What is funny is that g4tv also leaked the video, just before I posted this.

  4. I’m so surprised it’s the mesmer!!!! /end sarcasm

    • well yeah, but the videos are impressive and exciting. so theres that.

  5. Now all someone needs to do is a ‘Fear the Butterfly’ shot featuring the GW2 mesmer butterfly magics 🙂

    • Mmmm i did notice the butterflies have returned. Lots of pink as well.

      • Yes. I’ve always loved the Mesmer aesthetic. But I think that many of those Mesmer sound effects may have come from the ANet sound team’s field trip to the unfinished nuclear power plant.

        • Yeah i did notice the very alien noises as well and some of that type of noise can be heard in other videos I think, but you may very well be right.

  6. Would you feel differently about the spilled milk if it turned out to be a different flavour to the mesmer-milk that everyone has been expecting for months?

    • If it was some other profession? Maybe, i don’t know. Probably not though, since g4 hasn’t felt the need to take down their post.

  7. so now with all professions shown, any ideas what you plan to play as your main and alts?

    • I sure do, either warrior, engineer, guardian, ranger, theif or mesmer.

  8. I’m kind of ticked off that they leaked the reveal… silly inconsiderate news sites… anyways The new mesmer looks like it has some pretty fun skills heavy snaring, swords, invisibility, illusions, swords, cool two point teleports (are they accessible to any allies?), and swords.

    I’m hyped for Wednesday when we will get more info and learn about the unique mechanic.

    • Inconsiderate but entirely unsurprising really. Was surprised at the content of the mesmer video though it was very impressive to me. Liked the skills a lot.

  9. Oh yes! The Mesmer looks more dynamic than GW1. I loved the teleport circles, back and forth! Can you imagine those babies in PvP? Leak or not I’m glad to see it cause I’m even more excited. If the Mesmer plays like this I’ll have one as a main…I can have two mains right ? 🙂

    • The mesmer definitely is looking impressive from the video, instantly interested in some of the skills it uses.

      • And to add that they can use a pistol! I love the renecianse style, almost like a regal rascal. Hey, that’s not a bad blog name for an Asuran Mesmer.
        “The Regal Rascal”

  10. By the looks of it people still aren’t going to see what I am doing, but in a good way now.
    I too look forward to seeing some awesome armour, though does it suddenly become more sexy when a mesmer puts it on?

    • The stealth implications are pretty awesome, not sure about the armour myself though it doesn’t look terrible.

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