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Oh no! Beta!

Back around November 10th was the NCSoft investors conference call. I had been delaying talking about it because, frankly, talking about these investor calls can cause a lot of drama but when it comes down to it they don’t really mean anything.

People will be quick to tell you they’re legally obligated to tell the truth in these things, but who trusts corporations anyway? Besides, isn’t it more like they’re legally obligated to not lie? Maybe that is just my cynicism coming through.

In any case here is a quote from the conference call, via Guru2.

“We are planning on conducting a CBT within this year, but for us to conduct a large scale CBT test that can be significantly felt within the market, I think that we are anticipating about the beginning of next year to do that. Therefore, we don’t have a concrete schedule yet with regards to the full commercialization schedule for Guild Wars 2, but I’m thinking that it will be not too late part of next year, but some time in the latter part of next year that would be possible, perhaps. But, we will have to wait and see the testing results this year to come up with the final schedule.”

We already knew the majority of this. They’re slightly, ever so slightly, more specific about 2012. All the dithering over what part of the year doesn’t exactly pin down anything. The latter part of the year, to me, suggests anything from June onward.

We already know plenty about the closed beta, that it will be up and running within the next month or so. We also know that Arenanet has said that any open beta would be followed quickly by launch.

Here’s Martin Kerstein on the subject.

We will enter CBT before the end of the year, and depending on the results we get from it, we will decide on Open Beta and Launch.

Which only leaves a few questions really. How long will closed beta be, and how long will the open beta be? A closed beta I could see taking some time. But they’ve openly mentioned that they think betas are used as marketing tools and not testing tools, which suggests they’ll be keeping an open beta short and to the point.

If we use Rift as an example, it went from closed beta events to a live game within how many months? About 3 if I recall correctly. And the philosophy seems to be the same, the first open beta event was only 2 weeks beforehand I think.

Beta testing for SWTOR really started up back in September I think? 4 months before release.

If I can use Rift as a modern benchmark then Guild Wars 2 could be released relatively soon. But Rift nearly went off without a hitch with few major bugs to speak of so it’s hard to say if GW2 will be as polished and ready to go.

So is Guild Wars 2 a year off? I don’t think so. If I had to guess it will be sooner than we think and mid year at worst.



  1. This was pretty much exactly my thought process as well. Basically they have to tell their investors a worst-case scenario while at the same time basically saying “When it’s done” to them as well. It definitely sounded like latter half was the worst-case or perhaps near likely, but I don’t expect it to be the last quarter, so my guess is April-August release. We’ll see though, I didn’t even want to post about the call either; worried I was gonna come off as rude for telling people to calm down again ;D

    • The fact of the matter to me is that closed betas don’t last 6 months and the open beta will probably be short. Plain and simple and I don’t need more info than that.

  2. Geez work with me to be excited and happy that its coming shortly, don’t break me! How about we talk about the next profession release and its due date eh? At least that’s soon!

    • I agree, i was expecting them to announce the 8th around oct maybe early nov… but still no word and holidays are closing in fast.

      • Meh, i thought they’d release it before the beta announcement but maybe it’ll be after or maybe it won’t be introduced into the beta until later. who knows.

    • Break you? This should be good news.

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