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Guild Wars 2 has a lot of podcasts circling it. There’s GuildCast, Relics Of Orr, Guild Wars Reporter, Guild Wars Insider, Tales of Tyria, I Swung A Sword, and The Lonely Asura. That doesn’t include broad topic MMO podcasts that mention GW2, youtube shows, or the now defunct soon to be reboot GuildMag podcast.

That is a lot of audio to keep track of.

Two months have passed since the last time I passed judgement on these podcasts and in that time much has happened.

GuildCast released a couple of episodes but their big news was that they would be moving to a video format via Gamebreaker. Gamebreaker hosts a lot of shows about video games, including This Week In MMO hosted by Gary Gannon. TWIMMO often has Shawn and Rubi on as guests so the move makes a lot of sense. I just wish GuildCast had more guests, like perhaps Gary Gannon. I used to listen to him on the MOG Army podcast and he knows what he’s talking about.

I don’t have anything new to add about the show aside that those two episodes were of the usual high quality.

GuildMag is rebooting their podcast after the hosts of the former show essentially went their separate ways. I’ve spoken to Dutch about it and he has been working on putting together a team for quite some time. Hopefully they can get that going sooner rather than later. Dynamically Spoken will be the title.

Relics Of Orr actually managed to release an episode recently focused on PvP. Hard to say what is going on with the show exactly, but they seem to be moving forward at least.

As for the latest episode I’m left to wonder why it was just Squirrel and Ryan with no Tasha or Tiger. I felt like their presence was missed.

Otherwise it’s a solid episode with everything you might expect from Relics of Orr.

Tales Of Tyria is a very well produced show, launched not long after the last podcast post I did. The host, Bridger, has plenty of experience and it shows. There are already 7 episodes with an 8th due to be posted soon and half of those are in video as well.

I think it’s main strengths lie with the diverse opinions of 5 different people in one show. This, despite my usual gripe that anything more than 4 people is usually a mess. It’s a problem here too except the only result is that one or two people rarely speak much.

The conversation is sometimes dragged down a bit by two main people sort of just ranting at one another, but otherwise it’s a pretty good show and currently one of the top podcasts to listen to.

I Swung A Sword has a few problems. Before I launch into a few criticisms I will say the conversations do get into the nitty gritty, they do seem quite passionate about what they’re talking about, and there is a wide range of opinions, if a bit dry.

However the organizational aspects around the show are pretty subpar. There doesn’t seem to be a schedule. My guess is that it’s a monthly show, but for some reason there appears to be a pilot show, two Episode One shows, and I can’t find the older episodes to listen to them.

If that weren’t enough there are some audio issues within the show, and I think that episode one went way overlong. I got pretty bored and had to stop listening.

That said it’s a new show, with people new to podcasting, some of whom seem pretty young. I’m fairly willing to wait for more episodes to come out. Whenever that will be.

Tyria Talk is a youtube show, basically just a guy talking to a camera. That sort of show has never been my thing but the host does a decent job of it. He’s comfortable on screen and does a good job of explaining the concepts and systems of Guild Wars 2.

It’s hard to criticize or praise something I’m not really interested in overall, but just repeating Guild Wars 2 information to me without much back and forth or opinions hasn’t gotten me interested in the show. That’s cool though because I assume that’s exactly what he set out to do. More power to him. There’s another youtube user who essentially does the same thing, but again I’ve just plain never felt the need to watch a one person show on youtube.

It’s too bad how similar the name is to TalkTyria, and I have to wonder if he googled it before naming the show. Oops. I just noticed if you google TyriaTalk you get TalkTyria, did TyriaTalk talk to TalkTyria or TalkTyria talk to TyriaTalk before naming it?

The Lonely Asura has certainly moved forward. Gone are most of the incredibly awful sound issues that early episodes had. Also gone are most of the original hosts. That means it is essentially a completely different show at only episode 7.

In the latest episode it did seem like the comfortable atmosphere that would have begun to develop with regular hosts after several episodes had sort of fled the room. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but certainly the new hosts were… new.

There can be heard the odd audio issue, and they haven’t quite nailed down the part where you shouldn’t have to ask before you start speaking (many podcasts I’ve recently listened to haven’t either) but it’s a definite improvement. Solid conversation, a bit of back and forth.

