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December 1, 2011 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 57 Comments
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Childishness. That’s the only thing I can attribute to some peoples attitude. Getting mad and getting impatient about Guild Wars 2 not having a release date is just plain dumb.

Arenanet has no obligation to satisfy your personal expectations of when the game should come out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as enthusiastic to see a release date, to have the game in my hands, as anyone else. I’ve got hundreds of blog posts to prove that point. But do I get all whiny and irritable about it?

I don’t want to get into another refrain about development cycles, polish, or the economic climate of releasing a bugged game these days.

Here is what I will say. If you’re a fan essentially demanding Arenanet finish the game, you should probably know, they’re not going to make decisions based on some entitled brat’s whining. I don’t care if you’re a forum goer, blogger, reddit user, or some schmo in the comments of this humble blog post.

Oh how I’d love to call some specific people out on this.

No matter how testy you get with Arenanet, they’re just going to finish the game at their own pace.

Which is because, you know, they’re professional. They have jobs to do. A living to make. They’re adults who apparently now have to deal on a daily basis with children crying about a release date.

You know who probably wants a release date more than you? The people who work on the effing game, that’s who.

And again, I’d love to have a release date. Love, love, love. But it’s pointless to let myself be enraged, depressed, or otherwise negatively affected when I don’t have one.

So when you vocalize your petty concerns, knowing full well that all logic points to your incessant bitching having no effect, keep in mind the adults in the conversation (yeah that’s right, I’m being condescending, thanks for keeping up) are only thinking one thing about you.

You’re annoying.



  1. I approve.

    • 🙂

  2. Hear, hear!

    Impatience is okay; how people express that impatience can make me want to slap them at times.

    • Yeah and thats all I’m trying to say, it’s fine to want a release date, its not appropriate behaviour to be a little jerk about it.

  3. Oh and it never ever stops there. They will demand a post release line up. They will demand a patch ASAP and they will demand everybody to accomplish their demands STAT! Like yesterday…

    • Sometimes I think half the world must be trolls, you know? Because how do these people think their opinion trumps reality?

  4. I’m in your blog post, agreeing with you completely.

    • Cool. Glad to have your support.

  5. +1 I would rather have a finished game in 2014 ( though I hope not that long lol ) than a half a***d half finished buggy game now . I have no doubt and agree entirely that ANet would love too get the game out ASAP … just be patient good little children or Santa won’t bring you any prezzies 😀

    • The more time they work on it the more awesome it will be. People are just a bit spoiled I guess.

  6. AND MY AXE!
    Seriously though, I agree completely. Count me in as another irked blogger/forum-goer/uber-fan that is tired of all the constant nagging and whining about “delays and what we deserve”.

    • Where do people get the idea that because they have been following gw2 rabidly, that means that it’s arenanets fault that they’re disappointed the game isn’t out yet. If you follow me.

  7. +1

    Even though I’ve got a 2012 release in my wish list for Christmas, I’m owed nothing by no one. When its ready is just that.

    • A 2012 release date would be wonderful, people need to concentrate on the positive thoughts like this, and less on the “i want it now!” type thing.

  8. After I played the SWTOR Beta Weekend, I think Arenanet need take all time it need for make GW2. Let the storm that will be SWTOR launch time and the following months pass out and start the open beta.

    Don’t rush the game now with the 100 ton T. rex (AND ARMED WITH A LIGHTSABER…RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!) around. Let the things get a few more calm.

    • Personally I’m not sure how much compeition will be a problem between the games, people who like the wow thing will stick with swtor, people who want something even slightly different will try out gw2. and since the business models are different, people will be willing to try both.

  9. Absolutely. Post/writing about a lack of release date once in a blue moon I can accept as pretty reasonable. It can help you unwind/commiserate with people with a similar interest. Alas, that is not what we’ve experienced lately and I doubt that such talk will end even when they release the info on the 8th profession and/or announce the closed beta.

    • People have been getting downright whiny, all over the place. Gets annoying after a while.

  10. ArenaNet can take all the time they need. I’ve got so many games I’m currently playing or waiting to be played I’m good until, oh…, at least 2016. Seriously!
    But I’d be happy to make time for GW2 next year. 😉

    • It’s pretty weird that people act like gw2 is the only game they’re willing to play. If it is, get out there and try a free to play game or *something*, my god.

  11. Couldn’t put it better if I tried, thank you

    • You’re quite welcome sir.

  12. To add some context to the rant look at SWTOR. It went into production in mid 2005 and now six and a half years later it’s seeing release. TOR uses a lot of already defined game mechanics and is using an established third party engine that has been used to make several games.

    Guild Wars 2 by comparison went into production in early 2007 and is implementing a new combat system, questing system, class and skill system. Guild Wars 2 is only four years into its production cycle and already has a great deal of content. Instead of complaining they should be applauded for doing so much in such a short amount of time.

    *I was planning on playing devils advocate in support of the whiners until I went and did the above research.

    • I actually nearly put some of these details in my post, but tried to keep it more brief. For the size of gw2, the development cycle might be pretty short, depending on when it comes out.

      • Strange that most of the rantings go about the ‘long’ development cycle of 4 years, alot of people moaning that its too long for a development, hence the impatience.

        I on the other hand have some logic, I have no idea how long a game (talking about single player / NON MMO) should be in development, but given the scale that they are doing things in Guild Wars 2, it is really not that long, and as just stated SWTOR was 6 and a half years.

        Alas, its so frustrating to read most of these illogical rantings and demanding BS. I agree with giving Arenanet time to finish it as bugfree and clean as possible.

        I want it now 😛 /jk

        • We all want the game now, it’s just a matter of maturity in how we deal with that longing. Glad so many people in the comments like yourself understand what I’m saying.

  13. “You know who probably wants a release date more than you? The people who work on the effing game, that’s who.”

    You absolutely don’t know how write you are. Absolute truth I can unequivocally stand behind.

    • Its just obvious in general. I can’t imagine working on something for years without the audience it’s intended for ever seeing it. And the average gamer has no idea apparently.

  14. I agree, but I’m still perturbed, on one side I’m a little negative about the unclear time-frame since they seem to be making great progress(happy for final prof. reveal this month),
    on the other I’m excited at the sheer love that ANet seems to be putting and leaving nothing to chance, I really want to be there when it goes live but I don’t believe I will have a computer for it until April so later next year would be good for me, All in all lets hope for the best!_(o&o)

    • An unclear timeline is just part of the development cycle, particularly with MMOs. Complaining about it is like complaining about evolution. Whether or not you understand evolution it’s still fact.

      • Actually, evolution is a theory.

        • So is gravity. I don’t see anyone questioning whether stuff falls down.

          • Stuff ‘falling down’ is not under question… WHY it does might well be though. Google it 🙂

  15. I agree, I hope I wasn’t one of the ones you wanted to point out. I am impatient but I hope it doesn’t come across as above.
    However, to make it more fun than the other replies. I do believe that SWTOR was first announced in late 08 and their first movie was in June 09. Apparently they had writers on it for years before that but that’s not what we’ve had in GW2 is it?
    GW2 on the other hand, is associated with the loss of more GW content – ouchy and that occured as we were all starting to expect a new expansion. SWTOR has no such pain associated with it. I don’t know, I don’t want to be mean to those who look forward desperately to more from Anet. I too look forward to the next game, and I thank them for constantly sharing more details. Sorry about the whinging, I don’t want to defend the extremes of internet at all; but lets all share our pain and look forward together for the awesomeness that’ll come at some point!

    • SWTOR and Rift are great to hold up GW2 against and show people how dumb they’re being. GW2 has a normal production cycle.

  16. Just put the “tone” of the complaining down to the usual emotional dulldrums of the holiday season. I’m reasonably certain that has a lot to do with it.

    • Enh, I don’t think it has to do with christmas personally, but I’m sure it’s possible.

  17. They have excelent opportunity if they decide to release it in mid march-april.
    No other major mmo title on horizont. WoW already deployed their last major patch just this week, Star Wars fever will end by then, just like it did with Rift, and while most RPG come out in february or march (Mass Effect 3 & Kingdom of Amalur), they are not realy a direct competition.
    Besides, having no monthly fee, realy works in favour of GW2.

    (It would also help my wishing list for GW2 beeing released as soon as possible. But with me it is only wishful thinking. If you are waiting for Diablo 3 more than 8 years, GW2 seems like a child’s play of waiting)

    P.S.: I agree with you.

    • No time is ever going to be perfect for release, I think they know that. GW2 is going to sell or it isn’t, and it probably won’t have much to do with competition.

  18. +1

    Especially when their whining motivates the devs, who obviously care about the fans concerns, to make a post to explain themselves. Congratulations you set development back a few man hours.