Guild Wars Insider is up to around 8 episodes now and is certainly one of the better podcasts as well. I don’t want to harp on the same points as last time but it does sort of feel like Seven is still very dominant in the podcast. He has brought in some more regular hosts with Lady Gallo from and Aknobi and they do offset that a bit but it still felt true when I listened to the past few episodes.

Otherwise I get the feeling people have been listening to this one. Squirrel seemed to be enjoying this podcast for instance, and it is one I feel more comfortable with, a professional sound and interesting opinions on the topics. It also feels more connected to the community than some other podcasts tend to be, a variety of co-hosts from various Guild Wars 2 sites.

Guild Wars Reporter definitely makes the effort to be connected, perhaps more so, even going so far as to acknowledge community sites and blog posts like my last podcast roundup and my criticism of their show. They seem to have a good sense of humour about it.

Of the newer podcasts, I like that this one is one of the few that doesn’t take news deadly seriously and feel the need to dig deeply into intricate skill mechanics or clipping issues. Most of the time when I’m listening to these podcasts that’s exactly what I want.

The foul language can be an issue, never have I felt so sorry for Europeans as when they told Europe to “suck it”. For shame.

And that is my take on the existing podcasts community surrounding Guild Wars 2. There are plenty of podcasts that will touch on Guild Wars 2 as part of a more broad look at MMOs in general, maybe I should look into those for a future podcast roundup?



  1. WOW, there’s certainly a lot there; I haven’t been unhappy enough with GuildCast to bother looking anywhere else. I’ll see how it goes, I need podcasts – not movies. I listen to them at work while I write my code.
    I don’t listen to other gaming podcasts except for a couple of wow ones (The Instance and MyEpicHeals) and sc2 (Starcast). I don’t know, it’s a hard thing to do podcasting – at a level thats listenable. MyEpicHeals cuts it close. Id be interested if you thought there were better ones out there for gaming. I used to listen to the us pc gamer podcast but I got married and as such general gaming news and general broad gaming isn’t what I do anymore.

    • Guildcast has only had 4 episodes in like 6 months and you’re really that happy with them? I need more of a fix personally.

  2. “It’s too bad how similar the name is to TalkTyria, and I have to wonder if he googled it before naming the show. Oops. I just noticed if you google TyriaTalk you get TalkTyria, did TyriaTalk talk to TalkTyria or TalkTyria talk to TyriaTalk before naming it?”

    Nope. I had no idea about it until someone brought it up. I think Peter may have sent the guy an e-mail about possibly renaming it but I haven’t heard about it since.

    Man, I miss podcasting. D: But I don’t have the time to dedicate to it anymore. *sadface*

    • Oops, your comment got eaten by aksimet, but I saved it! You were a good host Izari, maybe you should look into guesting one one of the many podcasts once in a while.

      • I ought to have remembered I can use twitter here XD.

        Anyway… thank you. I really had a lot of fun and I do miss it terribl. It was an amazing experience. I think I’ll take your suggestion and see if anybody would like for me to kinda pop in once in a blue moon for some castin’.
        You should, too, I think a lot of people would really enjoy that!

        • Yeah I have thought about it on occasion, particularly with relics of orr, but so far I’ve been a bit shy.

  3. Thanks for the podcast round up Hunter, I always have a hard time keeping up with these as they seem to crop up all the time.

    Personally, it’s hard to believe that there are so many GW2 podcasts being produced, and the game hasn’t even been released yet. One downside to this, is that the podcasts rehash a lot of the same news. Another problem can be over speculating a point that I don’t see as important. And obviously, being overly excited/hyped about the game in the podcasts can have it’s drawbacks. Because there is no release date, I know that some people’s hype can turn to burn out as the months and years have gone by.

    Criticism aside, I subscribe to all of them except the youtube stuff. Some episodes are better than others, but most of them are fairly entertaining and have their own charm. I don’t want to come across as a negative nancy, I genuinely like most of the podcasts out there.

    • It’ll definitely be interesting to see who gets discouraged and who is in it for the long haul certainly. I can definitely see some people being disappointed when the game doesn’t release.

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