    • I agree with this quite a bit. I’m sure the community managers will be the first to say that they appreciate and sympathize with fans who are rude, ignorant, short-sighted and whiny but I don’t have the same responsibilities.

  19. […] Ranty McRanterson. “Childishness. That’s the only thing I can attribute to some peoples attitude. Getting mad and getting impatient about Guild Wars 2 not having a release date is just plain dumb. Arenanet has no obligation to satisfy your personal expectations of when the game should come out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as enthusiastic to see a release date, to have the game in my hands, as anyone else. I’ve got hundreds of blog posts to prove that point. But do I get all whiny and irritable about it?” […]

  20. I did think, earlier this year, with all the profession releases that they might be tentatively aiming to release before christmas, since now they seem to have slightly shot off their all their publicity bolts (and publicity is one of those games where you *do* need ammo for your bow)…

    Perhaps they were, but dev projects just have a habit of overunning: Hofstadters law: “It always takes longer, even if you take Hofstadter’s law into account”. Just really sensible not to publicly announce a release date!

    I guess that SWTOR, even if isn’t cosmic, should provide enough for a few months play, Bioware story style, so an early/mid 2012 launch would be perfect!

    • theres still the 8th, wvwvw, cash shop, more guild info, more dungeon stuff they could tell us about. so plenty to look forward to.

      • Yes that’s true, to some extent, but, of course, they’ve promised to release the final profession this month; and if they have to keep the publicity momentum going for more than a few months, without making beta/release announcements, then they may lack for front page headlines.

        Anyway, I think that if they really can deliver on everything in the manifesto, it won’t matter that much in the long run if the publicity has peaked a bit early.

        I suppose my point really is that the timing of the publicity would appear a bit odd if their internal expectations were further ahead than say mid 2012. Hence, I think, that at least as of now they are probably shooting for say Mar/Apr/May 2012 (Noone releases in Jan/Feb do they!?).

        • Well star trek online and rift released in that time frame, but i agree with you otherwise. I don’t think we’ll see it before mid year.

  21. Ranting about ranters i equally childish imo, but hey ho.

    • Ranting about ranters… I’m not sure you even read the post.

      • I enjoy your blogs – Can’t you remove trolling posts? I know that Tobold had some problems with spam & trolling.

      • I read it and commented on it appropriately. The piece is a rant about impatient people (‘mad’ and ‘testy’ people, in your words) at ANet. I am confused why you think I haven’t read it based on what I typed tbh.

        • Not sure if your problem is reading comprehension or an inability to express yourself in English: The piece is *not* about impatient people at ANet, but rather about people who are impatient with ANet. Whichever way you look at it though, you appear to be one of those unpleasant posters that makes the internet a worse place than it would otherwise be.

  22. […] McRanterson over at Hunter’s Insight ranted about fans ranting about the release for Guild Wars […]

  23. Guh, remember how people bitched about the release date for SWTOR? And then it came and people still bitched, they just found something else to bitch about. It’s always gonna happen. I just feel sad Arenanet and GW2 has to go through it now.

    • It’s always going to happen, you’re right. but I do feel the need to address it. It’s one internet injustice I can’t let stand without saying anything.

  24. go fuck yourself.

    • I think I hurt somebodys feelings, does lil baby need a lollipop?

  25. I think the main problem is people assumed that the game was in a further state of completion that it actually was. It’s their/our fault for the assumption, but it was awhile before ANet truly let on how early in development they still were. I think it was a few reveals in before they clued us into the fact that all professions weren’t done yet, for example, but that right there should have made people let go of their false assumptions.

    Now with all the talk of iteration (that word has given me a twitch) people think they are reiterating the game into the ground when it’s probably just business as usual. They just didn’t start reiterating their iterative process until this past year, and now it’s next to impossible to get through a blog post without seeing that word. So now people think they had this nice, completed game that they’re just going back and editing and re-editing although the fact that it took this long to complete the mesmer should have been our biggest clue that it was still a ways off from completion.

    Actually the fact that they kept saying so should have been our biggest clue.

    Now people are complaining about closed beta being closed, and for that they have nobody to blame but themselves because that phrase doesn’t leave a lot of room for misunderstanding. And they’ll probably keep begging for a release date even though the beta process has just begun. It’s like asking “are we there yet” when you just loaded the luggage into the car.

    That said, it probably annoys us more than ANet. Naysayers are par for the course so they have to develop a thick skin. The worst part for them is likely having to sift through all the BS to get to the legitimate customer feedback.

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